Everyone Will Love These 3 Healthy Recipes For Ramadan

Refresh your dinner repertoire with these nutritious, healthy recipes during the month of Ramadan.

Cariema Isaacs – South African cookbook author now based in Dubai – shares some of her favourite recipes from her book .

“The best way to describe Cape Malay cuisine is possibly to say that we prefer our food well balanced when it comes to spices. Therefore our curries are also known to be spicy, but not fiery hot,” says Cariema.

“My first lessons as a child helping my grandmother cook were about finding that balance. She maintained that our senses are meant to be awakened by the subtle flavours, which become pronounced with every bite. Thus, at a very early age, I understood the tastes derived from cumin and coriander, the pungency of fennel, cloves and star anise, and the piquancy of chilli powder, cayenne pepper and masala blends.”

“The health benefits derived from spices are the true treasures… The warm saffron milk I drank at bedtime as a child, ushering me into a peaceful sleep; the concoction of turmeric and oil applied directly to the skin for my cuts and grazes; and the ginger-infused, honey tea given to me when my throat was sore.”

Cariema also swears by ginger tea. “Ginger can promote perspiration, which can help lower body temperature – helpful when treating colds and flu. This process also helps the body get rid of toxins. Ginger tea can be made by adding a pinch of ground ginger to one cup boiling water and can help in the treatment of digestive disorders.”

My Beloved Gobi Masala

“I’ve always maintained that if I were ever to give up meat, I could happily survive on cauliflower. I happened upon this recipe during my visit to Mumbai and found a local restaurant in Dubai that makes a mean gobi masala. The sauce is really luscious and fragrant and perfect to have with Indian naan bread.”

Cauliflower Spiced Curry

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Sanju’s Sri Lankan Beetroot Curry

“Did you know that most households in Sri Lanka only use clay pots for cooking? According to my friend Sanju, using clay pots is known to be a healthier method of cooking and allows the dish to retain its purest form of flavour. I managed to bring home some cooking utensils after my visit to Sri Lanka, but my clay pot  is by far one of my most treasured finds.”

Sri Lankan Beetroot Curry

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#mydubai Bowl

“There is a hashtag that was introduced in Dubai a few years ago which aims to promote the vibrancy and diversity of this city. Soon the hashtag was accompanied by another hashtag, #mydubailife. As the hashtags suggest, it’s really about the things we so adore about our beautiful city and a life we have come to make here.”

#MyDubai Bowl




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