Why Your Post-Workout Meal Is Just As Important As Your Workout, According to a Nutritionist and PT

That post-workout meal that you choose actually has a much larger effect on how your muscles recover – thank you might think. And choosing the right post-sweat snack can help reduce that pain from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness that you feel as you climb out of bed the next morning.

But how exactly does that work? And how do you actually choose a meal that might make those muscle aches and pains subside? Well, we have the answers, so you finally know how and what you should be fuelling up on after your sweat sesh.

But first, we need to school you on the science of muscle recovery. And here to teach you, is

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What *is* recovery?

So you can see why gym bros rush home to down their protein powders after their leg day; they are trying to optimise the amount of anabolic growth, or muscle building that happens. Because when you understand these processes and your overall metabolism, you may be able to manipulate your body weight.

That’s also why recovery and rest is so vital to helping you achieve your goals. “Too little rest and your body becomes catabolic, breaking down muscle tissue,” sports therapist Barry Sigrist previously told . But there are many other elements to recovery, too.

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How does nutrition play a role in muscle recovery?

If you’re more of a visual person, this is what Candice means:

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So which macronutrients matter most after you’ve done a workout?

In a 2007 paper from the Journal of the , researchers found that ingesting carbohydrates with protein following exercise increases growth hormone levels  to a greater extent than when compared to ingesting protein alone. The researchers stated that this led to a more favourable anabolic environment. for growth and recovery. So that’s why digging into a single chicken breast post-workout might not be the best idea, carbs are your friend here.

How long after your workout should you eat?

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What is the perfect recovery ratio to look for in a post-workout meal?

“For example, a runner would use a 2:1 ratio but a rugby player would use a 4:1 ratio.”

How can you put this into practice?

Luckily, there is a very tasty way to get the nutrients you need after you’ve closed your workout ring at gym.

We know, ? Chocolate milk!

One great option is First Choice High Protein Recovery Milk. It has a ratio of 2:1 with 22g of protein and 22g carbohydrates

Plus, major soccer clubs like

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But what does our sports nutritionist and personal trainer say? 

Some other snacks from Candice that you could try are: 1



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