Ramen: 5 lip-smacking hot spots in Dubai to enjoy this Japanese soul food

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Trailblazing taste from the best ramen bowls in the city.

In the September Issue of we narrow down the quaint corners to enjoy this Japanese delicacy.


Kinoya offers a unique dining experience inspired by the fusion of two Japanese culinary traditions: ramen and izakaya. Renowned as one of the city’s top destinations for indulging in hearty bowls of ramen, this establishment in The Greens Souk started as a supper club and has now expanded into a permanent restaurant. You can choose to sit at the lively teppanyaki bar, unwind on the inviting terrace, or cosy up in an intimate dining room.The menu features an array of five distinct ramen variations, each with its own dedicated fan base. This chef’s specialty encompasses a harmonious blend of slow-cooked chicken broth infused with dashi, complemented by seared chicken and crowned with a rich mayu topping.


If you seek a culinary journey that embraces tradition and innovation, YUi Ramen House in downtown D3 awaits you. The name itself, meaning ‘only one’ in Japanese, promises a unique encounter with the authentic flavours of Japan. Handcrafted ramen noodles, lovingly made inhouse and entirely vegan, embody the essence of freshness without any compromise on taste. Each bite leaves a lasting memory, as carefully selected Japanese ingredients blend harmoniously with the finest local produce.


Embrace the art of solo dining at Ichiryu Ramen House in the heart of Dubai’s Wasl Port Views Building 7. Step into a world of authentic Japanese dining, where you’ll be whisked away to the vibrant streets of Japan without leaving the city. As you enter, you’ll find yourself ushered into your private oasis — the Bocchi Seki – a secluded booth where introverts can savour their ramen in blissful solitude. Treat your taste buds to the much-celebrated Midori Paitan, a luscious blend of flavours that weave into perfection. Or perhaps, savour the Aka Paitan Ramen, a fiery symphony of broth and toppings that ignite your palate with every mouthful.


Prepare to be enchanted by the arrival of Michelin-starred splendour, as Konjiki Hototogisu graces Dubai all the way from Tokyo. The buzz on social media echoes the excitement surrounding this culinary gem, tucked away on the second floor of Mall of the Emirates. Feast upon the soul satisfying Shoyu, enriched with the brand’’s famous chicken broth and clam tare, or relish the comforting embrace of the Shio. The delight extends beyond ramen, with a delightful selection of light bites and izakaya dishes that paint a tapestry of flavours on your palate.


In the midst of Dubai’s bustling culinary scene, Daikan Ramen in JLT stands tall as a beacon of delicious simplicity. From soulwarming soy-based broths to delectable miso renditions, their range of ramen is unparalleled. Customise your bowl with an array of mouthwatering toppings, for a symphony of flavours. Crispy bao buns and scrumptious bites like takoyaki octopus croquettes and gyoza add an extra touch of delight to your ramen experience.

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