Why it’s important to know what this astrological change has in store


In essence, March marks the beginning of new energies and a new astrological year, and you will soon feel things are just getting started. As you move into 2023 with greater wisdom, some may embrace the enormity of change right on your doorstep, but others may struggle. Let’s dive deeper.

Firstly, the Universe now ensures we have left the past well and truly behind as the stars have finished clearing away any debris from 2022.

The enormous forces of Saturn and Pluto are now on the move, signalling the dawn of a new era. On 7 March, responsible Saturn will enter dreamy Pisces, where he will be until 2026 but the biggest news in astrology since 2008 is Pluto’s move into Aquarius on 23 March. He will reside in this house for the next 21 years!

Pluto in Aquarius is charged with the total transformation of society. He is tearing down outdated ideologies, but it offers relief in many ways. Since January 2008, Pluto had previously been intent on wrecking financial and institutional havoc in Capricorn. You may want to look back and reflect. What had the power or control over you during that time? Your career or company? An authoritative parent? A long-term partner who told you what to do and how to act? Did your assets and commitments tie you up? What did you have to fight to overcome?

When Pluto moves into Aquarius toward the end of March, he starts to leave behind his autocratic influence and will focus on transforming data, science, health and technology.
Expect to see more tightening around cyber security and financial transactions. Protection of your online identity will also become more critical. Who has your information?

We are being asked to change how we look at the world and ourselves deep down. Pluto will very likely bring shock value into your life to force change upon you. Look to the house topics that Pluto is sitting in and see how he will also affect you personally, so you have a contingency.

Were you born between 1993 and 1996? You are about to begin your Saturn Return starting in Pisces. Over the next 28-30 years: discipline is key; slow down and work through things systematically. You will be tested based on lessons given to you over the first three decades. Karmic debt is at play. Those without a voice can now expect to shine. Some will experience issues around loss, isolation, hidden enemies, secret love affairs and matters of their self-undoing. Listen to your intuition but choose wisely, as Saturn will make you responsible for your actions. Pisces is famous for escapism, but Saturn may well hand down a lesson this time. Safely navigate choppy waters by listening to those who have been there before and who offer the most empathy in times of difficulty.

Saturn in Pisces dives deeper into all our intentions. He is transiting through a mutable sign, so you won’t always know how to act or what to expect and he can be mentally manipulative in this transit. You may waiver this way and that. It could be that you need some techniques, tactics, or training. If you feel lost, don’t discount a life coach until early 2025 to help you get through in one piece. Saturn returns one last time in Capricorn from mid-June for six months to see if we have learnt our last lesson.

This is so dramatic; I hear you say. But it needs to be heard. To stay focused, you need to know the long game: 2026 will be very telling.

Saturn in Pisces will love how cool-headed Pluto operates with such totality so is eager to help by setting down non-negotiable terms and conditions for everyone to follow. Together, their energies shout, “respect me”.

Together, they will freeze out resistance and anyone against inevitable change. You’d be wise to set down your own non-negotiable rules if you don’t want to remain stuck or worse, become irrelevant. You likely won’t get a second chance as big as this during your lifetime.

Society will have to deal with rapid advancements in this age of digital age and that of artificial intelligence. A spotlight will also shine on companies and careers in mental health, and spiritual practices, as well as pharmaceutical companies and alternative medicines which come into their own. Expect more concern about those in confinement, are they being helped or hindered? It looks like more holistic, empathetic practices need to be looked at. Those with careers in water management, marine biology, aquaculture, and aquarists will be in the spotlight. Hydrologists will hold the key to a critical key to the future of society. How can we save our oceans and, life on earth?

Artificial Intelligence will be the new control mechanism and we will no longer know whom to point the finger at. This pattern started to emerge over the past three years when Saturn transited through Aquarius when he forced us to look at the rapid advancement of science and technology and understand its enormous transformative powers.

Watch for news around 17 March in relation to writing, music, cinema, or a deep emotional tie. You may be struggling behind closed doors, but the planets are trying to kickstart a new direction for you. Things, that said, are currently out of your hands.

Venus in Aries is now knocking on lucky Jupiter’s doorstep so will help out. This is a fortuitous aspect. This energy should bring short-term pleasure, success, abundance, and even personal recognition! Out of the blue, something good has come or is coming your way. It offers you more freedom of expression. See, it’s this way and then that!

Mercury in Pisces will soon be in Cazimi, you will know this Arabic word meaning ‘in the heart of the Sun’. It indicates a joyful announcement is soon upon you. Oh no, wait, Mercury still needs to talk to Jupiter in Aries before giving you the green light to announce something publicly. Can you wait until early or mid-May?

Now get to work on your game plan. The Universe is waiting to help you.

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