8 Essentials You Need for Your Everything Shower

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m quick to hop on the latest TikTok trend. The 12-3-30 workouts, all the coastal cowgirl looks that I’ve been wearing on repeat so far this spring, the list could go on and on. When I recently came across the “everything shower” trend, I knew I had to give this one a go, too. 

If you’re wondering what on Earth the everything shower is, 1) I’m truly honored to be the one to enlighten you and 2) your life is about to be changed for good. The everything shower is exactly what it sounds like. It isn’t your normal routine, it’s a long, deep-cleaning shower that doubles as a luxury self-care practice. It can involve as many steps as you’d like—from dry brushing to scalp massaging. 

Now if you’re like me, this in-depth shower routine can seem a little intimidating. When I first started partaking in this ultimate self-care experience, I didn’t even know where to begin or what products to reach for. That was until I tried out Athena Club: the inspiration behind my everything shower practice.

Athena Club is a sustainable yet affordable self-care and wellness brand that caught my attention a few months ago at Target and has had me in a chokehold ever since. They offer many high-quality, impulse-purchase-worthy products that are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are effective. (Plus, right now, we’re giving you yet another excuse to hit “add to cart” because you can snag 25% off your first Athena Club purchase on us by using code EVERYGIRL!) After using their Razor Kit, Cloud Shave Foam, Dewy Body Lotion, and Creamy Body Wash, I knew I found my starting lineup for my regimen. 

Athena Club

Razor Kit

Introducing, the everything shower’s star of the show: Athena Club’s award-winning Razor Kit. A buttery smooth shave is 100% guaranteed every time with its effective, high-quality stainless steel blades and water-activated hyaluronic acid and shea butter serum strip that moisturizes and soothes with every glide.

Get 25% off your first purchase with code EVERYGIRL!

Athena Club’s shaving products are truly the crème de la crème of my everything shower. In honor of the silkiest, smoothest shave I’ve literally ever had, here is the rest of my head-to-toe everything shower routine to help guide yours:

For the mood:

I always start my everything shower by setting the vibes. I love making a real moment of it because honestly, I deserve some true self-care time (if I do say so myself). Whether you do something as simple as putting on your favorite playlist (Taylor Swift, do your thing, girl) or invest in some products that can make your bathroom an oasis, this step is crucial for making your everything shower stand out from your typical in-and-out rinse off. 

Fresh Eucalyptus

I can’t think of a better way to get some serious aromatherapy than by hanging some fresh eucalyptus on your shower head. (If that’s not your thing, you can also throw some shower steamers into your tub for some spa-like smells.)

Athena Club

Natural Wax Candle

Then, I dim the lights and light a candle. Athena Club’s Natural Wax Candle is the one I turn to again and again for a soothing smell and ambiance.

Waterproof Speaker

Last, but certainly not least, I throw on some lofi music to really set the scene. JBL’s waterproof speaker is small but very mighty.

For the body:

Before I dive into my everything shower, I grab a dry brush and gently massage my skin—starting at my feet moving upwards and towards my heart. ICYMI: using a dry brush exfoliates and improves your skin texture while increasing blood flow and promoting lymphatic drainage. Our wellness editor swears by this step and since I’ve incorporated it into my own routine, I’ve become a forever fan.

Dry Brush

I personally love this one from OSEA since it’s easy to hold with its comfortable handle and wide brush head. I don’t have to worry about it slipping, sliding, or falling out of my hand.

For the silkiest shave of my life:

Once I hop into my shower at a modest 500 degrees, the real fun begins. After staring at the wall and contemplating life for a few minutes, I reach for one of the most effective products in my everything-shower regimen: Athena Club’s Razor Kit.

Athena Club made razors based on how people actually shave—and it shows. When I use this little guy, it glides with me on its easy-to-hold ergonomic handle and leaves me with the closest shave. If I’m being honest, I can be a bit of a clumsy shaver so I heavily rely on the built-in skin guards and they haven’t let me down. I never get any cuts or scrapes, even on those hard-to-shave places like the knees and ankles, when I’m using this razor. When I first saw the price, I didn’t expect to be this impressed but I can honestly say it’s gained a permanent spot in my shower lineup.

To really get the full experience, pair your Razor Kit with their Cloud Shave Foam, Dewy Body Lotion, and Creamy Body Wash that left my legs feeling smooth as can be. Plus, Athena Club just launched in Target which makes getting your fix easier than ever (or, if your vibe is a 25% off discount, head to their website and use code EVERYGIRL to get 25% off of your first purchase online).

Athena Club

Razor Kit

Athena Club’s Razor Kit not only does the absolute most when it comes to shaving, but it looks beautiful hanging on its easily-accessible magnetic hook that keeps your razor in tip-top shape—without getting slimey and gross.

Get 25% off your first purchase with code EVERYGIRL!

For the scalp:

Now, it’s time for one of the most underrated parts of my routine and a step I can’t believe I lived so long without—a scalp scrub. If you’re looking to remove build-up and purify your scalp and hair while giving it a good shine, adding a scalp scrub into your lineup is a great place to start. It’s as easy as one, two, three: Gently scrub this product into your scalp, wash it evenly throughout your hair, then follow it up with your normal rinse and lather with your go-to shampoo and conditioner.

Scalp Scrub

NEXXUS’ Clean and Pure scrub is loved by many—and for good reason. One of my favorite features is that even though it’s a deep scrub, it doesn’t contain any sulfates, parabens, or dyes so you know it works with all hair types and colors.

For the feet:

Every everything shower needs the full head-to-toe treatment. Using a sole smoother gives my soles a much-needed refresh by exfoliating and removing calluses. First, I soak my feet and then gently massage the bottom of my feet with the coarse side of the stick before flipping the stick to smooth. 


Sole Smoother

Tweezerman’s Sole Smoother is easy to hold and use with its long handle. Plus, unlike many other pedicure tools, this one is fully waterproof making it everything shower-approved.

For the face:

I like to keep the good vibes going even after I turn off my shower head. I always wrap up my everything shower practice by applying my favorite overnight face mask to help lock in moisture and set myself up for a glow that keeps on giving. My skincare goals in life are to look like a glazed donut after I apply all of my products, and trust me, this stuff gets the job DONE. 

Overnight Face Mask

Laneige’s Cica Sleeping Mask has been my trusty go-to the past few months whenever I need an overnight refresh. I always wake up looking more glowy, moisturized, and hydrated than I did the day before (and it locks that hydration in for days after I used it)! Talk about a deep moisturizer.

This post is sponsored by Athena Club, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.



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