At-Home Test Kits: From Ovulation To STDs, Here’s How To Get Results At Home

Ah, technology. We’ve come a super long way from sitting in stirrups for test results to now, where we can simply buy an at-home test kit to know our status. From finding your fertile window to knowing your STD status, these at-home test kits are well worth the purchase, especially when you’re feeling uncertain and don’t want to sit in a queue at the clinic.

Zoie HPV Self-Test Kit

HPV remains one of the biggest risks to women’s overall health since it’s a major precursor of cervical cancer. South Africa has really high rates of cervical cancer. Since testing can be tedious, get results at home without visiting the clinic.

VIVOO V3 Advanced Urine Test

Think of this as your all-in-one health test kit. It’ll measure your levels of Magnesium, water, vitamin C, calcium, pH levels (alkaline diet, anyone?), ketone, protein, oxidative stress and sodium. There’s also an app tie-in so you can make sense of the numbers and what it means for your body, right now.

Easy@Home Ovulation Test Strips

This test identifies your fertile window with a whopping six days of opportunity with 99% accuracy. A complementary app lets you compare all your test results, with interactive graphs that lets you track your menstrual cycle.

Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test

This test identifies your two most fertile days – and it works. The digital test gives you a cute smiley face when it’s ovulating. Plus, it gets to work in just five seconds.

DNX Medical UTI-AID Test Strips

With accurate results in just 60 seconds, this is the same kind of kit used by doctors. Use the colour chart provided to see how your urine holds up.

Exacto Vaginal Infection Rapid Self Test

Gets to work in seconds. Simply insert the test into the vagina, press it onto the vaginal walls for ten seconds, then remove. Compare your result to a colour chart and get your results. Easy peasy.

ESO Test Syphilis Rapid Screen Test

This is an antibody test, which tests for the presence of antibodies in the human body that are produced in response to the TP bacterium. Results are delivered in 15 minutes.

INSTI – HIV Self-Test

Keen to know your HIV status but scared to visit the clinic? Get yourself tested at home with this quick kit. The INSTI kit provides accurate results in 1 minute, and is used by healthcare professionals, too.

ESO Test Herpes Rapid Screen Test

You’ll need one to two drops of blood for this test, but that’s negligible. Results are delivered within 15 minutes – no lab testing required.

ESO Test Gonorrhoea Rapid Screen Test

This is an antigen test, which tests directly for the presence of the gonorrhoea bacteria in the body, with high clinical accuracy. Expect results in less than 15 minutes.



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