How To Make Sure You’re Actually Getting In Enough Water

Trying to get back on the fitness wagon or simply wanting to take every step to ensure optimal health? We’ll be the first to be straight enough to tell you that you aren’t achieving any of these (never mind not looking or feeling your best), if you aren’t properly hydrated. Yup, we said it. Research shows that water plays a crucial role in almost every aspect of keeping your body running1 — from regulating body temperature to getting rid of waste. That’s why it’s important to fill up your water bottles as we gear up to celebrate World Oral Rehydration Salts Day on 29 July. It’s not only a perfect opportunity to hit the reset button if winter’s made you slack on sipping enough H20, it’s also the best time to get informed about how important it is to keep hydrated.

Signs you’re dehydrated

Because water is so essential for your bodily functions1, which includes avoiding everything from poor performance during a workout to that dreaded feeling of constipation, being able to identify the signs is crucial…

Here are five common dehydration symptoms to watch out for…

  • You feel thirsty.2 Obviously. But, while thirst is the most common sign, it also unfortunately means that you’re already slightly dehydrated and need to start drinking up.
  • Your wee is dark.2 If you didn’t already know this then it’s a good one to remember: the darker the colour of your urine, and the stronger its odour, the more likely it is that you’re experiencing dehydration. So, have a look in the toilet after a wee and stay informed.
  • Your muscles are cramping.1 While you may have overdone it in the gym; weak, cramping muscles can also be a sign of dehydration. Pay attention and have a few extra sips before, during and after a workout.
  • You have a headache or feeling dizzy.2 If you’re feeling light-headed1,2 or have migraine symptoms then it’s time to grab your water bottle. Headaches are one of the top signs of dehydration.
  • You’re uhm, . If haven’t been regular lately or, finding you’re having to strain, it could be your digestive system signalling you to drink more water.

If you’re experiencing all of the above, no judgement — just get on top of it, stat. And no, you don’t have to throw back litres of water to undo the symptoms. Simply become more aware of the fact that you need to consume enough water. Then, stock your medicine cabinet with an oral rehydration solution — which is believed to be one of the greatest medical innovations for treating the various causes of dehydration. This doesn’t mean you get to ditch drinking water1, it simply acts as an effective treatment for dehydration when you’re experiencing its side effects. It is also especially handy for treating dehydration in the frail and in children, who are susceptible to dehydration — which can become life-threatening2, as acute diarrhoea is one of the leading causes of mortality in infants and children.

Introducing Nudrate

Nudrate oral rehydration salts is made into a solution and assists in preventing and restoring electrolyte loss and dehydration in infants, children and adults3. Its special formulation meets World Health Organisation standards and is the most effective intervention during the early stages of dehydration treatment4. Dehydration is especially concerning in young children as they lose fluids faster2, but rest assure, Nudrate is suitable for the whole family, from babies to adults3. Rehydration provides a range of important benefits:4



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