Your guide to salaries in the UAE for 2021

As the job market scenario changed drastically due to the COVID-19 effects, according to a new survey of UAE companies, new employees should expect a slight reduction of two per cent in their salaries next year due to the ongoing impact affecting various organisations.

While keenly studying market trends and any financial changes, Cooper Fitch has released its annual salary guides for the Emirates as it conducted in-depth research into various companies. Amidst the results of the survey, the GCC-based recruitment agency understands that the majority of the organisations based in the UAE are not bound to expect a salary increase as the market still continues to recover from the pandemic effects.

According to Trefor Murphy, founder and CEO of Cooper Fitch, this is due to the continued effects of the pandemic.

“The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to ripple across the country, with a significant impact on the jobs market,” he said. “Despite the worldwide economic challenges, we believe the UAE is an extremely robust and resilient market with considerable bounce-back power.

“The emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are especially good at reinventing themselves and looking ahead to the next thing that will keep them relevant in the global market.”

However, as an increase in recruitment activity could possibly follow suit as companies in this part of the world continue to seek for renewed growth with two-thirds of respondents (67 per cent) were able to avoid enforcing redundancies in 2020.

Below is Cooper Fitch’s estimated guide to salaries in the UAE in 2021. You can download the full survey here.

2021 UAE Salary Guide

Between Dhs13,000 for entry-level employees to Dhs85,5o0 for experienced employees

Between Dhs11,000for entry-level employees to Dhs55,000 for experienced employees

Between Dhs10,000 for entry-level employees to Dhs90,000 for experienced employees

Between Dhs15,000 for entry-level employees to Dhs95,000 for experienced employees

Between  Dhs13,000 for entry-level employees to Dhs100,000 for experienced employees

Between Dhs14,500 for entry-level employees to Dhs40,000 for experienced employees

Between Dhs13,000 for entry-level employees to Dhs94,000 for experienced employees

Between Dhs8,000 for entry-level employeesto Dhs58,000 for experienced employees

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