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    Tried & Tested: New Running Shoes From Asics, PUMA & Salomon & Under Armour

    Are you on the hunt for a comfy pair of new running shoes? Or maybe you’re after your very first pair and don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with the sheer volume of new takkies dropping seemingly weekly. Wherever you are in your running journey, we’re here to help you.

    There are so many factors to consider when looking for a pair of running shoes. Think: price, cushioning, pronation, heel drop, distances and of course, the look and feel. So we put the newest running shoes to the test, racking up kms to find four that are worth your hard-earned rands. Here’s what we thought about the latest offerings from PUMA, Under Armour, Asics and Salomon. Happy running!

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    PUMA Velocity Nitro 3

    Heel drop: 8mm | Cushion: Medium | Pronation: Neutral | Price: R2 599


    ✅ Versatile and comfortable 

    ✅ Affordable price


    ❌ Those with wider feet might find it a bit snug


    PUMA may not have been the first brand that came to mind when you went to your local Sportsman’s Warehouse a few years ago, but they sure should be now. They’ve put considerable research and tech into their new fleet of running shoes to bring you launches that will get you where you want to go (and fast)!

    Last year, their ForeverRUN NITRO was one of the pairs I wore the most and I loved it. Now, the Velocity Nitro 3 is overtaking that shoe as one of my favourites. PUMA has taken comfort seriously meaning you don’t have to worry about any niggles or discomfort. You can thank the NITROFOAM™ which makes the shoe well-cushioned yet responsive. 

    If you do a lot of your runs on the treadmill at your local gym or if you’re just starting out and find yourself doing a combination of running and walking these will be your go-to trainer. But they aren’t just for the treadmill, they hold up well as a daily trainer on the road too. The PUMAGrip on the outsole gives you great traction so you can focus on smashing goals rather than whether you’re going to slip.  PUMA has done it again and you’ll definitely be seeing the bright flash of green zoom past you in months to come.

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    ASICS Gel Nimbus 26

    Heel drop: 8mm | Cushion: Maximum | Pronation: Neutral | Price: R3 799


    ✅ Plush and comfortable

    ✅ Improved grip


    ❌ Not the best for speedy runners


    You can’t go wrong with a Gel Nimbus, it’s one of Asics’ best-selling and longest running shoe models. In fact, their Gel Nimbus 25 (released last year) is actually the shoe that made me fall in love with running. It took me from struggling to run a 5km to smashing a 21km in weeks (I couldn’t believe it either!) The Gel Nimbus 26 is everything I loved in the 25 (maximum cushioning and a comfortable upper) with some minor tweaks that make a major difference and ultimately give you a smoother ride.

    The knitted upper has been reengineered so that it’s wider in the forefoot and toe-box. And the eyelets have also changed and give improved lockdown so your foot is secure without being strangled. So overall you have a softer yet more supportive midfoot hold.

    The most impressive improvement is thanks to the addition of ASICSGRIP™ technology and AHARPLUS™ outsole rubber. The outsole uses new hybrid grip technology to give you more traction on wet surfaces (a real winner during winter) and advanced durability.

    The Gel Nimbus 26 also feels a tad firmer than the previous iteration so while it’s become a favourite for my longer, slower runs or even recovery runs, it now will definitely be able to handle those pacier runs, too.

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    Salomon Genesis

    Heel drop: 8mm | Cushion: Maximum | Pronation: Neutral | Price: R3 599


    ✅ Gives you confidence on technical runs

    ✅ Suits newbies and more experienced runners


    ❌ Runs quite small so consider sizing up


    As the temperatures begin to drop, now is the perfect time to get into trail running… or break in a new pair before signing up for a trail running race. First, every time I wear these, I get compliments on how gorgeous they are and while that has no impact on running ability, it sure is a plus.

    But beyond the beautiful colour way, these trail shoes pack some serious tech that will serve beginners and more advanced trail runners well. Many trail shoes prioritise stability and technical support at the cost of comfort and cushioning, but the Genesis does the exact opposite. It has a highly supportive Active Chassis and unique two-part lug pattern (All-Terrain Contagrip® compound) and raised tread so your grip is secure no matter the terrain. And the Energy Foam and weaved Matryx® upper give you a comfortable and cushioned ride.

    When wearing the Genesis, I feel very confident and stable on the trails. This is something super important to me for two reasons. One, trail running is something I only do once or twice a week so I’m definitely an amateur and lack confidence. And because I’m a treadmill/road/gym frequenter, I’m not used to having to concentrate as much and tend to slip or almost lose my footing often on my trail runs. It really is a great trail shoe, I would just recommend sizing up.

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    Under Armour Infinite Elite

    Heel drop: 8mm | Cushion: Maximum | Pronation: Neutral | Price: R3 799


    ✅  Revolutionary foam

    ✅ Great for long and everyday runs


    ❌ Might be too stacked for some


    Now, this is a LOT of shoe. Your first thought about the Infinite Elite will definitely be about the height of it. It certainly was mine. And when you put them on you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re using stilts. But somehow the Infinite Elite doesn’t feel heavy at all.

    If it’s cushioning you want? It’s cushioning you’ll get with the Infinite Elites. Except the cushioning is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Under Armour has used new HOVR+ foam which they say gives the shoe superior energy return and a bouncier ride. And springy she is. This full-length one-piece bead foam midsole gives you a super plush experience that is perfect for your long run days and your everyday kilometres too.

    And if it’s your knees and joints you’re worried about, Under Armour has gone the extra step by using a bevel heel design that helps lessen heel impact and allows you to land smoothly and increase overall stability. I reach for these for my longer Saturday runs and really love how you can quite literally feel them help you bounce off the road.

    Plus if you’re looking for some kit to support you on your runs, the Infinity 2.0 High Sports Bras is one of the most supportive (and flattering) bras I’ve worn in a long time. And the straps can be adjusted to ensure you’ve got the perfect fit, every run

    Kelleigh is the Managing Editor of Women’s Health. When she’s not convincing her colleagues to try the latest TikTok trends, you can find her planning a holiday that never leaves the group chat, binge-reading or eating her way through Cape Town. More

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    Get Cushiness *And* Stability With The New PUMA Velocity Nitro 3

    Consider the new PUMA Velocity Nitro 3 your go-to training shoes for long slogs, tempo runs and more. The shoe, with superior cushioning, makes for comfortable running, with enhanced speed tech to help you go faster.

    PUMA Velocity Nitro 3

    The Specs

    A lightweight shoe that doesn’t compromise on stability or comfort. A heel spoiler adds more stability to the shoe while NITRO™ Advanced technology provides superior responsiveness and cushioning.

    Cushioning level: medium

    Heel-to-toe drop: 8mm

    Pronation level: Neutral

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    What it’s good for

    Made for all-round running, the Velocity Nitro 3 tackles all distances comfortably and quickly. It contains Nitrogen-infused foam technology for explosive energy to propel you forward easily and with an 8mm heal-to-toe drop, you will be very cushioned. Plus, stability straps, using PUMA’s PWRTAPE tech, cradle your foot so that with each stride, you’re comfortable and supported in the shoe. The grippy outsole provides traction on various surfaces, minimising slip and elevating your experience.

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    We tried it

    WH Creative Director Pia Hammond took to the streets with the Nine Four running club to test the shoe.

    “After a hiatus from running, I was hesitant about going in with a fear of losing steam running. The colour was the first thing that stood out for me, limo yellow/green seems to be trending right now. As soon as I put it on it hugged my foot with just enough space in the front for my toes to wiggle. The sole is narrow and bouncy, which made the running experience make me feel like a bouncing gazelle. As an experienced runner, I have been running 10km since receiving them, my pace is fast and it beats all my expectations of a running shoe. I will be using them for long and short distances in the future. Perhaps even pairing them with some jeans while running errands!”

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    Michelle is the features editor at WH. She’s immensely curious about the world, passionate about health and wellness and enjoys a good surf when the waves are good. More

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    How ultrarunner William Goodge ran across the US in 55 days


    by Sarah Joseph
    4 hours ago

    Ultrarunner William Goodge discusses completing the 3,076-mile journey from Huntington Beach, Los Angeles to Central Park, New York and what kind of mindset it takes to achieve the extraordinary.
    What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?
    I like to wake up and replenish my electrolytes and get ahead on hydration straight away by using a couple of Humantra sachets with water. I wake up before sunrise so have to leave any exposure to later, but wherever I am I’ll put on my favourite songs of the moment and get ready to go and do my first training session of the day. The gym or out for a run.
    Talk us through your background.
    I am from a small town in the UK called Ampthill, about an hour north of London.I grew up playing every sport I could, ironically one of the only ones I didn’t like too much was running long distance! I had an amazing but somewhat normal upbringing, when school was over I decided to go travelling to Thailand and Australia instead of going to University. When I got back, my sport was rugby and I ended up playing semi-professionally. This was my life until I found running.

    You completed the 3,076-mile journey in 55 days, what mindset practice helped you through this?
    I would always ask myself when things got tough “can I take another step?”. A very simple question and a very simple act to say yes and do it. There is rarely a moment in life, no matter how tough it is, that you can’t make forward progress.
    During the journey you powerwalked for 12 hours straight after running for two weeks – tell us more.
    This was a day in Oklahoma, the weather had changed quite drastically to gale force winds and rain blowing directly in my face. It was a conscious decision for me that trying to run through that would take a lot more effort. I worked it out mathematically that if I power walked at 4mph I would get to 50 miles in just over 12 hours. This meant my usual stops every 6 miles would become walk throughs. My crew would have everything ready, as they always did, and would walk with me to change my bottles and give me food. I skipped my usual midday nap and just powered through. There was some beauty in the misery and I did it for three days total.
    Your radical change of mindset got you through the experience – what was the challenge and how did you overcome it?
    It’s very hard to look at the whole of America, or 3000 plus miles and understand what that is going to take. The biggest challenge for me was pushing so hard every day and knowing I was only a fraction of the way there. It was too big to think about so I hadto pull back from the bigger picture and concentrate on the day at hand, or the next 6 miles. We got into a great routine so things were running like clockwork, this gives you confidence. I was also always ahead of my initial goal to finish in 64 days, so there was an element of competitiveness with myself of just how much quicker I could finish. You have a lot of time out there on your own to think, so creating reasons to go harder were always creeping up on me. The motivation to embark on this expedition came from a deeply personal place – tell us more. My reason for getting into extreme running was through the untimely death of my mum, Amanda. Seeing someone fight for their life and show much strength gives me a perception of ignorance to my own suffering which could be much worse. I realised very early on after her death, that as a 23-year-old I had every excuse to wave the white flag and give up on life for some time. I could have thrown some of my life away and everyone would have allowed me freedom because they knew what I was going through. But I simply couldn’t. I had to show the world just how strong my mum was by doing something to make it mean something more than a sad story. I’m a big believer now that emotions equals energy. Heightened emotion like anger, pain, even incredible joy can be channeled into a physical output. Through this we have raised over £250,000 for charities, which I am incredibly proud of and I know mymum would be too. It all came from her.
    During this journey, elaborate on what a day in the life of William Goodge looked like?
    Wake up: before sunrise, this changed across the country as we crossed four time zones. I would have a bowl of cereal and a coffee, I liked starting the day light and fuelling across the day. My crew would take off and go approximately 6 miles ahead for each stop. The first two stops I would consume a high kcal smoothie with things like protein powder, nut butters and frozen fruit and vegetables alongside pastries. Stop 3 was my favourite stop because Chef Pete would have made me a breakfast sandwich, some meat and egg in some kind of bread. After that it would change a bit to fruit, high salt items like crisps and pretzels, anything I fancied. The further east we got the more built up the areas got so I would also add in a coffee stop. This would usually be a gas station. Not the best coffee but I really enjoyed having a moment to go inside and do something ‘normal’ for a second before leaving to walk with my coffee. At mile 30 it would usually be a big lunch and nap time for 40 minutes in my bed inside a crew vehicle. I used an app on my phone called NuCalm that automatically puts you into a nap-like state through music in headphones and wearing a sleep mask. I would also put on compression boots so I could increase bloodflow to my legs and move around any inflammation. When I woke up Pete or Robbie would bring me a big lunch. Usually something from dinner the day before like a bean and meat chilli or a sandwich, avocado on the side, some rice. Then, it’s back out the door. 30 to 55 miles – this was when the crew members would usually join me. Pete and Robbie are amazing runners themselves, so they would help break up the boredom by coming out with me, these were my favourite moments. Plenty of laughs and most of our talks were about what we would do when we finished! The same stop plan, every six miles for refuelling. Once the running was finished I would clock my watch and get back to the main camper van to shower, change and eat a big Chef Pete dinner. We tried to make this process quick so I could sleep as much as possible, but it was never rushed. I really loved the moments of eating dinner with the crew. It was a normal moment in an otherwise chaotic time. I might sacrifice 20 minutes of sleep, but for my happiness it was essential.

    What’s your fitness mantra?
    What is the limit? It is an ever moving target as once you think you have found it, it’s moved again. It’s good to have something to chase, remainunsatisfied.
    What advice would you give to your younger self?
    Everything is going to be okay. Enjoy the moments now, show appreciation to the ones you love. You’re in for a hell of a ride, but you have the strength to see it all through. It’s going to be exciting!
    This is The Emirates Man Spring/Summer Issue – how would you best describe your style?
    I live in the fashion and running world, which isn’t usual. I use both to express myself equally, whilst running I’ll be in 247 Represent or Vuori. Outside of that my style is diverse, I couldn’t describe it in a sentence as it takes many forms. I have a particular passion for sunglasses and will be releasing my own brand later this spring / early summer. It occupies both worlds, glasses you can wear to a fashion event or dinner or the running track. Function plus Fashion. It’s called RIZK.
    – For more on how to look smart and live smarter, follow Emirates Man on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Supplied More

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    18 New Running Shoes To Help You Run Faster And Farther In 2024

    The pair of running shoes you choose can make or break your run. You ever slipped on a pair only to feel that red-hot feeling of an incoming blister a few kms into your first run? Or you take your shoes off after a long run to find a blackening toenail? Whatever your woeful running horror story is, one thing is for sure, you need a solid pair of takkies to help you hit the tar, treadmill or trails. And we’re here to help.

    What To Consider When Looking For A New Pair Of Running Shoes

    There are a few questions you’re going to want to ask yourself before you head out to your nearest Sportsmans Warehouse on the next available Saturday morning.

    What will you mostly be using your shoes for?

    How far do you want to run?

    What kind of terrain are you going to be running on?

    Do you want to use them for other kinds of training (like HIIT or strength training)?

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    What To Look For In A Shoe

    Cushioning: This helps the ground feel softer and encourages ground-contact stability.

    Weight: Lighter shoes usually have less cushioning; they’re designed for your speedy runs. Heavier shoes tend to have more cushioning and are better for your longer runs.

    Drop: This is the difference in cushioning (or height) from the heel to the front of the foot. Basically, when you’re barefoot your heel and forefoot touch the ground so the drop is 0mm. Slip on a pair of particularly cushioned running shoes (or some serious heels) and the drop starts to increase. Drop tends to range from 0mm to 14mm, with 10mm being the most common heel drop.

    Pronation: Many shoes will state the type of pronation they are suitable for (but every person is different). Make sure you choose a shoe that’s suitable for you after doing a gait analysis with an expert (hint: they’re usually free). Not sure what these words mean? Keep on reading!

    Do You Need A Gait Analysis For Running?

    Many running coaches, trainers and running brands recommend getting a gait analysis. But what does that actually mean? In simple terms, your gait describes the way in which you walk. So a gait analysis is an exam that gives you information about your walking and running style.

    Everyone is different and knowing your gait is a huge part of knowing your running style. The more information you have, the more equipped you are to choose the right pair of shoes for you and ultimately prevent injury.

    “Knowing your gait can help you grow as a runner and help prevent injuries in the future. Each runner has a specific gait, and not knowing yours could result in an injury,” according to Asics.

    What Does Pronation Mean?

    A large part of gait analysis focuses on determining your pronation. When it comes to running, pronation refers to how your foot naturally rolls inward after your heel strikes the ground. Ideal pronation would result in this motion (the natural inward roll) absorbing the shock from the force of your heel coming into contact with the ground.

    Once your pronation has been determined, you want to try to match yourself to a running shoe that adjusts for your specific pronation. Wearing the correct running shoe will make you a more efficient runner and help you avoid those jog-ending injuries.

    3 Types Of Pronation:

    Neutral pronation: When your foot lands outside of your heel and then rolls naturally inward (about 15%), absorbing the shock and keeping your ankles aligned. If this is you, try the Under Armour FLOW Velociti Elite.

    Overpronation: When your feet roll inward too much. This requires a more sturdy running shoe so that your foot can be kept in place. Try the PUMA NITRO or Asics Gel-Nimbus™ 25 if you’re an overpronater.

    Supination or underpronation: When the feet don’t roll inward enough. This requires a shoe that has plenty of cushioning, like the Salomon Spectur.

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    5 Places To Get A Gait Analysis In South Africa

    Sportsmans Warehouse

    Sportsmans Warehouse has RUN-id, an industry-leading advanced gait analysis technology developed by German engineer Jens Hellenbacher. It’s in selected stores around South Africa (Gauteng, Western Cape, Pretoria, KZN and Eastern Cape), is completely free and only takes a few minutes. Find out more here.

    ASICS Mall Of Africa

    If you’re a runner, you’ll be familiar with Asics. They have a huge range of shoes to suit any type of runner. So if you’ve got your heart set on your next pair being from the brand, why not head straight to the Asics store at Mall Of Africa for a gait analysis? The analysis is free of charge. Find out more here.

    Total Sports

    Total Sports is really changing the game when it comes to getting active. Their free gait analysis is available at Totalsports in Sandton, Mall of Africa, Canal Walk, Cavendish, Gateway and more.

    The Athlete’s Foot

    You can pre-order your running and gait analysis at the shop over here. They also give an in-depth breakdown of what they will be analysing and why it matters here.

    The Sweat Shop

    Head to The Sweat Shop Dunkeld in Johannesburg or The Sweat Shop Claremont in Cape Town for shoe fittings, gait analysis and premium advice.

    Now that you know a little bit more about what to look for in your next pair of running shoes, you’re ready to shop. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced runner, hit the ground running with these newly-released running shoes.

    READ MORE: Beginners 5K Running Training Plan And How To Crush It In Just 6 Weeks

    For Speed Runs

    For speed work and short-distance runs, look for a shoe with a little drop – in a European Journal of Sports Science study, they found that minimalist shoes can help you run faster, and make your feet and calves stronger. These are our top 2024 running shoes for speedy runs.

    Nike Vaporfly 3

    This is a speed shoe, indeed. But gone are the days when a quick 5K fit the bill for what creates a speedy run. These shoes can take you from a fast 10K through to a pacy marathon, too. The grooves in the sole drive energy from the sole through to the forefoot, making for faster take-offs.

    Under Armour Surge 3 Running Shoes

    With just an 8mm drop, this lightweight and breathable shoe will have you flying. A cushioned EVA midsole gives you a responsive ride while strategically placed rubber pods on the outsole add durability while keeping things light.

    adidas Adizero Boston 12

    You’d be surprised that such a chunky shoe can create such speed. Get flexibility in the forefoot along with a locked-in midfoot through your run. Energyrods at the bottom of the shoe provide a more seamless transition as you push off from the ground.

    PUMA Fast-R Nitro Elite

    You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a moon boot, but it’s actually a speed runner. The shoe, broken into two parts, delivers speed in the front section and comfort at the back, while the forefoot is primed to react to your cadence. It’s also surprisingly stable. While it’s built for speed, you could even take this bad boy on marathons, says PUMA. Expect a new version to drop in February 2024 – this shoe will be lighter and even faster.

    Asics Magic Speed

    Get the energy you need to ace your next PB. It works for both tempo runs and races and a carbon TPU plate propels your foot forward upon landing, so you go further, faster. A cushioned midsole keeps your stride propulsive while maintaining a lightweight feel.

    Hoka Mach X

    For those who want to run even faster, this pace-pushing shoe is it. It’s also a lightweight shoe built to last: the Mach X is supercharged with a layer of PEBA foam that’s 34% more resilient than the Carbon X 3 foam, making this a good shoe for both distance and speedy sprints.

    For Longer Distance Runs

    For longer distances, look for a higher drop in the shoe (read: a higher heel) that supports and keeps you comfy when you’re going for many km.

    On Running Cloudbloom Echo

    Made to go the distance, these shoes, with the upward curve, push your foot further and faster. You’ll also find enhanced cushioning on the forefoot, making for a more comfortable journey.

    Under Armour HOVR™ Machina 3

    Perfect for hot rides, the shoe’s mesh upper allows for maximum airflow, while tons of springy cushioning keeps you pushing forward. Plus, the combination of carbon and blown rubber on the outsole allows for durability and a lightweight rebound.

    adidas SOLARGLIDE 6

    Go the distance with this nifty runner. BOOST tech delivers energy return with each stride, while LEP 2.0 technology guides your foot forward for an extra push when you toe-off during your run.

    PUMA Magnify Nitro 2

    There’s tons of rubber in this shoe, making for a longer, smoother ride. In the midsole, you’ll find nitrogen-infused NITRO™ foam, to keep you bouncing along in comfort. The outsole’s rubber is durable and is built for all-surface traction.

    New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080

    Per New Balance, this shoe is IT. The shoe they’d make if they only made one. A bold claim, but we’ve reviewed it and can testify to its bounciness and responsiveness. The midsole, with proprietary Fresh Foam, allows the landing to push off to go that much more smoothly while the super-soft upper material is breathable.

    Nike Alphapfly 3

    Made with the beloved Zoom upper but with a decked-out sole, this shoe for marathoners looking to pace up fits the bill. It’s helped runner Kelvin Kiptum break the Marathon World Record, so it’s got to be good. What’s new? A smoother heel-to-toe transition from the continuous bottom as well as a wider carbon fibre Flyplate for extra propulsion.

    For Trail Runs

    With trail running shoes, you’re looking for a grippier outsole that can withstand uneven footpaths and keep your foot secure as you traverse the unknown. These are worth your cash.

    Salomon Pulsar

    A bouncy, superior comfort shoe that tackles the trails while you walk on clouds. An Energy Foam midsole gives you smooth transitions, while an Energy Blade helps with propulsion to shift you forward.

    Nike Ultrafly

    Fast and grippy, this shoe makes the case for a trail run that’s both fast, epic and yes, totally doable, no matter the conditions. The Nike Ultrafly was designed with Vibram and contains its lightweight, agile outsole design and traction tech underneath.

    Hoka SpeedGoat 5

    Like Nike’s Ultrafly, this shoe features the Vibram® Megagrip with Traction Lug designed to provide more surface contact and traction. It’s lighter and roomier but no less stable, making for light work when tackling the trails.


    A lightweight shoe that won’t bog you down on the hills. Shock-absorbing EVA provides comfort and the mesh upper takes you through mud, rain and sunshine. The Continental™ Rubber outsole also gives you a better grip on those trails.

    Under Armour Charged Maven

    For shock absorption, look for the UA Charged tech embedded in this shoe. The cushioning needs to be soft but rugged enough to take on rocks and gravel – and this shoe does the trick.

    PUMA Voyage Nitro 3

    The camo look is so subtle and beautiful, you’ll be wanting to wear this everywhere. But it’s destined for the trails: it sheds water so you’re never wet, while the outsole allows the shoe to move independently with the ground for better traction.

    Women’s Health participates in various affiliate marketing programmes, which means we may get commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. More

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    Maximise Your Runs With These Tips From The Pros

    Running, while being a go-to workout for scores of women, can be a tough sport to tackle. There’s the question of how to plan your runs when training for a race, how to cross-train so your runs are faster, and how to score new PBs. But even with all of that, motivation can flag, leading to less running. Since that’s the least optimal scenario, we chatted to the pros on how to maximise your runs.

    And to make it worth your while, why not join #Run4Avos? You don’t have to run for a bag of the fruit – it’s all about getting amped about your runs again. Through the Nedbank Running Club’s #Run4Avos campaign, you can take part in weekly challenges and up your game. Join #Run4Avos on Strava and join in on the fun.

    Here, tips from the pros on how to maximise your runs.

    Meet the experts

    Adele Broodryk is a professional runner and 2023 Comrades Marathon second-place finisher.

    Fikile Mbuthuma is a seasoned Comrades Marathon competitor, having completed a whopping 19 races.

    Get motivated

    Get your kit

    While shopping for new fitness clothes is truly a great way to feel motivated to run again, you don’t have to. “Every evening before a training session, I put all my training clothes out. So when I wake I can just put it on and get going,” says Adele Broodryk, professional runner and 2023 Comrades Marathon second-place finisher.

    Plan your runs

    “As I am a pre-planner, dotting every session to come down on a weekly calendar really helps. This way, I can tick them off as they are completed. And who doesn’t like it when lists are marked off as completed?” says Broodryk.

    Use the 15-minute rule

    “Often we opt out of a session due to not “feeling it” or “feeling tired”, but I have found that when pushing through those 15 minutes, I tend to have my best workouts,” says Adele Broodryk.

    “On the other hand, if I still feel that “zoned out” feeling after the 15 minutes, I will then cancel the workout. This can be an indication of my body being tired or overtraining starting to take place.”

    Maximise your runs

    Get it done

    The best way to make sure you stick to your running plan is to just get it done. “Make your run the first thing you do to start your day,” says Fikile Mbuthuma, 19-time Comrades Marathon finisher. “Morning runs can easily become your important daily task. The run also helps energize the mind and body preparing for the day ahead.”

    Stick to the plan

    “Stick to the pre-planned paces! If a run is set out as an “easy” run, keep it that way!” says Broodryk. Going too hard can result in burnout, which would impede your progress anyway. Keep it simple.

    Get in on cross-training

    Do hill sprints

    “One of the easiest ways to power your legs is to run uphill or on a steep. This is a great way to build leg strength,” says Mbuthuma. Try running upstairs or on an incline on the treadmill in short bursts to power up those quads and glutes. This will help you go farther and faster in your regular runs.

    Add strength training

    “Never underestimate the power of strength training. This will help power you in a run, assisting your running efficiency and speed,” says Broodryk. Looking to add to your routine? Follow these pro-certified tips. More

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    The ASICS GEL-KAYANO™ 30: The Shoe That Will Make You Love Running Again

    Runners, rejoice! ASICS has just launched the GEL-KAYANO™ 30 shoe, the most comfortable stability running shoe featuring brand-new technologies to provide runners with adaptive stability and unprecedented comfort during every step.

    4D Guidance System

    With its new 4D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™, the GEL-KAYANO™ 30 provides adaptive stability and unprecedented comfort during every step. The 4D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™ works with the movement of your body to provide support when you need it most, so you can run worry-free.

    In addition to the 4D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™, the GEL-KAYANO™ 30 also features new PureGEL™ technology for the softest landings ever. PureGEL™ is strategically integrated in the midsole to deliver enhanced shock absorption and smoother transitions.

    The GEL-KAYANO™ 30 also has 20 percent more of the lightweight FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning and a 4mm increase in stack height, which further improve the comfort level of the shoe.

    As Rohan van der Zwet, Senior Product Marketing Manager at ASICS EMEA, says, “The GEL-KAYANO™ shoe has been a crowd favourite for many years, and quite frankly is a legend in our product range. We know the stereotypes that stability shoes have faced over the years: clunky, ugly, and simply not comfortable. That’s why we’re excited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the GEL-KAYANO™ series with such landmark developments. Through our commitment to ASICS’ unique design philosophy, we’ve been able to develop a shoe that offers the stability that consumers have grown to love from the series and added the comfort that we know is so important to runners. Stability truly never felt better and we’re eager to see runners across the globe experience this with the GEL-KAYANO™ 30 shoes.”

    Shop The GEL-KAYANO™ 30

    From 5Ks to full marathons, the GEL-KAYANO™ 30 shoe is designed to provide advanced stability and softer cushioning properties.  ​

    Engineered stretch knit upper 

    Improves breathability

    External back heel counter 

    Helps keep the foot stable and provides a more comfortable stride

    The GEL-KAYANO™ 30 is available from ASICS retail, online stores and specialists running outlets.

    Is this really the most comfortable stability running shoe? Comfort is subjective, so judge for yourself. Try ASICS’ latest product innovation and tell us how running in ASICS makes you feel. To find out more, please visit More

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    6 Tips That’ll Help You Get Over The Finish Line Of The Comrades Marathon

    International water activist Mina Guli recently did a whopping 200 marathons in one year around the globe to raise awareness of the global water crisis we’re facing. 200 marathons? Now that’s a woman with intel, we say. Naturally, we turned to her right before the formidable Comrades Marathon to get her tips on how to get over the finish line, blisters and chaffing be damned.

    “I am not a runner, by any stretch of the imagination,” says Guli. “In fact, when I was younger, I avoided doing any form of exercise. But I realised that to raise awareness for the dire global water crisis, I would have to do something very hard to make a real impact. I have found that these six tips are the only reason I am able to make it through my runs when things get really rotten, and it would be so much easier to give up!”

    Stay in the moment

    Wanna give up because there are still 20 whole kilometres of road left? Take it one kilometre at a time, says Guli. “It is really important to remember this is not a 90km race, it is 1km one step at a time,” she says. “Focus on the kilometre that you are doing and the step that you are taking, really focus on just being there in that moment!”

    Focus on your purpose

    Throughout the race, remind yourself why you signed up for this race. Is it to raise awareness around an issue? Did you want to prove to yourself that you can do difficult things? Focus on this. “It’s very important to think in advance why you are doing this race, what your purpose is! It often helps to write this purpose on your hand or your wrist so that you can easily see it and remind yourself on the route why you are there!”

    Think good things

    You’re tired and everything hurts and you just want to give up. This will happen. To help, channel positive thoughts. “There will always be something that hurts – be real it’s 90km – but equally, there is always something that feels good. Whether it’s your fingers, your hands or even the tip of your nose, focus on that and how good it feels! Remember how powerful your mind is and focus your attention away from the hurt to the parts that feel good!”

    Be grateful

    “Phrase thoughts differently in your mind. Instead of thinking, I have to do this race, rather think how awesome it is to be able to take part in this event,” says Guli. “Say hello and thank you to all of the volunteers along the route who make a race like Comrades Marathon possible. When you give positive energy out, it’s incredible the energy that you get back and the power that this gives to your spirit, your body, your mind and your soul.”

    Get the basics right

    Remember your snacks, hydrate regularly and fuel your body properly with loads of carbs before the race. “You need to ensure that you take on the right fuel to help your body get through an incredible feat like the Comrades Marathon,” says Guli.

    Pick a mantra

    “When things get really tough for me, I remind myself that we CAN do hard things, we are capable of so much for than we realise,” says Guli. “I like to bring in all of the points above into my mantra to keep my head in the right space. [Things like] I am able to do hard things, I stay in the moment, I focus on my purpose, I think about only good things, I am grateful and I fuel my body to the best of my ability throughout the run.” More

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    Boost Your Mind And Movement With ASICS’ NAGINO™ Collection

    ASICS unveils a groundbreaking global campaign emphasizing the transformative power of exercise in empowering women to navigate everyday stresses. This momentous campaign coincides with the launch of ASICS’ revolutionary NAGINO™ Collection, spotlighting the profound impact that movement can have on our mental well-being.

    The campaign was developed in response to ASICS 2022 State of Mind Index, which revealed that globally, women tend to exercise less than men and, as a result, experience a lower state of mind.

    The power of movement on the mind

    In a world where stress and anxiety are at record levels, the campaign highlights the power of exercise to calm the mind. Contrasting the shortness of breath in stressed moments with the controlled, rhythmic breaths of a workout, the new campaign highlights the power of movement to offset the stresses and strains of everyday life.

    ASICS’ NAGINO™ Collection

    Designed by women for women. The new NAGINO™ Collection is created to support women to find their inner calm through movement. Each piece is purposefully crafted to inspire body confidence and support women to move undistracted and comfortably during their run and workout.

    “With the NAGINO™ Collection we wanted her to feel comfortable and confident before, during and after her training. We know that nothing frees the mind like exercise and so the new collection is designed to be 100% distraction-free, so the only thing she needs to focus on is herself and her workout.”
    Martina Jurcova, Product Manager for Apparel and Accessories

    The collection features pieces designed for running and training and is completed with colour-matching footwear. This includes the brand’s latest product innovation, the GEL-NIMBUS™ 25 running shoe. Each item is highly technical, providing storage and layering options for on-the-go adaptability. One of the apparel highlights is the NAGINO™ Run Unitard made from premium heathered knit fabric and designed in a body-hugging shape to help her feel supported.

    Shop The NAGINO™ Collection

    The NAGINO™ Collection is available online and in-store now. For more information, click here.

    Nimbus 25 Running Shoe

    Nagino Running Jacket

    Nagino Seamless Blue Tights

    Nagino Seamless Bra

    Nagino Blue Vest

    Nagino Blue Run Shorts

    READ MORE: Is This Really The World’s Most Comfortable Running Shoe?

    ASICS Commitment to Move Every Mind

    ASICS believes every mind deserves the right to be moved so we can all achieve a Sound Mind in a Sound Body. This is why ASICS is launching its mission to move every mind to help tackle exercise inequality and support everyone to feel the positive mental benefits of movement.

    This mission comes in response to ASICS State of Mind Index which uncovered a gender exercise gap, with women exercising significantly less than men, and potentially missing out on the mental benefits that exercise bring.

    As a first step to move every mind, ASICS is conducting a global live study. This is to better understand the environmental and societal barriers preventing women from exercising. Plus, what needs to be done to help them to move freely.

    Sign up here to learn more about move every mind. More