10 Pieces Fashion Girls Are Wearing at Home This Season

It has now been 10+ months of gushing over tie-dye, jogger pants, and cozy knit. I don’t know if it’s the inner Carrie Bradshaw wannabe in me, but if I can’t get a change of scenery (thanks to staying at home), I at least want a change of wardrobe. It looks like the fashion bloggers and style stars are with me; the new year brought new trends that are still comfy enough to wear at home or updated versions of the items we’ve been lounging in since March. If you’re ready for a wardrobe upgrade too (or just want some seasonal trends you’ll actually wear), keep reading for the pieces fashion girls are wearing at home this season.

1. Neutral bike shorts

Bike shorts are here, and they’re better than ever. Not only are they extremely versatile and one of our favorite items to work out in, but in 2020, they became a wardrobe staple outside of the gym (or, you know, the yoga mat on your living room floor). In 2021, find them in neutral and monochrome colors instead of the bold prints we saw in the summer, and make them weather-appropriate with your go-to outerwear and waterproof boots.

2. Fitted bodysuits

Wardrobes that were once full of oversized sweatsuits at the beginning of stay-at-home have transitioned into more fitted silhouettes and body-hugging materials. The best part? Bodysuits can be just as comfortable as the same tee you’ve been wearing for months. Wear it tucked into denim or sweatpants and under a blazer for Zoom calls.

3. Colorful Knitwear

So the weather (and groundhog) still says winter, but fashion girls are clearly ready for spring (aren’t we all?). Personally, I’m longing for colors like baby blue, pastel pink, and light yellow to brighten up OOTDs. To work with the cold temperatures, style stars are opting for warm knits in spring colors. For bonus trend points, opt for colorful knit in sporty styles like a half-zip.

4. Plaid button-ups

Is it just my Instagram feed, or has an oversized plaid button-up become the most popular item this season? It’s like Blair Waldorf’s headband’s younger, cooler, and more casual cousin. The casual shirt could go lumberjack chic or I-Woke-Up-Like-This glam, depending on what you wear with it. Throw it over your sweatpants and a tee for a cozy outfit, or dress it up with jeans, booties, and jewelry.

5. Claw clips

Who knew that the accessory your mom used to wear when running errands in the ’90s would become the it-accessory today? Whether it’s tortoiseshell and plastic or metal and geometric, claw clips are not only the #1 hair trend of 2020, but will continue to be on-trend through 2021. Thank the fashion gods for making low-maintenance hairstyling officially cool. Toss hair in a half-up style or twist into a DIY french twist for a chic, effortless, and easy hairstyle that will make a statement.

6. Split leg pants

So long, skinny jeans! Can’t say I’ll miss you too much (but will still probably wear you whenever nights out become a thing again). While it’s early in the season, fashion girls everywhere are rocking the split leg pant so much, it might just be the trendiest pair of pants this year. Think of them like a slightly flared pant, with a slit up the front for a more elongating, flattering, and unique look. Find the split leg style in comfy black trousers or jeans you’ll want to wear all year long.

7. Blazers

OK, so blazers are always in style. But this season, fashion bloggers and style stars are less interested in blazers with their work uniforms and have been pairing them with athleisure instead. So next time you’re leaving the house and need a light jacket, throw your favorite blazer on top of your sweatsuit set or leggings and tee.

8. Matching sets

Speaking of matching sweatsuits sets, if my sweatpants don’t come with a matching sweatshirt that’s equally as cute, I don’t want it. To wear your sweatsuits the fashion-girl way, opt for colorful options or luxurious materials like knit, and pair with a long coat or jacket in an opposing color. You’ll be warm, comfy, and stylish until spring.

9. Loungewear Dresses

After almost a year of wearing the same leggings every day, it’s no surprise fashion girls are over the same boring pieces (aren’t you?). That’s why loungewear dresses are officially a thing (because why should leggings have all the fun?). Think: breathable but fitted dresses in buttery fabrics and comfortable materials that make you feel like you have nothing on at all. The dress will be so cozy, you’ll want to wear it every day, but will look so put-together, you’ll look like you’re expecting company (even if the only “company” you’ve had in 12 months is the pizza delivery).

10. Off-the-Shoulder Sweaters

If you haven’t gotten the idea yet, fashion girls are transforming winter basics to be a lot more interesting. The off-the-shoulder neckline is just as comfortable for lounging around the house as your favorite comfy knit, but adds a more unique detail and a little hint of skin (in case you happen to have a Zoom date later, if you know what I mean). Try it dressed up with a skirt or jeans, or wear it around the house with your go-to comfy pants.

What trends are you wearing this season?



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