This Rihanna lookalike is breaking the internet

We can definitely all agree there is only one Rihanna – a force to be reckoned with in the music industry; beauty and skincare extraordinaire; and fashion icon.

However, a recent doppelgänger of Rihanna’s has recently emerged on TikTok and honestly, she’s had us doing multiple double-takes as she looks that much like the Grammy Award-winning singer.

Priscila Beatrice – who is from Brazil – recently went viral on the social media platform after she hopped on a popular trend of showcasing the celebrity you look like.

The video went so viral, it even caught the attention of Rihanna herself.

Popular Instagram account, The Shade Room, reposted the video, where it garnered thousands of views and comments, including one from the Fenty Beauty founder.

“Where the album sis?” the singer commented on the video where Beatrice is dressed up exactly like the makeup mogul. Further trolling her fans, Rihanna added the hashtag #R9 in her comment, which refers to her next album – something her fans have been constantly asking about for the last four years since her last release.

Like anyone would be, the Rihanna doppelgänger was elated by the singer’s comment. Beatrice admitted on Instagram that she had been “crying with emotion” over the comment, adding that it was a “dream”. To be honest, we would be exactly the same.

However, while we know Rihanna was trolling us all when it comes to her ninth album, but we’re still not going to stop asking where it is…



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