The one with the ‘Friends’ official cookbook

Rachel’s meat trifle anyone?

When it feels like doom and gloom, you can always rely on an episode (or few) of to cheer you up. In fact, the famed TV show has been our companion throughout lockdown and like a trusty little black dress, it will never fall out of favour.

Chef Amanda Lee has taken her fandom one step further and created a 100 recipe cookbook inspired by the hit 90s show.

Approved by Warner Brothers, there are few hilarious throwbacks to disaster recipes including Rachel Green’s meaty take on a traditional English trifle dessert, as well as a variety of more palatable dishes like Joey’s meatball sub from ‘The One with the Ride-Along’ episode.

Alongside the recipe there are a few insider information and backstories on some of the episodes, an ideal read as you devour Phoebe’s grandmother’s chocolate-chip cookies – you know the one that was actually out of a Nestlé Toll House box.

With the  much-hyped reunion on hold till further notice, this is the next best thing.



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