Body Fwrd Founder Kenzie Burke on the importance of nourishing within

As launches her first Body Fwrd challenge today, “The Cusp” podcast host, BRÛLÉ designer, and wellness expert shares with what kickstarted her passion in wellness, overcoming challenges and the importance of “feeding” your skin.

Tell us about the concept behind Body Fwrd.

Body Fwrd brings forth practices around food and living in a cleansed body. Using the power of food to clear and cleanse the body to have the space to move forward, with clarity and light energy. I have committed to true transformation, doing the hard work, overcoming myself, and awakening on a spiritual level. I have created Body Fwrd to give the world tools and practices to unleash the core of who you are, transform yourself through nutritional healing, create a balanced mindset, and challenge you to be disciplined to make choices that will help you cultivate the life you truly want to live. Body Fwrd is for those who want to live an elevated life and take the journey towards becoming the very best versions of themselves. It is the home for those who are here for true transformation. Here, we show up, do the hard work, and overcome ourselves daily. As a health and wellness expert and multifaceted entrepreneur, I am here to share the life-transforming nutritional information that has grown from decades of experience, knowledge, and understanding. And no… it’s not only about food! Body Fwrd is the deep dive into the pillars of nutrition that contain the power to transform our lives entirely. What we use to fuel ourselves impacts us in every way – our physical bodies, emotional health, and spiritual balance. Your body is your home; the cleaner it is, the more space you have. Physically and mentally. I have been on a path of improvement my entire life but specifically dove into the power of nutrition, improving and evolving my ways of nourishment since 2018. It hasn’t only been about food and the more I have committed to true transformation, doing the hard work, overcoming myself, and awakening on a spiritual level, the more I have deepened my practices around food and living in a cleansed body. I created my eating method based on realizing that we are meant to clean and clear out the body and live in a cleansed state. It is our birthright to feel abundant, clear, and healthy and create an environment that can thrive. Not one that is prone to illness and disease, and we should all be proud and love the body we live in. We have normalized being sick, eating rubbish, applauding, and hopping on and off different, trendy ways of eating. But I wholeheartedly believe that we are meant to live and embody a cleansed state. We are energetic beings; what you put into your body, the energy and people you have around you, the thoughts you think – these things live inside of us. I look at my body this way: you wouldn’t leave dishes in your sink for weeks, forget to vacuum your rug, or never do your laundry. You want your physical house to be ‘clean’; otherwise, it would affect your life. Your body is no different.

“Here, we show up, do the hard work, and overcome ourselves daily.”

Your visuals are stunning – do you create them yourself?

I do! I have a photographer who has worked with me through all the seasons of my entrepreneurship journey – and it is cool to see how we have evolved throughout the years. But, as far as the images that are not of me – I take them! I love visuals, a vibe, and good branding. All my visuals for Body Fwrd are the easiest for me to create. Body Fwrd is my lifestyle. Every picture and moment is taken in real time as I am about to eat, move my body, do meditation, and the list goes on. My strongest sense of Human Design is ‘taste’. I think that plays a role in creating beautiful environments, visuals, food dishes, the way I dress… I am a natural-born tastemaker.

You previously built a business around food and wellness then left it. How did you come to a place where it felt right for you again?

I built a business in food and wellness and then left it entirely. I resisted it. But I also resisted my own power and had (and am overcoming) an addiction to pain. I self-sabotaged and dimmed my own light quite a bit, and doing this to my old wellness business was a part of that pattern. What many people don’t know is that I went through a massive amount of pain and endured a very dark time after doing that to my business. I cut myself off from making money, I had an entire company that I had put my all into, an assistant, and a large following who supported me, and I left all of that. It was not fun. Not empowering, and it hurt. This result stemmed from my childhood — dimming my own light, not letting myself receive goodness, love, and money without pain. But launching Body Fwrd has unblocked me in more ways than any words could express. Through Body Fwrd I am freeing myself from myself. I have felt this deep sense of frustration ever since I can remember. I have embarked on ten million career journeys, travel, and moved houses, cities, and states. Yet… I would still feel it. And it frustrated me because it does not and has not felt like mine anymore, and I know I can live without it. With Body Fwrd, instead of searching for the next thing and creating something new, I have turned inward and got to the root of where this is stemming from. I have been suppressing myself, not letting myself fully step into my voice, knowledge, and potential. Anyone who has followed me for the last four years has seen the forward motion and journey I have been on of deep soul searching, career searching, etc. All along, there was a knock that would not stop. It just got louder and louder and the more I pushed it down, the more trapped I felt. The ‘body’ and nutritional healing aspect of my life is such a massive part of who I am and my life. I have reached the most embodied version of my body (through diet, cleansing, clearing the body, mind, and life choices). I know so much about the body and how to clear the vessel so we can move forward with clarity, self-love, and feeling embodied in our bodies. How did I know it was time to step back into the wellness world? First, I had to stop resisting. I had to stop the nagging. It was jaw-locking me and my life, and I want to move forward each day, freely in my work and my life.

“…launching Body Fwrd has unblocked me in more ways than any words could express. With Body Fwrd, instead of searching for the next thing and creating something new, I have turned inward and got to the root of where this is stemming from.”

How important is food and the way we eat it to our skin?

I believe your internal reflects your external. Sure, you can use fancy creams, get facials, Botox, do all the things. However, nothing could compare to the sparkle in your eye from a healthy internal state. Food is a powerful tool we can use and harness to not only create how we feel but also how we look. Nourishing with hydrating fruits, colourful vegetables, good water and making that a daily priority will show on the external. I am such a ‘deep diver’, and as each year goes by, I learn more. I do deeper cleanses. I expand my knowledge and transform my ways of eating and living. With each year that goes by, my skin has been reverse ageing. And I feel that the older I get, the better I look. This is a result of how I eat, my wellness practices, and my dedication to my spiritual practices – the internal shows on the external.

Where do you get the motivation to be consistent and are there any practices which have helped you with this?

I have always been striving and dedicated to growth, evolution, and transformation. I have been like this ever since I could remember. Some of this is my innate personality and the other part is that I have always known the kind of life I want to live, the results I want to experience, the kind of people I want as my friends, the places I want to live in, the entrepreneur I want to be, the kind of wife and mother I hope to be. I have had to create this life for myself. I was born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin. I am the pattern breaker in my family. So, I have had to be disciplined and motivated to grow and evolve from a young age. If you want different results, you must have habits, routines, and rituals to help you create the life you want to live and embody the person you want to be. All the practices that I embody and that help me will be expressed through my sharings with Body Fwrd. I suggest you follow along because I have a lot to give!

What do you avoid in terms of lifestyle to ensure you have the most balanced skin?

I avoid processed food including sugar, poor sleep patterns, and stress. I avoid anything that brings me down and does not feel energizing or good to my mind, soul, or life. Life ebbs and flows, but I try my best to remain balanced because I know that how you feel internally is what shows externally.

If you had to pick three hero products for skin, what would they be?

Agent Nateur, Barefaced, and Standard Self Care.

This is The Skin Issue – what does it mean to be comfortable in your own skin?

It’s having a deep respect for yourself, which translates to self-love. The more work and effort I put into my evolution, the more comfortable I feel in my own skin. We all want to feel good not only in our skin but also in our day-to-day life. When you respect yourself and take the time and effort to nourish your body, move, sleep, meditate, expand your knowledge, work hard, apologize when you mess up, confront the hard conversations, and have compassion for the people around you, you build a strong foundation that deepens the relationship you have with yourself. Being comfortable in my own skin is extremely important to me – I want to live my life as an embodied human being, and that is my ‘why’ each and every day.

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