Use These 5 Resistance Band Moves To Ease Knee Pain

Niggling knee pain can make it hard to keep up your exercise habit, even if you aren’t running marathons. These resistance band knee exercises could help. They strengthen the joint so your knees can cope better with the demands of your workouts.

Where does knee pain from exercise come from?

Typically, knee pain from exercise occurs when the muscles and joints are overused, leading to pain either during or after the workout. You’re not alone: one estimate is that about 25% of adults experience knee pain. Among women, the number is higher and affects around 30% of female runners and is called runner’s knee.

How to ease knee pain

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How these resistance band knee exercises work

the next. Do two to three rounds in

1. Standing Knee Extension

2. Clam

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3. Lying Knee Extension

4. Sumo Side Walks

5. Standing Adduction

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