This Healthy Cauliflower Risotto Is A Winter Dream

A classic, cosy way to cook rice, the risotto stands out not only as a filling and delicious dish but as a veritable winter warmer. And this healthy cauliflower risotto ticks all the boxes.

This recipe, from Executive Chef Kerry Kilpin’s new offering at Steenberg Wine Farm’s Bistro Sixteen82 winter menu, nails it.

The new winter menu at Bistro Sixteen82, curated by Kilpin, embodies the essence of winter comfort. Featuring an array of fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients, the menu includes highlights such as umami-glazed Cape Bream and heart-warming desserts like Valrhona chocolate marquise, promising a sensory feast that celebrates the best of what the colder months have to offer.

But if you can’t make it to the lush foothills of the Steenberg valley, Chef Kilpin has this healthy cauliflower risotto recipe to cosy you up.

The key to a perfect risotto

Use the right rice

A short-to-medium grain rice does well and absorbs the liquid, making it velvety and rich. Another tip: don’t wash the rice beforehand – you want that extra starch to create a good, rich texture.

Go slowly

Per Jamie Oliver, cook your risotto slowly on low heat. Also add your broth in ladles: this gives the rice time to absorb each spoonful of broth, slowly plumping up that grain.

Pay attention

Like the perfect scrambled egg, you can’t leave a risotto unattended. Stir frequently to prevent the dish from sticking to the bottom of the pan and make sure the rice never dries out.

Healthy Cauliflower, Corn & Bacon Risotto

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