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    Want To Manifest Your Goal? Don’t Make These Manifesting Mistakes

    Want to manifest your goal? Welcome to the club. There are at least 8 million of us on Instagram and many more. And for good reason.

    Manifesting can be a powerful tool in helping you achieve your goals, whether that’s to run your first 21K, bag a promotion or find love. But many people feel that it’s about making a wish with all your heart and waiting for it to happen. Unfortunately, you’re not a Disney Princess. “It is impossible to manifest your dream partner who will make you feel alive and in love, while you are sitting on the couch, sobbing as you watch the Notebook, eating ice cream or drinking a bottle of wine, feeling sorry for yourself that you are single,” says manifesting queen and coach Nicola Loots.

    There’s actually a lot of inner work required for you to move from point A, the point without the thing you want, to point B, where you’ve reached your goal and are wrapped in that achievement glow. Here’s how to put in the work, avoid common manifesting mistakes and really move the needle.  

    Manifesting mistake #1: You’re feeling lack (and not abundance)

    “I often hear people so excited, inspired, and optimistic to start manifesting, but after some time, usually, when it is taking longer than they had expected to see results, they get despondent, disappointed, and start thinking that it’s not working,” says Nicola. “Manifesting is not about declaring what you desire and then sitting on the couch waiting for it to happen, but it is also not about working as hard as you can and hustling to control the situation either. Manifesting is a fine line between taking inspired action and knowing when to let go and trust.”

    To this end, it’s important to have an image of what you want that’s so strong you believe in it and start to act in the way you would with your goal in the palm of your hands. “When you are manifesting, your faith needs to be bigger than your fears,” explains Nicola. “You need to believe that it will happen, not on your timeline, but in divine timing and you need to be completely satisfied and accept that when it will happen is out of your control.”

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    Manifesting mistake #2: You’re not taking action

    Despite what it seems, manifesting requires a bit of action, kind of like casting a spell. Yes, there’s magic involved, but there’s also special ingredients you need to collect, and then you still need to say the words with intent. There are three main steps in manifesting, that we’ve covered extensively here and here.

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    Manifesting mistake #3: You’re blocking your own progress

    “Manifesting is about the law of attraction and the law states like attracts like,” says Nicola. “If you want to manifest something that makes you feel good, you need to start feeling good now, so that it is attracted to you.” If, for example, Nicola explains, “you believe that you always get hurt when you open your heart, that you cannot trust men, all of these beliefs are going to block you from receiving. You have to work on your mindset and beliefs in order to manifest.” To this end, Nicola notes that you may need to work with a psychologist or mindset coach to push through the barriers preventing you from attracting the good thing you’re looking for.

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    Manifesting mistake #4: You’re not looking for the signs

    Yes, signs from the literal actual universe. Sometimes this manifests in the physical realm, like asking to see a butterfly as confirmation that your potential job is the one you should go for. But waiting can often dissuade you. When this happens, Nicola advises going inward. “When you are at a crossroads and are not sure what direction to take, quieten out the external noise and connect to yourself,” says Nicola. This might mean meditation, or just getting really quiet and asking yourself important questions. “From this space, ask yourself, ‘If I knew exactly what to do, what would that be? If I trusted myself, what would I do in this situation?’ External signs are inspiring to receive, but your inner voice and your intuition is so much more powerful.”    More

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    5 Effective Ways To Beat The Dreaded Afternoon Slump

    It’s so easy to lose motivation as soon as midday strikes. From frequent strolls to the copier, scrolling TikTok and needing about four coffee breaks an hour, the Afternoon Slump looms large over the human population, threatening even the most productive of people.
    Blame your natural stress hormone, cortisol. It fluctuates frequently throughout the day as we deal with different situations. By the afternoon, our systems are fried from vigorous regulation. If you’ve got things to get done, ASAP, try out these invigorating pointers to energise your body and mind – and meet those deadlines.
    Disclaimer: The below don’t include sugar or a caffeine fix.
    1/ Stretch it out

    Stretching is a wonderful way to calm your mind. Regular stretching focuses on mindfulness and releases tension from the body.
    Do it: Stand up and reach down to touch your toes. Don’t be concerned about who is around you. Bring your hands above your head and hold the stretch for 15 seconds. Tilt as far as you can, from left to right. Repeat.
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    2/ Close your eyes
    Did you know that closing your eyes is a great way to boost your memory? This is known as “quiet wakefulness”. Resting the eyes allows your muscles and body parts to relax.
    Do it: Place your hands over your eyes for two minutes and relish the time you have to sit and be still. Focus on your breathing and channel your thoughts on something positive.
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    3/ Declutter your desk

    Your space is a reflection of you. Having a cleaner workspace can lead to increased productivity, while clutter can cripple your creativity.
    Do it: Recycle unnecessary paper that you’re hoarding on your desk. A clean desk makes for an efficient and professional student or employee.
    4/ Breathe in, breathe out
    Deep breathing exercises are the best for stress management and improving energy levels. Increased blood flow allows for more oxygen to get into the blood.
    Do it: Get comfortable. Sit or lie down on the floor and inhale through your nose, allowing your belly to fill up. Breathe out through your mouth. Repeat.
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    5/ Take a light stroll

    If you only have a few minutes to spare, taking a walk can do wonders for your blood flow to the muscles and will offer your mind a fresh start.
    Do it: Step away from your phone and computer and go outside for a walk. Start with 5 minutes and gradually increase your steps. Your fitness watch will thank you. More