Dietician And Foodie Jess Sepel Says Her Fave Healthy Recipe Is An “Egg Bowl”

We ask dietician and foodie Jess Sepel — of JSHealth — what her go-to fave healthy recipe is. Here’s what she said…

“Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I love egg bowls. They’re versatile and quick and easy to whip up with whatever I have in the fridge. You could have one every day for lunch or dinner and switch up the ingredients every time,” says Jess. So here’s Jess’ step-by-step instructions for how to build the ultimate, versatile healthy recipe egg bowl….

1/ Go-to greens

Sauté two cups of greens (such as baby spinach, kale, English spinach or Asian greens) in one tablespoon of coconut oil or cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, then add to your bowl.

2/ Eggs

Cook two eggs your favourite way – boiled (hard or soft), poached or scrambled – and then add them to the greens.

3/ Grains or a starchy veggie

Top with a grain or starchy vegetable, such as half a cup cooked quinoa or brown basmati, or half a cup roasted sweet potato or pumpkin.

4/ Nourishing fats

A quarter to half an avocado, served as is in the skin, smashed or sliced.

5/ Dress it up

Drizzle with a couple of tablespoons of pesto or tahini, or a dollop of hummus.

6/ Add a little crunch

Sprinkle with a small handful of nuts (whole natural almonds, walnuts, pecans) and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower or sesame) or raw sprouts.

Jess Sepel’s New Book

You can many more cool foodie and recipe ideas from Jess’ new book: .

A bit more about Jess’ new book: “This book is the culmination of everything I’ve learnt so far about health, nutrition and wellbeing over the past seven years – both personally and professionally – laid out in 12 steps. It’s a handbook that contains all the answers I wish I had when I was struggling with things like body image, sleep and anxiety, and it’s backed by countless hours of consulting and research. I want people to be able to hold on to this handbook forever, and use it to remind themselves that they’re not alone in whatever health issue they’re dealing with,” says Jess.



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