6 must-watch Ramadan TV series

While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected some Arab drama series, forcing them to postpone until next year, some Ramadan series are still airing.

So, we’ve rounded up six of our favourite series from Ramadan television that are airing throughout Holy Month.

Awlad Adam

Starring Magay Bou Ghosn and Maxim Khali, chronicles the intersecting relations between a popular media personality and a judge. Things come to a head after a detailed event reveals major repercussions for the main characters. Written by Rami Koussa, directed by Laith Hajjo.

Airs on on MTV Lebanon, and available on Shahid app.

El Haramlek

This historical drama follows how the Memluks went from being slaves in Egypt to rising up to ruling the country from 1513 to 1516, and how it affected the status of the nation. The series stars Sulafa M’mar, Jenny Esper, Basem Yakhour, Samer al-Masry and many other big names .

Airs on MBC Drama, mbc, LBC, Cairo and People channels. You can also watch it exclusively on Shahid.

Souq Al Harir

Starring Bassam Koussa, Qamar Khalaf, Nadine Tahsin Bek, Karis Bashar, Abdel Hadi Al-Sabbagh, Salloum Haddad, Fadi Sobeih, and Wafa Moussli,  tells a story about a man who has three wives and has a desire to marry a fourth.

Airs on MBC1 and LBC Also available on Shahid app.

Second chance

With Yasmine Sabri in the lead role, the series follows the story of Malak (Yasmine Sabri), and Ziad, (Ahmed Magdy) as they get engaged after a long term romance. However, after one month of engagement, the cracks in the relationship start to show and they separate.

Airs on three channels: DMC channel at 10pm, ON channel at 11pm, and on CBC channel at 12am.

El Prince

After the death of his parents, Radwan El Prince (Mohamed Ramadan) is set to inherit everything from his father, but his brothers begin to interfere in affairs, stealing his rights to his inheritance.

Airs on DMC at 8pm, and repeats at 2pm. Available on Shahid app.

Sukar Zyada

For the first time, actress Nadia Al-Jundi joins actress Nabila Obaid in the comedy series Sukar Ziyada. Events take place inside a villa, and all of the main characters are forced to live in together after experiencing various difficulties in life.

Airs MBC Egypt. Available on Shahid app.



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