The 10 Best Healthy Halloween Sweet Options In 2019, According To A Nutritionist

If there’s one thing that screams Halloween (besides costumes and pumpkins), it’s sweets and chocolate.

Sure, sweets aren’t exactly the most nutritious — but c’mon, it’s just one day! “I always say just eat whatever you want on that one day, then give the rest away,” says Keri Gans, a registered dietician.

That being said, some Halloween goodies will leave you with less of a next-day sugar hangover than others. And no, healthy Halloween sweets don’t have to taste like, well, trash.

Whether you’re dishing ’em out to trick-or-treaters or sampling from your own stash, these 20 healthy Halloween sweet options won’t leave anyone disappointed.

1/ Biona Organic Tutti Frutti Gums

These organic gummies are vegan and gluten-free. They get their colour and flavour from natural sources like fruit juice concentrates and are made with raw cane sugar. We’re not saying this is ‘healthy’ but it certainly is a treat with cleaner ingredients.

2/ Biona Organic Mini Fruit Bears

Like the Tutti Frutti Gums, these sweeties are gelatine-free (yay vegan-friendly), and are made with yummy fruit juice concentrates.

3/ Sparx Sugar Free Berry Candies

These little multi-coloured ‘pebbles’ are sweetened with 100% xylitol — they’re also packed with calcium and magnesium.

4/ Kiddylicious Strawberry Fruit Wiggles

Packed with real fruit juice concentrate, these gluten-free wiggles don’t contain any nasties like tartrazine, preservatives or added salt.

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5/ Eat Naked Dark Chocolate Coffee Cups

These 72% dark chocolate cups are a coffee lovers dream. The creamy dairy-free chocolate cups are naturally flavoured with vanilla and a hint of real coffee. YUM.

6/ Seed and Bean Organic Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

This oh-so-decadent vegan chocolate from Seed and Bean is a classic combination of bittersweet and salty… and is made with no palm oil.

7/ Eat Naked Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut butter is a great snack, but peanut butter covered in chocolate is an even better treat! These treats are sweetened with a smidge of raw honey and encased in a cup of 72% dark chocolate.

8/ Happy Benjamin Coco Mylk Chocolate

This super decadent vegan treat is made from 100% certified organic ingredients. Being sweetened with coconut blossom nectar instead of cane sugar makes it lower GI too.

9/ Bliss Kids Mini Balls With Organic Cacao, Hemp & Maca

These munchies are made with malty maca root and a dash of hemp, in a base of raw chocolate, fruits and nuts.

10/ Free From Fellows Sugar-Free Lollipops

The cola and strawberry pops are free from sugar, gelatine and gluten… but are packed with flavour.


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