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    The Kitchen Tool Instagram Can’t Stop Raving About Is On Sale This Weekend

    Chances are, if you’ve scrolled Instagram within the last few months (have you done much else?), you’ve seen someone raving about a new chic pan that not only can do the job of a ton of the tools in a kitchen, but also looks beautiful enough to sit out on the stove all the time—ideal for small spaces. Our Place’s Always Pan steams, sautés, cooks grains, simmers soups and sauces, fries, and more, all on a non-stick surface that cleans easily. According to our director of brand partnerships who uses her Always Pan for just about everything, the non-stick surface is the real deal. Because it’s such an all-in-one powerhouse, it can replace your fry pan, saucier, skillet, saucepan, non-stick pan, and more. No more using three or four pans just to get dinner on the table—you can do just about everything in this one pan. 

    Say goodbye to those old, not-so-great pans you bought affordably for your first apartment. The pan even comes with a basket that serves as a colander and steamer and has a a notch on the handle that’s designed to hold your utensil, keeping your counter clean while cooking. The pan comes in six different colors, each more gorgeous than the last, and colors can sell out, so if you’ve been waiting, now’s the time.

    Though it’s too late to get the pan in time for Christmas morning (in most colors, at least), the Always Pan would make a truly great gift for anyone in your life who enjoys cooking or has to work with space or storage issues—or a treat for yourself. If you’re looking for more kitchen-related Black Friday deals, Our Place is also featuring its dinnerware collections in various sizes.
    A pretty pan that cuts the number of cookware you actually need down to a fraction of what you’d think it’d be? Sign us up. More

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    I Never Spend More Than 30 Minutes on Dinner—Here Are My Secrets

    My first year living on my own, I ordered a take-out burrito bowl basically twice a week. I would rather starve all day and eat one hefty, greasy meal I picked up somewhere than spend the energy and time to cook myself something. For one, I barely knew how to cook eggs, let alone a meal, but I also found myself struggling with all the time it’d take to cook. I relished my free time way too much to spend it cooped up in the kitchen. And I couldn’t dare picture how some people actually found cooking to be a self-care activity. Isn’t that what the eating part is for? Fast-forward and in 2020, I’ve done basically a 180. Do I get takeout sometimes? Absolutely. But for the sake of my finances and my health, I began teaching myself a little here and there about cooking at home. But even while I’m spending all my time at home, I don’t enjoy spending a ton of time in the kitchen, so I vowed that every meal I made would be under 30 minutes (a good motivator, if I do say so myself). Over time, I’ve gotten more comfortable in the kitchen, but one thing’s remained: I spend way more time doing my skincare routine than I do cooking dinner. Here are my secrets:

    Source: Blue Apron

    One of the hardest parts of cooking is meal planning and getting everything from the grocery store. Although your meal might only take you 30 minutes, it might take you three hours to figure out what to make, create a list, wait in line at the grocery store, and get everything—and I forget something almost every single time. A meal-delivery service like Blue Apron takes away all of that time and energy planning and buying groceries, so your meals actually can take under 30 minutes.
    My favorite thing about Blue Apron is that you can easily see the recipes when you order, and they always tell you how long it takes to prep and cook. I’m able to order meals that exclusively take under 35 minutes to make, plus I can see how much prep work is involved. I’m making exciting new dishes I never would have made, but they feel easy and doable like everything else I cook. This has led me to keep all of my recipes handy to recreate them again, helping me to build an arsenal of quick and easy meals I know I already like. 
    New customers: click here to save over $60 on your first 3 boxes!

    Source: rawpixel

    2. Save everything you see on IG, Pinterest, and YouTube
    One of my biggest sources of cooking inspiration as of late has been Instagram and Tik Tok. I’m constantly seeing new ways people are making delicious, easy meals that take seriously no time at all. However, it’s easy to forget them all. Lately, I’ve been saving all of my meal ideas in one place so that I can easily come back to them. I use Pinterest because you can Pin anything from the web right there, so pictures I see on Instagram, YouTube videos, and Tik Toks can be saved amongst all the other great recipe content on Pinterest. Every Sunday I look through this catalog of ideas and pick one or two to try for the week. 

    3. Eat breakfast for dinner!
    Once I got out of the funk that breakfast foods need to be eaten for breakfast and dinner foods can only be eaten at dinner, my world changed. Although I absolutely love breakfast foods, sometimes I’m craving a heartier meal when I eat in the mornings and opting for something that would ordinarily be a lunch or dinner for me has been a lifesaver. But like I said, I love breakfast foods (I could eat exclusively sunny-side-up eggs and hash browns with hot sauce for the rest of my life and be the happiest person on Earth), so when I’m in a rut about what to cook for dinner, I go with my go-to breakfast. As long as it has some protein and maybe a side salad (hence the maybe), I’m good to go.

    Source: Anthropologie

    4. Keep a go-to grocery list and meal ideas list on your phone
    This was one of the first pages I made when I started a Bullet Journal, but you can put it basically anywhere: a note on your phone, a page you keep in your purse, on your computer, or even in your car. I first created a list of all of my favorite easy, go-to meals. I started with things like chicken quesadilla, turkey tacos, chicken caesar wraps, pita pizzas, spicy noodles, and an egg scramble. Then, I broke each of those meals down into all of their ingredients and wrote that as a master grocery list. Then when I’m feeling uninspired in the kitchen, I already have a pre-made meal plan and grocery list to get me through the week. This has truly saved me on nights when I’d rather do anything but cook, but if I have these on hand, I know I can make a meal I absolutely love.

    5. Don’t underestimate the power of a doctored-up frozen meal
    Like most people, I live in the frozen section of a grocery store. It’s so much easier, and if you know what to look for, it’s not the worst thing for your body either. But sometimes you need a little something more, so I love taking frozen staples and doctoring them up just a little bit. I’ll take frozen cauliflower rice and cook it in a little bit of soy sauce and sriracha with grilled chicken and a scrambled egg. Add some veggies, and you have the most basic fried “rice” on the planet. Another favorite of mine is using frozen breaded chicken tenders for salads, sandwiches, and wraps for an adult meal instead of just dipping them in BBQ sauce and fries (which I definitely still do on occasion and have zero regrets).  
    I do the same with frozen vegetables, always serving them in a sauce or a ton of my favorite seasonings to make them taste a little fresher. Find whatever ways you can take the frozen items in your freezer to the next level.

    Source: @allyson.trammell

    6. Keep all of your go-to spices on-hand
    Make sure you have a constant flow of all of your go-to spices, seasoning blends, and sauces. For me, that’s garlic powder, crushed red pepper flakes, sriracha, soy sauce, chili paste, cinnamon, and taco seasoning, but your list will be different based on what you like to cook! Having these in my cupboard and fridge at all times makes it easy to doctor up a plain meal or add a little extra flavor to something.

    This post includes a sponsored mention of Blue Apron, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board. More

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    7 Hacks That Make Eating Healthy Actually Easy

    We all know we’re supposed to eat our fruits and vegetables, limit processed foods, and opt for salad over fettuccine alfredo. Eating healthy is simple, right? And yet, it can feel so hard to stick to a clean diet. Sometimes there are scratches only a box of mac n’ cheese can itch, or we reach for chips and salsa over carrot sticks when we need a quick snack (for the sake of convenience, of course). Workweeks get busy, and it feels like we barely have time to heat up a Lean Cuisine, much less prepare a fresh meal from scratch.Plus, cravings set in after long, stressful days, and that little voice in our heads tell us to order UberEats instead of DIY an entire healthy meal from scratch. The 20 minutes it takes for a pizza to arrive sounds way better when you’re hungry than the 45 minutes it takes a spaghetti squash to cook, right? But something so good for us doesn’t have to be so hard. Healthy eating can actually be effortless, delicious, and achievable. Here are seven hacks that will get you there:

    1. Make healthy eating as easy as possible
    We get it: some weeks are just so busy that you don’t have time to plan, prepare, and cook your meals. If you find yourself opting for takeout every night or you have your Postmates guy on speed dial, a meal delivery service might transform your eating habits and lifestyle. Blue Apron offers health-conscious options like vegetarian, carb-conscious, Mediterranean diet, etc., so not only can you select meals that you’ll look forward to all day, but you’ll be eating meals that help you achieve health goals.
    You won’t have to think of meal prepping, taking up too much time, or running to the grocery store–it basically removes all the hard parts of healthy cooking. You’ll have delicious, fresh, healthy meals every night and won’t even feel tempted to order a pizza or Chinese takeout, even on the nights when you’re too busy or tired. 
    New customers: click here to save over $60 on your first 3 boxes!

    2. Eat your colors
    The colors of plants come from the different phytochemical antioxidants they contain, so eating fruits and vegetables in a wide range of colors ensures we’re getting a wider variety of antioxidants. Use this tip as a rule of thumb to get in as many nutrients as possible in your diet. If your meal is looking as monochrome as your #OOTD, you know you should eat more colors of the rainbow (and I’m not talking about Skittles). For example, if you’re having pasta, throw in cherry tomatoes and kale. If your salad is just leafy greens, avocado, and cucumber, good for you for getting in your veggies, but consider adding in some sweet potato and purple cabbage for a nutrient-dense meal. 


    3. Chop, roast, and prepare ahead of time
    If meal-prepping isn’t your thing, I don’t blame you. Leftovers can get soggy after a couple of days, and eating the same dish gets boring. But even if you’re not huge on meal-prepping every meal for an entire week, try to prep veggies and a grain or two ahead of time. Schedule an hour at the beginning of the week to chop veggies you eat raw (like carrots, peppers, or cucumbers) and roast or steam veggies you prefer cooked (like sweet potatoes, mushrooms, eggplant, or cauliflower). Prepare a grain like quinoa or rice, and a legume like lentils or black beans to add to recipes throughout the week. Also, keep sliced lemons in a glass container (to add to water throughout the week), or ration greens and fruit for single smoothie servings so all you’ll have to do the morning of is blend. 

    4. Find healthier alternatives to your favorite dishes
    Whether you’re craving sweet, salty, heavy carbs, or all the above, you don’t need to ignore cravings to eat healthier. Honor your body and, most importantly, enjoy your life. Get in the kitchen and get creative with foods that will nourish the body and satisfy taste buds. For example, if you have a sweet tooth, grab a square of dark chocolate after dinner. If you’re craving chips or fries, DIY sweet potato fries by tossing sweet potato slivers with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and baking them in the oven. If heavy comfort foods are more your medicine of choice, score a frozen cauliflower crust from Trader Joe’s to top with tomato sauce and organic cheese, or try chickpea pasta or spaghetti squash. For any other craving, check out these recipes to find a healthier alternative. 

    5. Don’t swap totally new meals–add to your current meals
    Eating healthier can be as simple as a few minor additions to your diet that snowball into a healthier lifestyle. Don’t cut out food groups, stop making the meals you’re used to, or limit what you can and cannot eat (that can lead to bingeing or an unhealthy relationship with food). Instead, focus on eating more vegetables. Do you typically have eggs for breakfast? No need to shift what you’re used to or enjoy. Instead, add spinach to an omelet or put avocado on top. Love grilled cheese for lunch? Don’t force yourself to swap for a salad, and instead, have a salad on the side of your go-to sandwich. Do you eat pasta on the regular? Throw in some kale and asparagus, and you’ll never feel deprived, while simultaneously giving your body nutrients that keep it healthy.

    6. Stock up on frozen options
    Fresh is always best, but sometimes we don’t have time to get to the grocery store. The fix to keep up with healthy eating instead of picking up your favorite fast-food chain? Stock up on frozen produce to have on hand for stews, stir-fries, and smoothies. Not only is organic frozen produce often cheaper, but it lasts much longer than the fresher versions, so you can keep it on hand for emergencies (AKA when you’re craving stir fry at 11pm). It’s also frozen at peak freshness, which means it’s packed with as many nutrients as possible. Try frozen fruit for smoothies, riced cauliflower or broccoli florets for dishes, and pre-made meals for the nights you don’t have time to cook. If you prefer non-packaged produce, you can also chop up fresh veggies and freeze them yourself (produce like sweet potatoes and broccoli can last a long time in the freezer).

    7. Make one small change to your diet every day
    Whether it’s drinking an extra glass of water, having a square of dark chocolate instead of candy, adding kale to your pasta, or replacing your afternoon chips and salsa snack with carrots and guacamole, make one tiny change to your diet every day. Making one change a day will feel manageable enough to be sustainable, and you might even find new routines or recipes you’ll like enough to turn into a habit. Healthy eating is just a series of habits that form a domino effect. Start small today and see how your eating habits change over time. 

    What hacks have you tried that has made healthy eating easy for you?

    This post includes a sponsored mention of Blue Apron, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board. More

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    The 5 Easy Recipes I’m Making on Repeat At Home

    A month ago, I was sitting on my couch watching YouTube after dinner. This was a common situation in my life. Eat a gigantic dinner full of the stress of the day, anxieties of the next, and shame of the previous. My parents weren’t unhealthy growing up, but they never really forced me to learn how to cook, meaning I got through much of my life enjoying my dad’s amazing home-cooked meals (of which every single thing was cooked in bacon grease) without learning how to make myself anything nutritious once it came to living on my own. Not to mention, I’ve been in recovery for an eating disorder for five years, and while I’ve learned a few helpful hints throughout therapy and treatment, a pandemic will really flip that right on its head, won’t it? So when I came across a video all about the new Weight Watchers (now called WW), I watched it in its entirety, googled for about an hour, and signed right up. All this to say, I’ve been on a journey the last month to learn how to cook for myself, create proper portions for my meals, address my negative relationship with food, and this program has really helped me establish healthier habits (don’t worry, I’m still planning a major sushi feast featuring wine with my girlfriends tomorrow, and it shall be glorious) and find healthy meals I truly love (which I never thought was possible considering my previous pandemic diet consisting of very few whole foods and many, many bags of Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi). 
    Even on WW, I approach cooking with extreme levity; I rarely make anything that you’d find in a cookbook or a magazine because I truly just cannot be bothered. So, I’ve found a few staples that I add to my rotation when I’m just not feeling like “experimenting.” From classic breakfasts that keep me full all morning to easy work-from-home lunches to sweet treats (eep!), these five have been my go-to meals lately—and they all take under 20 minutes to recreate. 
    PS: if you thought you were coming here for pretty food pictures taken on a fancy camera that were perfectly styled, you might want to redirect yourself to our meal prep archives. But if you want some bomb ass recipes that are easy as hell but maybe don’t exactly look quite as appetizing as sriracha honey meatballs over cauliflower rice (you know the pic), keep scrolling. 

    1. Breakfast Burrito

    I’ll give any excuse to put something inside a wrap if I’m being honest. This is a favorite breakfast of mine when I know I want something that will keep me full for a long time, whether it’s busy WFH days or post-wine nights when all I want in this world is a breakfast sandwich.
    Hash browns (use whatever kind you love—this day I used O’Brien style, but I honestly prefer shredded)
    Protein (I use Applegate Farms Chicken and Maple Sausage, but you could use tofu, bacon, chicken, etc.)
    Scrambled eggs
    Hot sauce
    Cook your hash browns and protein according to package instructions. Scramble an egg (or two if you want a GIANT burrito, which, who doesn’t?). Add all ingredients to tortilla, add some hot sauce, salt, and pepper, and roll it up! 

    2. Savory Oatmeal

    I just recently tried this, and it’s about to become my favorite lunch, I’m sure of it. I’m not the biggest sweets eater (except for bananas and peanut butter—see below), but I love how satiated I feel after a bowl of oatmeal. I found this recipe for savory oatmeal from Honeysuckle’s YouTube channel, and it’s a life-changer. The day I made this, I felt full for HOURS. No snacking, no cravings, and no midday coffee. I’ll take that. You could do this about a million ways, but I love Mexican food, so this is my take on a huevos rancheros.
    Ingredients (again, no measurements:
    Oatmeal (use your favorite–I used quick oats because they’re easy, but whatever works for you)
    Cheddar cheese
    Black beans 
    Red onion
    Egg cooked how you like
    Hot sauce (I stan Tapatio) 
    Cook your oatmeal according to package instructions, and then just add all the toppings together. I didn’t have any this day, but avocado would be great with this. YUM.

    3. Banana Loaf

    I know banana bread already had its day, but sometimes I just want a sweet breakfast that takes minimal effort, and this has become my go-to. I found this on Instagram and made it immediately. 
    Ingredients (OK, this one actually has measurements):
    2 bananas, extra-ripe (makes it sweet)
    ½ cup oats
    6 tbsp egg whites
    1 tbsp peanut butter (I’ve also used PB2 powder—either works)
    Dash of cinnamon
    Splash of vanilla extract
    Chocolate chips
    Mix all the ingredients together except for the chocolate chips and pour in a loaf pan. Top the loaf with chocolate chips. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 40-45 minutes depending on your oven. Seriously, it’s so easy and so good. TBH, I eat half for breakfast with peanut butter and regular butter smeared on top and the other half for a 2pm snack. Don’t be fooled: it doesn’t have the exact texture of banana bread, but it’s super moist and gooey. I put it in a regular bread pan (even though it doesn’t come close to filling it), but these would be adorable in mini loaf pans. 

    4. Copycat KFC Bowls

    I’ll be the first to admit I LOVE fast food. Like, LOVE. I’m not afraid or ashamed of it. But some days I’d rather save my money (delivery is expensive, y’all) on a great meal out with friends on a patio than pay a small order fee for McDonald’s hash browns. A hankering for fried chicken brought me to this seriously simple bowl. 
    Mashed Potatoes (I have no patience, so I used the Idahoan instant mashed potatoes that you microwave in a little cup, and they’re actually so good)
    Canned corn
    Chicken (I used Tyson’s Air Fried Chicken Nuggets that I cooked in the oven and diced up—I am obsessed with these. I have now gone through two bags between wraps, bowls, quesadillas, and more). 
    Cheddar cheese
    All you do is mix it all together in a bowl, and viola! I love making this for a quick lunch that keeps me full for hours.

    5. Spicy Noodles and Zoodles

    I will never be the person who can eat zoodles with marinara sauce and call it a meal. Girl’s gotta have some carbs. So, I like to do a 1:1 ratio of regular, whole-wheat noodles (you can do white, I just oddly love whole-wheat breads) with zoodles or my actual favorite (not pictured), coodles (AKA noodles made with carrots—a much less appetizing word if I’m being honest). I paired this with my favorite spicy Asian-inspired sauce, broccoli, and chicken. 
    Sauce (all ingredients to taste—who has time to measure): 
    Chili sauce
    Sesame oil 
    Coconut Aminos (or soy sauce, whatever I have on hand)
    Crushed red pepper flakes
    Garlic powder
    After I boil my noodles, I’ll remove them from the pot to drain and add all the ingredients for the sauce to the bottom of the pan. I’ll turn up the heat to medium for about four-ish minutes and then toss the noodles back in. Then, I’ll stir-fry the zoodles in a skillet and add them in too. Toss in steamed broccoli and pre-cooked chicken that I meal prepped or bought from Trader Joe’s (for really good chicken I’ll marinate it in the same sauce as the noodles, but not necessary TBH).  More

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    15 Recipes to Make at Home Using Trader Joe’s Ingredients

    Trader Joe’s is the novelty grocery store we know and love. From the friendly workers donning their Hawaiian “uniforms,” the store’s awesome floral selection, and of course, all the different grocery items TJ’s has to offer, there is a lot to like about shopping at Trader Joe’s. One of my favorite parts is seeing all their new product releases. I’m also intrigued by what they’re going to launch next, but sometimes I’m not sure how I can incorporate their new products into my meals.How do I cook with harissa?
    What would pair well with coconut milk?
    Can I put the Impossible Burger on the grill?
    How do I make an acai bowl at home?
    See what I mean? If you’re anything like me and avoid buying new products because you’re not quite sure what to do with them once you get home, fear not! Below, I’ve rounded up 15 recipes using Trader Joe’s ingredients so you can grocery shop with confidence and add new meals to your weekly rotation.

    TJ’s Ingredient: Frozen charred corn

    Source: What’s Gaby Cooking

    TJ’s Ingredient: Spicy Thai cashews

    Source: Pinch of Yum

    TJ’s Ingredient: Sweet Chili Thai Sauce

    Source: One Lovely Life

    TJ’s Ingredient: Coconut aminos

    Source: Food Heaven Made Easy

    TJ’s Ingredient: Everything But The Bagel Seasoning

    Source: 40 Aprons

    TJ’s Ingredient: Jackfruit

    Source: Love & Lemons

    TJ’s Ingredient: Frozen seafood mix

    Source: Budget Bytes

    TJ’s Ingredient: Coconut sugar

    Source: Cookie + Kate

    TJ’s Ingredient: Pimento cheese

    Source: The Kitchenista Diaries

    TJ’s Ingredient: Cruciferous cabbage mix

    Source: All The Healthy Things

    TJ’s Ingredient: Dark chocolate PB cups

    Source: Gimme Some Oven

    TJ’s Ingredient: Cauliflower gnocchi

    Source: A Saucy Kitchen

    TJ’s Ingredients: Beef bone broth

    Source: The Defined Dish

    TJ’s Ingredient: Vegan cream cheese

    Source: Minimalist Baker

    TJ’s Ingredient: Quinoa spaghetti

    Source: Foolproof Living More

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    The Trader Joe’s Staples I’ve Relied on During Quarantine

    I haven’t had Taco Bell in 46 days.
    I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Wow Beth, this is big!” and you’re right. I hate cooking. Absolutely despise it. But I’m also on a ~journey~ of sorts to learn how to cook things that make me feel fabulous (because my rotation of ramen and Taco Tuesday is getting a little stale), so I’ve had to do some digging to find things that were easy to make, didn’t require a million ingredients (read: a bunch of trips to the store during a pandemic), and weren’t filled with excess sodium and sugar.
    Like many of us, I turned to Trader Joe’s for my grocery shopping the majority of the pandemic thus far. It’s the safest grocery store in my area (carts are always sanitized, only a select number in the store at a time, etc.), and it feels like a treat and a hint of normalcy to make my weekly trip. Here are a few of the staples that I’ve relied on the last few months of cooking at home: 

    Pre-Cooked Chicken Breast
    I don’t have time to make grilled chicken every week, especially considering it’s one of the two proteins I ever eat (I am super picky, please don’t judge me). At the beginning of quarantine, I would talk myself out of having a salad or wrap for lunch because I didn’t meal prep enough chicken on Sundays. Now, I just buy this and keep it in a storage container for the week to eat from. I also love adding this into stir-frys, pasta dishes, and bowls to make my meals more filling.

    These came straight from my freezer because I could not wait to eat them! 

    Riced Cauliflower Stir-Fry
    I used to buy the chicken fried rice stir fry and the frozen cauliflower rice to mix together, and while I still love that, I’ve been purchasing this more often. For one, it takes up way less space in my tiny, tiny freezer, but I also love the flavor and never miss “real” rice. I feel good every time I eat this, and it is beyond easy to make. My current favorite meal is a bowl of this, some chicken breast, and a couple of Chicken Cilantro Mini Wontons!

    Chicken Cilantro Mini Wontons
    Like I said, these are a go-to for me with the Cauliflower Rice Stir-Fry. I love to dip them in a little bit of TJ’s Coconut Aminos (a good alternative to soy sauce if you’re trying to lower your sodium intake!) as an easy dinner that keeps me full all night. 

    Banana Trek Mix
    If you’re a banana-hater, don’t be scared of these. When I first tried them, I was actually a little bummed because you can’t taste the banana in them at all. They’re seasoned really well and have the perfect crunch. Work-from-home has truly brought out the snacker in me; I feel like I’m hungry all day long, and it’s absolutely because my desk is ever-so-strategically placed right next to my kitchen. I’ve been keeping a bag of this by my desk, and a couple little bites every now and then keeps me from going back and forth to the kitchen all day long.

    Sugar Snap Peas
    These are one of my favorite snacks of all time. I’m a major chip eater (you’re about to see below), but I know if I keep too many in my apartment, I will eat them all in a mere sitting. I snag these every time I’m at TJ’s because they’re a mindful snack I can eat at my desk and feel good about. The crunch is perfect, and I love pairing them with hummus or my other favorite dip from TJ’s (again, see below). 

    Spicy Cheese Curls
    I would literally die for Flaming Hot Cheetos. I’m not kidding, my body absolutely punishes me every single time I eat them. I was always unsure about grabbing these from TJ’s, but they’re a new staple in my kitchen. They’re baked, not fried, so I can eat a quarter of the bag and feel full and satisfied without feeling gross afterward. Whenever I make sandwiches for lunch, you can bet I add a handful of these to my plate.

    Bamba Peanut Snacks
    Peanut butter is quite possibly my favorite food on this earth, but it took me a really long time to try these. I. AM. OBSESSED. Did you read that like I am screaming because I am. These are filled with protein, so I actually feel full when I snack on these and rarely have the urge to mindlessly eat the whole bag (note that I said rarely). I have a very minimal sweet tooth, so these suffice as the perfect treat at the end of the day for me.

    White Meat Chicken Salad
    My dad makes the best chicken salad ever, so while I was at home during the first part of quarantine, I had the luxury of his cooking at my fingertips. Then, I came back to Chicago, remembered how much I hate cooking, and went on a bit of a roll ordering take out, especially when it came to busy days and lunch time. I tried this chicken salad from Trader Joe’s and never looked back! My go-to lunch on a workday is a little bit of this on two slices of bread, a chip variety, and a giant glass of water. Am I a beacon of health or what?

    Chili Lime Chicken Burgers
    Cooking dinner during quarantine has been a challenge. OMG, I made it through yet another dreary day of doing the exact same thing? I deserve a treat! Keeping weeknights special without going to happy hours and seeing friends has really fallen on ordering Uber Eats or making the same pasta dish every night. I snagged these on a recent trip, and they give me all those feels that I’m eating something exciting and different, but they’re so good. I like to top mine with a little cheese and my favorite spicy ranch, and they’re delicious. 

    Butternut Squash Spirals 
    I’m doing just about anything to get some extra veggies in my diet, and this is my new favorite creation. I spread these out on a baking sheet with a little bit of olive oil and season with pepper, garlic powder, and a little crushed red pepper (I like it spicy), and bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes, flipping half-way through. They get crispy and taste similar to sweet potato fries! I love pairing these with one of the Chili Lime Burgers or with my other new obsession … 

    Turkey Corn Dogs
    Do I have the palate of a 12 year old? Basically. My brother got my addicted to corn dogs a few months ago, and these are a slightly healthier version. I love these as a lunch or for those nights I just want to watch a nostalgic movie and feel like a kid. 

    Mini Chicken Tacos
    Y’all, I live in the frozen section of Trader Joe’s. Is it the healthiest thing I could eat? No, but it’s a step up from the other things I could make in my arsenal. These are really filling, and the entire package lasts me a few meals. I’ll pair them with some salsa to dip for a casual Taco Tuesday that requires seriously zero effort.

    Smoked Turkey Breast
    I get all of my lunch meat from Trader Joe’s because it’s delicious, organic, and doesn’t require me to awkwardly speak to the person working the deli because I never know what to ask for. (Once, I asked for 3 lbs of Havarti cheese not realizing that is a giant amount of cheese for just myself because I don’t necessarily remember measurements from math class.) I always either get the Smoked Turkey Breast or the regular Oven Roasted Turkey Breast. Regardless, they’re both delicious and so easy for sandwiches and wraps! 

    Cauliflower Jalapeno Dip
    This is a very new find for me, but I absolutely love it. It’s not super spicy, which is great for those who hate spice and just means I add extra jalapenos because I prefer my mouth to be on fire at all times. This dip is super creamy. I love it with my sugar snap peas or baby carrots, or with pita chips. I also just tried it in a wrap with chicken and veggies, and that was delicious. I will buy this for eternity. More

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    Carbs Aren’t the Enemy—These Healthy Recipes Prove It

    Can you eat a healthy diet and still eat carbs? Well, to be fair, part of that depends on your definition of “healthy,” but experts suggest that you should focus on the quality of what you’re eating, rather than trying to cut them out entirely, according to Harvard Men’s Health Watch. Carbs definitely have a place in my diet, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about trying to make good choices—at least, much of the time. If you, like me, don’t feel like cutting out carbs is right for you, but you still want to eat healthy, try one of these 22 recipes, which prove that healthy recipes with carbs are totally possible—and absolutely delicious.

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