Meghan Markle could have had Kate Middleton’s engagement ring

When Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer announced their engagement nearly 40 years ago, a big talking point was the gorgeous 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire engagement ring.

Two decades later, Prince William sealed their relationship with Kate Middleton using the sapphire sparkler making it the star of the show.

In late 2010 when Prince William popped the question to his then-girlfriend Kate Middleton, he had been carrying the ring around and revealed that it was the same one in the couple’s first interview after being engaged.

However, according to Prince Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell, upon Princess Diana’s tragic death it was Prince Harry who had actually inherited his mother’s engagement ring, meaning Meghan Markle could have had it.

But with the golden hear that Prince Harry has always been known to have, he later offered the ring to his elder brother so that he could propose to the now Duchess of Cambridge.

After their engagement, Kate had altered the ring with slight mortifications to the iconic piece to ensure a snug fit and since then has rarely been seen without being adorned with this timeless memory of the evergreen princess.

Meanwhile, when Harry proposed to Meghan, now the Duchess of Sussex, in 2017, he designed a ring with royal jewellers Cleave & Company which features a centre diamond from Botswana.

The centre diamond is also flanked by two other round diamonds from Diana’s personal jewellery collection, which is a symbol for the late princess always being with the couple on their journey through life together.

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