Robots to soon issue your boarding pass in Dubai if you’re flying Emirates


With Dubai constantly staying ahead of the curve in aviation, robots are amongst the latest to take the lead at Emirates.

The Dubai carrier on deploying over 200 robots in the next couple of years for the check-in systems. A portable intelligent device, named Sarah will be placed near check-in counters in the Dubai International Airport Emirates terminal.

At a recent showcase event entitled “FORSA TEK”, organized by the Emirates Group on Thursday, the latest product innovation and technological advancements were released to the public.

Topics related to robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other new-age developments were touched upon including the soon-to-implement robot check-in technologies.

Designed with its human-like etiquette, this technology is already fully functional and available, with more details regarding the volume of units and price point to be revealed later.

“I think we are the first airline globally to introduce or plan to introduce a portable check-in robot,” said Emirates’ Chief Operating Officer Adel Al Redha

“The robot can complete the passenger’s check-in processes, including issuing a boarding pass, which will be sent to the travellers’ registered mobile number or e-mail,” Al Redha further conveyed.

By always innovating in the industry Dubai airport also introduced a host of biometric contactless pathways at Terminal 3 in Dubai Airport. With facial and iris recognition supporting all immigration facilities, passengers could have a seamless travel experience.

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