Saudi Arabia officially bans the abaya in exam halls


Saudi Arabia has seen numerous changes in the last few years, from opening cinemas to women being granted the right to drive.

All female students will now need to abide by school uniform regulations during the examination period, by still adhering to the decency regulations for clothing.

As per the latest announcement by the along with the Ministry of Education, female students will no longer be allowed to wear the abaya in exam halls.

This government organization is responsible for the planning, evaluation, assessment and accreditation of educational and training systems in the Kingdom.

Previously in 2018, an announcement pertaining to the abaya no longer being legally enforced for women in the country, however, they have still continued to wear them until now.

The reformation comes to keep in line with the nation’s 2030 vision that promotes women as an important part of the Kingdom’s strength. It aims to develop their talents, invest their energies, and provide them with the right opportunities to build their futures, contributing to the development of society.

Other changes

In recent times, more Saudi females have been appointed to top jobs, women are allowed to use government services without a male guardian’s consent, permits for the go-ahead of women’s gyms have been granted and women are able to secure driving licenses the news of which has been celebrated globally.

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