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    Get A Perfect Look Around The Clock With The vívomove® Trend Hybrid Smartwatch

    The Garmin vívomove® Trend hybrid smartwatch gives you a classic analog style and essential smart features such as notifications on your compatible smartphone and Garmin Pay™ contactless payments. Real watch hands move to reveal a hidden touchscreen display. Live better with a full suite of health and wellness tools. This includes Body Battery™ energy monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep score and more. The data presented is intended to be a close estimation of metrics tracked.

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    Stylish 40 mm hybrid smartwatch with a sophisticated analog look, a stainless steel bezel and smart features

    Battery life lasts up to 5 days in smart mode and up to one additional day in watch mode.

    Behind analog-style hands, you’ll find a full-dial touchscreen display. It reacts to your movements and is visible only when you need it

    Stay connected with smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, calendar view and more when paired with your Apple® or Android™ smartphone

    Know your body better with a full suite of health monitoring features. This includes continuous heart rate sampling, Body Battery™ energy levels, Pulse Ox, sleep score, stress tracking, women’s health tracking and more. This is not a medical device. The data presented is intended to be a close estimation of the metrics tracked. Pulse Ox not available in all countries

    Breeze through checkout lines and select transit systems with Garmin Pay™ contactless payment solution (with a supported payment card)

    Get insights into your everyday fitness; including tracking your steps, floors climbed, calories and intensity minutes. Data presented is intended to be a close estimation of metrics tracked

    Connects with your paired smartphone’s GPS to track outdoor walk, run or bike activities. Includes additional activity profiles such as yoga, strength, cardio and more

    Safety and tracking features include incident detection (during outdoor walks, runs and bike rides) and Assistance. Both of which send messages with your live location to emergency contacts. (with a compatible smartphone; should not be relied on as a primary method to obtain emergency assistance)

    Enhance your style with a stainless steel bezel available in colours to suit every taste and preference

    Effortlessly change your look with 20 mm industry standard quick-release watch bands (sold separately)

    Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging with most Qi-certified charging pads. Sold separately; may not be compatible with upright charging stands or wireless chargers built into vehicles

    So where can I get one?

    Shop this smartwatch here for that classic analog style with wellness tools. More

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    How To ‘Spring Clean’ Your Fitness Gear For Better Workouts

    By Gina Beretta
    Ahh, the circle of life (for your fitness gear). Like the milk in your fridge, even your favourite sports bra has an expiry date.
    Serious question… when was the last time you cleaned out your fitness gear? You really do put your workout wear through it’s paces. All that sweating, washing and vigorous wearing will ultimately compromise your comfort and performance. So, here we’re giving you the tools you need so that you’ll know when it’s time to ‘throw in the towel’ — or, rather, your bra, tops and socks.
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    Compression Garments
    Life span: Six months to one year
    Designed to help increase circulation, compression tights, socks and sleeves may help speed post-workout recovery too, research suggests. Inevitably, though, they stretch over time and lose efficacy.
    Time to tossCompression clothes should have a super-snug, almost uncomfortable fit. If it’s getting easier and easier to slide them on or if fibres are coming out of the fabric, you’re probably not getting the full benefits.
    Make ’em lastWash after every (yes, every) wear, since body oils and dirt can compromise their compression. Don’t machine-dry and avoid wringing and twisting.
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    Sports Bras
    Life span: One year (or less, if you’re doing high-impact workouts)
    Supporting the girls is no easy task: the physical stress of stopping boob bounce degrades a bra’s elasticity.
    Time to tossYou’re starting to chafe, the bra rides up when you raise your arms or your boobs move more during workouts.
    Make ’em lastCleaning by hand is ideal, but if you do use the machine, fasten hooks first, put the bra in a mesh washing bag, then drip-dry to avoid warping.
    Swimming Costumes
    Life span: Six months to two years
    Pool chemicals break down the fibres, making your cozzie lose shape; this creates drag, which can slow you down.
    Time to tossBaggy crotch, faded spots or tiny white fibres popping out.
    Make ’em lastRinse with tap water post-swim. Squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry.
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    Life span: One to three years
    That thin fabric can hold up to your stepping and sliding only so long, leaving you prone to painful friction and blisters when it gives out.
    Time to tossThey’re stretched out, you see holes in the heel or around the ball of your foot, or you get more blisters than usual.
    Make ’em lastWear them only during your workout. Dry on low heat to prevent shrinkage.
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    Moisture-Wicking Tops
    Life span: Six months to five years plus
    These shirts draw sweat away from your skin to help regulate body temp. Most synthetics are chemically treated or have technology woven in that lasts 25 to 50 washes.
    Time to tossIt can be hard to tell, but gradually they’ll become less effective at keeping you dry.
    Make ’em lastFollow washing directions religiously to prevent wicking power from fading prematurely.
    Waterproof Jackets
    Life span: Five years plus
    A good topper can protect you in two ways: the layers block moisture so it can’t penetrate and they also prevent sweat from getting trapped. The result is breathability and dryness.
    Time to tossYou’re sweating up a storm (because the coat is trapping moisture and heat), water seems to seep into the fabric, or the jacket is starting to smell (even when clean).
    Make ’em lastIdeally, wash no more than twice a year to keep the chemical finish intact (but if the coat is visibly dirty, more cleaning is okay). Tumble dry in heat, which reactivates the surface repellent. More

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    11 Best Workout Tights To Give You All The Gym Inspo

    When it comes to working out, motivation to get up and go plays as big a role as anything. And there’s nothing like new fitness gear to get your workout juices flowing. Enter: these workout tights, which are hella comfy, sweat-wicking and gorgeous enough to convince you to get off your butt and into the gym. Motivation? Acquired!

    Cotton On Bobby shortie short, R279

    High-waisted, patterned and pretty, these are the exact kind of pants that’ll get the job done in the summer sun for parkruns, beach workouts (that inevitably end in a post-sweat dip) and backyard workouts. And you’ll feel as happy as a flower, too.

    Puma Exhale leggings, R525

    We love a forgiving, high waistband and these Exhale workout tights from Puma do exactly that, with a lighter colourway that feels fresh, like a breath of fresh air.

    Koko Active lemon leggings, R340

    This fun print makes us want to dance around in the gym. Cop the bra, too, for a really fun ‘fit.

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    JUST BREETHE leggings, R1790

    Specifically engineered to never ride down during squats or Vinyasa, these are made to last. JUST BREETHE workout tights are made with a four-point hold around the glutes, thighs, calves and waist, so you’re never adjusting, just going hard.

    Burnt Tribeca tights, R839

    This v-shaped waistband is über flattering and the fabric is supremely soft. Pair with your denim jacket and flow from CrossFit to coffee dates.

    adidas Thebe Magugu leggings, R1699

    adidas teamed up with Thebe Magugu in this collection, honouring South Africa’s vibrancy. This collection comes in plus sizes, hoorah!

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    Kheper Vpop leggings in white marble, R599

    What’s not to love about this marble print and high waistband that flatters our curves? We’re inspired to move.

    Under Armour Project Rock HeatGear® Ankle Leggings, R1399

    There’s just something about Project Rock that gives us all the motivation to really push it in our workouts. This colourway and flattering side stripe are having us jump for joy – and burpees.

    BeFit Mara leggings, R920

    These beauties feature metallic foil in a marble pattern and are engineered with a four-way fit that allows you to bend into shapes without compromising that tummy area.

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    Tiger Lilly Sunni Pocket Shorts in terracotta, R600

    Brighten up with these summery shorts that feature pockets (score!). Pair them with anything and you’ll feel far more inspired to sweat.

    Lara Fay Salmon Snake High Waisted Power Legging, R999

    These simply stunning tights, with snakeskin print, are just high enough on the waistband without getting all the way into your bra area. Plus, the flattering length enhances your shape.

    anima High-Waisted Tights, R1500

    When trying to avoid having your tights ride down during jump squats, high-waisted designs are the way to go. These are ethically made and are fully biodegradable.

    Michelle October

    Michelle is a freelance writer at WH, passionate about all things health, fitness and mental wellness. She’s also an avid surfer and recently discovered skateboarding as a viable means of transport. Skate dates, anyone? More

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    The Softest Fabric For Your Toughest Workouts

    With workout gear acceptable and comfortable in all day activities way beyond the gym, it’s become a focus of active people to seek out the best gear that feels as good after your exertions as it does while working up a sweat.
    Like Suede On Your Skin
    The secret to success in this crossover of comfort comes down to how the gear feels on your skin. Under Armour has created Meridian fabric with that precise goal – to feel soft on your skin during and after a workout. A technical quick-dry hybrid fabric that lets you go hard without losing that super-soft feel.
    It’s a sensation to the skin you never knew you needed but can’t imagine wearing anything else once your feel it. This specially engineered fabric delivers a unique type of softness that can still wick sweat like a champ. 
    All Day Comfort
    With the realisation that soft just for the sake of comfort is not good enough, numerous rounds of research and development were used make sure comfort and workout versatility are priorities. The result is the  softest performance gear to date from Under Armour.  The impressive collection is ideal to wear to any fitness class, from spin to yoga to pilates, but is  also so flexible, lightweight and soft, that you  won’t want to take them off once you get home. 
    “The Under Armour Meridien legging is absolutely phenomenal. Moving in them feels  like they weren’t even there. Even while sweating, they still just felt really comfortable.”, says Rachel Garcia, Pro Softball Player.
    The ‘SOFT YOU CAN SWEAT IN’ collection’s notable promises include:
    SERIOUSLY SOFT Under Armour brushed the surface of the fabric to an ultra-soft finish for our softest feel yet.
    LASTING COMFORT Wicks sweat and stays comfortable, especially in those high-friction zones.
    FLEXIBLE PERFORMANCE Super-breathable, lightweight stretch goes everywhere you do.

    The ‘SOFT YOU CAN SWEAT IN’ collection includes a wide range of gear and also features the new UA Smartform Evolution Bra. The new ‘must have’ bra delivers strategic support, tailored for medium-support activities like cycling, weight training & boxing. Bending, jumping, and squatting can make your clothing shift or slip as you move, The UA Smartform fabric can help your clothes adapt to your movement moulding to the shape of your body which may help keep them from slipping or shifting during workouts.              
    The new ‘SOFT YOU CAN SWEAT IN’ collection will be available at Under Armour Brand House stores nationwide as well as online: More

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    Mazda Made With Soul

    Mazda has searched the South African landscape to find people driven by an innate sense of curiosity, willing to tell their human-centric stories of success and passion for their craft. These individuals embody the true meaning of community and harmony with all things in and around us. In this series, they will be imparting their stories of precision craftsmanship, infused with their soul; so who better to share their journey with you, than a brand Made with Soul?
    [embedded content]
    Meet Roushana Gray
    Founder of Veld and Sea, and winner of the Spier Sustainability award in 2019, Roushana Gray is a wild food artist, foodie and avid forager. She shares her passion for the local edible landscape through immersive educational experiences, connection and creativity. For Roushana, her vocation as a food innovator is a journey that never ends as there is always something new to learn and discover.
    Explore more HERE 
    *In Partnership with Mazda More

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    5 High-Impact Sports Bras That’ll Actually Keep Your Boobs in Check

    If your bra size is any bigger than an orange, chances are, finding a proper sports bra to support you when running, jumping and trying to keep up with the svelte trainer is a gargantuan task.
    There just aren’t many options for big-boobed women to choose from. It can be really difficult to find a bra that’s supportive, doesn’t make having bigger boobs a nightmare, and will make us feel super cute.
    We’ve tracked down some high-impact sports bras that can fit up to an extra-large or can be custom-made to suit your needs, and the best part — they’re everything a curvy girl could want! Plus, we’ve slipped a few medium-impact gems in, too. Because we’re not jumping up and down every day, are we?
    Why Wear A *Good* Sports Bra?
    Like many things in life, breasts are pretty complex. They are made up of mostly fat, tissue and ligaments. Because breasts do not contain muscle or are not attached to muscles, they can move independently from the rest of the body and are susceptible to strain. Meaning that our breasts are supported by just skin and ligaments.
    These ligaments, called Cooper’s ligaments, are fragile and once torn, they lose their ability to support the breast leading to pain and saggyness. Women with bigger busts are more likely to have sag due to the skin and ligaments being under more strain because the weight of the breast.
    So, ensure that when choosing a bra, the band is not too tight, there should no spillage or straps cutting into your shoulders… and that you are 100% comfortable.
    READ MORE: Exactly What To Consider When Choosing A Sports Bra
    1/ High-Impact Sports Bras
    High-impact bras are great for high intensity exercises and activities such as running, dance, basketball, kickboxing and HIIT (High intensity interval training).
    PANACHE Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports BraR 1204Buy It
    This UK-based brand offers support that lowers movement by 83%. Smooth, flat seams eliminate friction and discomfort while the wider straps make for greater support and easing shoulder pressure.
    Lisa Raleigh Body Kind Sports BraR 999Buy It
    This bra is best for changing bodies: women who are losing a large amount of body fat, pregnant women whose bodies are in flux, and anyone else who needs a super-adjustable sports bra. It comes in eight sizes up until 5XL. The chest and shoulder straps are adjustable, with extra hooks in the front to secure the front zip (no more grunting while trying to get your bra off!).
    Asics Color Block Bra IIIR 790Buy It
    A great high-impact bra that’s made from about 78% recycled materials (double yay!) plus broad, breathable straps to keep you supported.
    Under Armour Infinity High Blocked Sports BraR 800Buy It
    This bra incorporates new knowledge that when boobs move, they don’t go up and down, but rather in a figure eight. The padding has this in mind, with adjustable elastic straps and a little more coverage at the front.
    READ MORE: The 6 Best Resistance Bands For Every Type Of Workout, According To Certified Trainers
    adidas TLRD Impact Luxe Training High-Support Bra WomensR 1164Buy It
    These super-detailed bras mould to your breast and keep everything in place while you train. It’s also made with about 60% recycled materials and straps are adjustable. Plus, it’s just so beautiful.
    2/ Medium Impact Bras
    Medium-impact bras still require a fair amount of support for bending over while executing mountain climbers, push-ups and other strength training maneauvres.
    Salomon Essential Move On Seamless Sports BraR 600Buy It
    Seamless construction won’t chafe and the stretch fabric fits most body types and moves with you while you run or work out.
    READ MORE: 11 Best New Running Shoes That’ll Inspire Your Next PB
    adidas PowerImpact Luxe Training Medium-Support BraR 500Buy It
    So many things to love about this bra: the front entry means it’s so much easier to get in and out of, plus the fabric is quick-drying, so you don’t have to look like you’ve emerged from an ocean swim post-sesh.

    READ MORE ON: Fitness Fitness Gear Style Style Tips More

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    Exactly What To Consider When Choosing A Sports Bra

    First, let’s get one question out the way: Do you really need a proper sports bra? After all, it’s a lot of money to fork out for such a tiny piece of fabric. The short answer: Yes. Even if your go-to everyday bra is padded and underwired to the max (hello, cleavage!), it doesn’t offer enough support to withstand your workout.
    According to the Portsmouth University research team, more than 70% of women wear the wrong bra size. When choosing a sports bra, they advise looking for a comfortable fit in five areas: the underband, cups, underwire, centre-front and shoulder straps.
    There are no muscles within the breasts – they’re essentially a collection of fat and tissue held to the body by ligaments and skin – and the issue is that neither of these is especially strong. The connective tissue that holds the breast to the chest is comprised of Cooper’s ligaments, which naturally extend with age and over time – but exercise without supporting them properly and they could stretch up to 2cm during high-intensity workouts.
    READ MORE: Finally! Sports Bras That Don’t Feel Like Freaking Straitjackets
    What’s more, contrary to how your breasts may appear to move up and down as you run, burpee or push press, they actually swing in a figure of eight. It was this discovery that inspired the design of Under Armour’s Infinity bra. Instead of following the traditional method of constructing a sports bra – cutting two breast-shaped cups from a flat piece of padding, glueing and layering pieces of foam – they liquid-injected the foam in a figure-eight (a.k.a. infinity sign) shape, making the bra feel more natural and comfortable without sacrificing support.
    Debbie Risius, senior research associate at Portsmouth University, states that a woman’s choice of sports bra can also influence her breathing rate and thermoregulation during exercise. This is down to the fit of the bra and the fabric from which it’s constructed: a 2013 study found that, while all sports bras reduced the cooling ability of the breast – simply by virtue of being another layer of clothing – sports bras made from polyester allowed for better thermoregulation than bras made from other composite materials.
    Now we’ve established that a sports bra is a worthy investment, here are five things you need to know when choosing a sports bra.
    READ MORE: 5 High-Impact Sports Bras That’ll Actually Keep Your Boobs in Check
    1/ Your Bra Size
    All kinds of things can influence the size of your breasts, from your menstrual cycle to pregnancy to weight loss. Yet most of us still buy bras according to measurements taken years ago. What’s more, not only do your breasts change size – bras can vary in size from brand to brand.

    When to get measured: It’s been more than six months since your last fitting, your body has changed or you’re buying a different brand than your usual. Trying on? Make sure you can’t pull the band more than five centimetres from your chest or the straps more than five centimetres from your shoulders. And make sure the cups fully enclose your boobs.
    READ MORE: The 8 Best Groin Stretches For Anyone Who Sits All Day Long
    2/ Your Workout Style
    When you scope out the sports bras on offer, you’ll notice they’re divided into different categories. Usually these will be called high, medium and low impact or high, medium and low support. This is to help you match your bra to the type of workout you do.
    Your workout: Running, bootcamp, martial arts, boxing, bodyweight training, anything involving jumping or skipping
    You need: High impact. Look for racerback straps and padded or moulded cups. If your breasts are small, you could also you use a medium impact bra.
    Your workout: Cycling, spinning, weight lifting, the gym circuit, hiking
    You need: Medium impact if your breasts are small; high impact if they’re medium to large. Look for broad straps and padding and/or sturdy fabric with a light stretch.
    Your workout: Yoga, Pilates, Barre
    You need: Low impact for small boobs; medium impact for medium boobs; high impact for large boobs. Look for comfortable, stretchy fabric, padding optional, strap width according to your preference.
    3/ The Fabric
    You know that feeling when you walk out of a spinning class and your bra feels like a wet sea creature strapped to your chest? Avoid that sea-sponge feelin’ by choosing synthetic fabrics that don’t hold onto sweat. Words like “moisture wicking”, “breathable” and “ventilation” are what you want to see.

    READ MORE ON: Fitness Fitness Gear Style Style Tips More

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    June’s – The Clarity Issue with Lala Diamonds


    by Amy Sessions
    1 minute ago

    Creative Direction: Amy SessionsPhotographer: Greg AdamskiMakeup & Hair: Ania PoniatowskaProduction: Olivia MorrisFashion Assistant: Sarah JosephVideographer: Ahmed AbdelwahabModel: Farnoush HamidianAll fashion available at
    Welcome to The Clarity Issue.
    This issue focuses on clarity of mind, body and most importantly vision.
    One call-out for this month and with clarity of vision in mind, is the launch of the new version of 2.0. The new website is designed to deliver an enhanced reader experience to match the appetite of our ever-growing regional and international audience. We are grateful to be growing this community and this was the vision from the outset, to have both a global and local viewpoint.
    Aligning the standard of digital aesthetics to that of the content produced and with the execution level of the print issues important focus as this allows digital to reflect the incredible work the team produces on a daily basis, showcasing it in the best light. I couldn’t be prouder of what the team have achieved – huge congratulations!

    For our cover shoot Elevated Cool we partnered with Lala Diamonds, a fine jewellery brand dedicated to crafting timeless pieces with an added edge and from stones with optimal clarity.
    We have exclusive interviews with Chaumet’s CEO Jean-Marc Mansvel in An Emblem of Distinction, Suzanne Santos, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer AESOP in The Invisible Details and Ann-Caroline Prazan, Guerlain’s International Artistic Director in Natural Clarity.
    Beauty and lifestyle-wise, we look at purifying from the inside to see clarity on the outside. In Nourish we compile an edit of the best smoothie and juice recipes for clean skin and a clear mind, A Clear Path to Beauty looks at how Gua-Sha contours and refines and Refuel gives us the full lowdown on how to hydrate, invigorate and rejuvenate with vitamin IV therapy.
    We spend time in the office with Julie Lemke, Founder of Julie Lemke Skin in Personal Space and speak to some of the most incredible women we know about how they find clarity in their lives in Finding Clarity.
    Finally, The Wanderlust enchants us with global bolt holes that feel next-level calming designed to deliver you to a place of clarity of thought.
    When it comes to clear vision, if in doubt take a step back and give yourself some peace. You always know.
    June’s – The Clarity Issue – Download Now
    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Supplied  More