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    The best fitness hacks to stay on track this summer


    by Sarah Joseph
    1 hour ago

    Fitness Instructor Courtney Black on how to hack your summer fitness routine.
    Talk us through your fitness routine?
    My routine involves lots of steps that I know I can sustain year round that make me feel good and energised. Sticking to my five workouts from my app per week 45 minutes each, trying to get as much fresh air as possible and always prepping and planning healthy meals that are going to nourish my body – cookingyour own food and actually knowing what you are putting into your body.
    What your pre-summer fitness tips?
    Myself like most people, tend to try get a bit leaner for summer and this year, I want to tone up a bit more for my birthday trip to Italy. My biggest tip is to keep on track the rest of the year and avoid any crash diets that will make you feel under pressure or unenergised. The best way to stay in shape year round is to finda workout routine that you love and actually enjoy doing. Then for your diet, I would advise to stick to a slight deficit (maybe a few hundred calories under your maintenance) to keep that lean look year round while still being able to maintain this.
    What are your summer hacks to maintaining fitness?
    Travelling taker-up a big part of my summer so I need to find a routine that I can do from anywhere which is why I love my dumbbell only and bodyweight workouts. Keeping them short and effective so I am always sticking to 45 minutes of movement each day. Choosing foods that are going to keep me energised and sticking to the 80-20 rule where I keep 80 per cent of my diet as whole foods and 20 per cent as soul foods.
    How do you stay consistent during your travel?
    I use my app (Courtney Black app) as all our workouts are either bodyweight or dumbbell and you can follow along live. These workouts make fitness so much more accessible and enjoyable.
    What are some easy exercises for long-haul flights?
    Sitting down for long periods of time is no good for our bodies so it’s really important we get them moving but also stay in tune with our bodies while doing so. I would opt for a long walk the morning after or the evening you land if you can and then the next day grab some medium dumbbells and get a 45-minute full body sweat on and really focus on warming up and mobilising your body beforehand to get into that lower back, hips and anywhere that may feel stiff post flight.
    What advice would you give to anyone who is struggling to find time to work out?
    Workout at home. My app makes this so much fun and it takes away the traffic to the gym or your classand also just makes everything so much more accessible and quicker. You can be done in 20-30 or 45 minutes, and everyone can make time for that. Stop scrolling on your phone when you wake up or skip 30 minutes of TV of an evening and just try find a time where you can put your body first.

    What is your take on cheat meals?
    Cheat meals is a bit of a toxic phrase in my opinion because it brings guilt or some kind of bad negative feeling around food. A meal is just a meal, some more nutritious than others. I always tell my clients, friends and family the best way to incorporate balance into your life if to have what you fancy in moderation. If you fancy some chocolate, have some rather than waiting until your chest day and bingeing on way more than just that small piece of chocolate you were craving.
    It can be hard to find the drive to work out – what keeps you motivated?
    Motivation doesn’t come easy and there is nothing worse than feeling demotivated but motivation comes from results and unfortunately they aren’t going to happen if you do not make a change and take the first step. A workout is always easier five minutes in when you have actually started. The hardest part is getting going, remember why you want to workout and how it makes you feel after.
    This is The Summer Escape Issue – where do you plan on travelling to this Summer?
    I am back in London for a week to see my family and then heading to Paris for the weekend. From there, I am staying in Spain for a few weeks before heading on my birthday trip to Italy with my partner. We are then heading to Greece with his family and finally south of France for me and my mum’s annual summer trip. Lots of travelling so lots of hotel workouts and outside workouts too! I cannot wait to relax, workout hard and enjoy some beautiful food.
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    13 hotspots to check out for a chic summer escape


    by Camille Macawili
    8 seconds ago

    Summer is high season to give you a chance to explore the hotspots far and away.
    Don’t know where to go? If you’ve been out of the loop and this question fills you with dread, you don’t have to fret. Emirates Woman have curated a tasteful edit of the latest and greatest must-see and must-do for all the different kinds of wanderlust that are worth making time for in your hard-earned annual leave.
    From places with a focus on gastronomy to those filled with character, here’s how and where to stay, dine, and spend all your summer days.
    Tap the gallery above to discover the edit.
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    How Chef Izu captured the relaxed charm of Southern France for his latest concept


    by Camille Macawili
    7 seconds ago

    Chef Izu Ani on his gastronomic adventures and how he’s captured the relaxed charm of South of France at Maison de la Plage.
    Maison de la Plage adds to your growing culinary portfolio. What sets this apart from your other concepts?
    Maison de la Plage is our home by the sea. I wanted to create a space where people can let go, breathe, play, share fresh, light dishes and truly connect with the elements. The ocean connects us all, it encourages our playful sides and allows us to unwind. The space flows from the sea to comfortable sunbeds, daybeds and cabanas, a beach bar, swimming pool, and restaurant, to provide a haven for all.

    The restaurant transports you to Côte d’Azur. Can you define the inspiration behind its free-spirited design it evokes and the elements that add to the ambience?
    The South of France is one of my favourite places in the world, its breathtaking nature and inviting energy invigorates me every time I visit. Our aim is to bring the laid-back elegance of the Côte d’Azur to Dubai, with elements from the quaint, idyllic villages and the sun-drenched shores woven throughout Maison de la Plage. We wanted to create a romantic, yet lively ambiance, where mount.
    We partnered with London-based design studio FirstWithin to bring our vision to life. The interior is adorned with bespoke rattan furniture, featuring unique prints that seamlessly blend with the natural beauty of the beach landscape. Every part of Maison de la Plage was curated to enhance the connection between our guests and their coastal surroundings, with a fun, contemporary French touch. One of the key elements in our design is the playful use of patterns and colours. Throughout the space, you’ll find dotted yacht motifs, which serve as a delightful reminder of the picturesque villages in the south of France. These patterns were designed to evoke a sense of coastal tranquility.
    What does the culinary journey experience look like?
    A home from home, Maison de la Plage is somewhere friends and families can enjoy at all hours. From serene breakfasts overlooking the sea, to long lunches in the sunshine and dinners with loved ones. We wanted to create a space that feels welcoming and wonderful at any time of day. Our dishes are a constant flow of evolution and information. When developing new dishes and creating menus, we always start with the inspiration – we ask ourselves who is this dish for, why are we creating it, how and when will it be enjoyed. We aim to create a seamless transition between the outdoor oasis and the indoor dining area, to ensure a flexible and comfortable experience.

    The menu encapsulates the seaside sophistication of the French Riviera. What are the key standout dishes?
    One of my favourite parts of the menu is the selection of fresh market crudités. We serve crisp, seasonal vegetables in a beautiful basket alongside a selection of dips. It is the perfect dish to share with the table, and a lovely start to a meal. I also recommend choosing fresh fish from La Poissonerie and having it cooked exactly to preference alongside baked vegetables. The beauty of the menu is that it caters for different experiences, so if I’m spending the day by the beach and want to eat on the sunbeds, we will order a selection of Pizzas, a few Izu Burgers to share and end each meal with ice cream. The menu was designed to be shared between friends and loved ones, whether they would prefer a light bite or a nourishing meal.

    “To this day, my travels and experiences continue to shape my understanding of cuisine and have enabled me to translate this through the menus I work on”

    Where did your flair for French-inspired culinary creations begin? How deeply connected are you in terms of influence?
    When I was at the beginning of my career, I spent a lot of time in France and absorbed everything I could about the culture and cuisine. It is where I met my wife, and it gave me a wider spectrum of knowledge and understanding.
    I believe that in life, we do have to invest our time, effort and dedication to ourselves and our passions. To this day, my travels and experiences continue to shape my understanding of cuisine and have enabled me to translate this through the menus I work on. It is important to respect the culture that each dish takes inspiration from, to take our time to learn and understand their traditions. Food is at the core of every country. By understanding the culture, we have the privilege of knowing how to extract the experience and tell each story from the source. My aim in life is to keep adding to my life journey through food and to be able to share this with people who are as keen as I am to explore how we can push the limits of creativity.

    “My aim in life is to keep adding to my life journey through food and to be able to share this with people who are as keen as I am to explore how we can push the limits of creativity”

    Chef Izu Ani

    At the heart of it is Le Marché, inspired by the bustling French market – tell us more about this space.
    Le Marché is one of my favourite parts of Maison de la Plage. When I was first starting out as a Chef, I moved to a lovely little town in France. Every morning, I would visit the market to choose fresh ingredients to prepare that day, and I loved every moment. It was such a beautiful start to the morning. There is something so exquisite about sourcing fresh produce, and choosing our ingredients before we prepare and enjoy them. I first met my wife at that market over 20 years ago now. For an entire year, I continued to visit the little shop she worked in, hoping to see her. Finally, on my birthday, I mustered up the nerve to ask her out on a date. To my delight, she agreed, and that moment marked the beginning of our journey together.
    Le Marché is my heartfelt homage to that pivotal encounter. It serves as a reminder of the incredible power of chance meetings and the profound impact they can have on our lives.

    You’re very hands-on and built everything yourself from the outset. What did this teach you?
    Having the freedom to create is really important to me, it allows me to keep expanding and growing without the fear of stagnation. When we work with passion, we can enjoy the art of dedication and practice. By focusing on improving every single day, we can see how much there is to achieve and really embrace the process. I believe that the milestones are often found in the small moments. I find the most pride and pleasure when I am consistent and striving towards my goals every day.
    What have been the biggest challenges you’ve encountered and how did you overcome them?
    If we look at our circumstances as opportunities instead of obstacles, we can positively impact our mindsets. Experience cannot just be about ‘what went right’ – success is what we celebrate, mistakes are what we learn from – in all aspects of life. There is a lesson in every situation, and challenges give us valuable knowledge that we may not have been aware of otherwise. The trick is to pay attention. It is all information, and information is everything. The more we know, the greater our spectrum of understanding, which leads us to better opportunities and experiences.
    This is The Summer Escape Issue – where are you escaping to this summer?
    This year, one of our goals was to expand internationally and take our home-grown concepts from Dubai to the world. This summer, I am so excited to spend time in our latest restaurants in London, Marbella, and Monaco, and truly embed ourselves within the local communities there. This summer will also see the launch of GAIA in Miami, which I am really looking forward to. It is so humbling to see our concepts in different countries around the world. My focus is to ensure we provide the same level of service in every location and ensure everyone enjoys their experience.
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    The ultimate indoor activities guide for summer in Dubai


    by Sarah Joseph
    17 mins ago

    As the temperatures soar for the next few months, keeping ourselves entertained with indoor activities throughout the summer months.
    From experiencing art to visiting an independent cinema with friends and family, there’s something for everyone to experience.
    So, without reminiscing on the cooler months, it’s time to make the most of the indoors. Also one can experience the plethora of activities in Dubai that are worth every dime.
    Instead, you should be turning to the incredible indoor offerings Dubai has ready for the summer months, and believe us.Choosing an indoor summer activity can depend on various factors such as your interests, budget, and available time. Hence, we’re here to help you decide.
    Identify your interests
    What do you enjoy doing? If it’s reading, crafting, fitness or games, this guide has something for everyone. It’s also important to see if you prefer solitary activities or group activities.
    Assess available time
    How much time do you have? If it’s a few hours then opt for a sound healing session for an hour is a time bound activity. If you have the entire day, then a session at The Jam Jar is more fluid.
    Consider your goals
    To relax, laid-back activities such a spa day or a self-care zen session is the perfect option. For something new or exciting, Dubai has a myriad of options. They include TODA or a museum to open your mind and expand the horizon.
    Total people
    If it’s a group activity, finding something suitable such as a Roast lunch or The Smash Room. These activities can work best to enjoy in a collective setting.
    Take a break from the mundane trips to the mall and cinema visits. For some inspiration on your next weekend plan or midweek treat, swipe through our gallery of where to book.

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    July/August’s – The Summer Escape Issue with MAISWIM


    by Amy Sessions
    39 seconds ago

    Creative Direction: Amy SessionsPhotographer: Greg AdamskiCover Star: Tania V Santos SilvaFashion Editor: Camille MacawiliMakeup & Hair: Mauro HernanFashion Assistant: Dhaarna MakerVideographer: Ahmed AbdelwahabStyling with thanks to THAT Concept StoreLocation with thanks to TAGOMAGO
    Welcome to The Summer Escape Issue.
    This issue encourages you to explore and unwind as summer unfolds.
    For our cover, we partnered with MAISWIM in The Free Spirit, the new swimwear brand rethinking a billion-dollar industry, a testament to founder Tania Santos Silva’s creative mindset and freedom of thought.
    We deliver you the best edits for summer dressing from lowkey cool in The Bucket Hat, to solid investments to see you through summer until closing in The Summer Essentials. Beauty and lifestyle wise, we roadtest the best Pilates studios to carve and hone the body in Stretch It Out, Michele Barclay, founder of Browz discusses the art of effortless brows so you can stay low maintenance beachside in Laminate on and we deliver the ultimate essentials for summer hair protection in Under the Heat.

    Finally, in terms of wanderlust, we share the natural beauty of Six Senses Ibiza, an unexpected haven of peace on the magical island and Anantara Santorini, delivers the best of Greece close to home for those staying put this summer in Island Escape. Rest, recharge and refocus this summer.
    Rest, recharge and refocus this summer. It’s time to level up…
    The Hero Buys

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    Travelling for summer? Here’s how to maintain a fitness routine

    With travelling on the horizon again for summer, maintaining a fitness routine during these months becomes of utmost importance.
    The UAE-based fitness expert, Jackson Litchfield is an internationally renowned health and fitness coach who is passionate about helping his clients to a happier and healthier lifestyle. With a slew of certificates and trainings under his belt, Jackson has been able to deliver great results as well as full control of health and fitness for his clients.
    Overall, Summer can also be a great time to focus on fitness due to the longer days and often more flexible schedules.
    To delve into this, Emirates Woman & Emirates Man spoke to Litchfield to discuss all the wellness elements to keep in mind for carving out a summer body.
    What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?
    The first 30 minutes of my day are easily the most important as they predictably put me in a peak state to serve. I like to break it up into three components spending ten minutes on each. It should be for the Soul, Spirit, Body and Mind. Overall, the sequence is very important as the first ten minutes are for the spirit and soul for priming, three minutes are to list what I’m grateful for, three minutes are for pure breath work to be in the present moment, then three minutes are for letting my imagination create what could happen if I was my best self.
    This 10 minutes is dedicated to giving my body the nutrients it needs to thrive, with protein and fats, bone broth and Sauerkraut for gut health and Supplements which include Zinc, Multi, omega 3, curcumin, PQQ for overall health. Then I go over all the technical side of my day ie clients programs, my training, education, recovery, and general matters to take of. I generally prioritise the most critical tasks first and then work backwards. When energy is the highest, it makes sense to undertake the tasks that carry the most relevance.
    What is the daily schedule for you as a health coach? What do your training sessions consist of?
    I begin my day at 4am, with a morning ritual outline for one hour. Then my PT sessions take place from 5pm to 12pm, followed by training, studying, blog writing and content production until 3PM. I then schedule time in for an online PT check in or an in person PT session. I end the day with some social interaction, meditation, prayer and play from 6pm to 8pm. Overall the main theme is individualised programming and constant progress. With all clients I do Bi weekly check ins to ensure that we are on track to achieve the results we are after whilst making the necessary changes to make it happen. I like to look at 4 main pillars when it comes to designing any regime., which include Body composition, Health markers, Mindset and cognitive function and Performance levels.
    Diet is an important part of any fitness routine; tell us about your overall diet?
    My diet at any one given time is typically reversed engineered to an outcome ie drop body fat, enhance brain function, increase energy and longevity foundations. I am always passionately experimenting with new protocols to see what works and perhaps discover new methods of eating that can lead to heightened results. So as you can imagine that will slightly change how I distribute things like calories, macronutrients, micronutrients, meal timing. My typical baseline looks like me having my first meal at 4:15am with Bone Broth, Animal protein on rotation, Good fats on rotation, Seasonal vegetables and Sauerkraut. My second meal is at 12pm and includes Animal protein on rotation (large serving), Good fats on rotation, Seasonal vegetables and Sauerkraut.
    I then fast for the rest of the day. I like to eat early as I have found it highly complementary to bodies natural rhythms ie hormones, neurotransmitters and digestion, it also does wonders for sleep too. In addition, I classify light exposure as apart of my diet as it contributes towards the production and function of energy within the body. So, I must add grounding and viewing sunlight at sunrise + sunset as a core staple in the entirety of it all.
    With a busy schedule and always being on the go – how do you unwind on a daily basis?
    One of the things I’m grateful for is choosing a career that I’m passionate about. This makes it easier to embrace a busy schedule as I am working and living in accordance to my highest values. As I am organically energised and satiated on a soul level for the most part, I prioritse meditation and reading, which means I’m either looking to give the body time to connect and reset or I’m feeding the mind with new ideas and insights.
    What’s the biggest myth you’ve seen when it comes to exercising?
    Without question it would be thinking that results are achieved mostly from just hard work. I’ve seen countless amounts of people put in the hard yards day after day for years and get very little return. The best results are always at the intersect of a great strategy and hard work. If you increase one without the other, the outcome will most likely fall short of expectations. When thinking about progress, consider implementing an elaborate strategy and an elevated effort equally.
    Cellular health plays a key role in optimal anti aging – tell us more.
    In a nutshell, Cells are the basic building blocks of the body. Our cells are programmed to divide, multiply, and then go on to perform basic biological functions that keep us healthy and alive across time. But over time the more cells divide, the older and more damaged they become. In turn, cells eventually lose their ability to regenerate and perform coherently within the body. The real genius is the race to understand what plausible interventions can actually impact the life of a cell and subsequently slow down the biological aging process (with some experts even suggesting we can reverse it)
    I am most definitely on the side of believing that we will inevitably be able to enhance and reverse aging via discoveries and advancements in cellular health. The areas that offer the most promise in my opinion are Cellular nutrition, Photobiomodulation, Quantum biology, Detoxification strategies, Water , Geographical locations and their properties.

    Our modern lifestyle can drastically affect our posture – how does this work?
    Issues with posture these days are most likely the norm and not the exception. There are a few main reasons why this is the case Alignment is probably the most predictable and easy to assume. This comes from sitting down all day which essentially shortens the hip flexors, brings the shoulders forward and sometimes even causes the next to tilt forward over time. The good news is, posture can be restored faster than most people know. By using Targeted strength training, precision stretching, a nutrient dense diet for bone, tendon, ligament formation, focused breath work or meditation and Vitamin D via sunlight can all help contribute to a better posture.
    Many people believe in calorie counting – could you elaborate?
    There are many ways to unpack that question, so I’ll try come at it from a practical angle. The term calorie counting is generally referred to in relation to weight loss. For instance most people by now are familiar with the “golden rule” which is, Calories in vs calories out. Where a tilt in either side of the equation will lead to weight loss or weight gain depending on the level of inputs.
    To begin with honouring an energy balance equation successfully will lead to weight loss and or weight gain depending on what the person is looking to achieve. Many people believe that maintaining a calorie deficit boils down to nothing more than sheer willpower. If you’re disciplined enough, you’ll succeed; if you’re not, then you’re bound to fall off the wagon. However, nothing about this way of thinking takes into account the highly complex, beautifully intricate systems that our bodies operate on.
    It overlooks the many factors—both internal and external—that influence our eating habits, energy levels, and overall health. Being unable to maintain a diet usually isn’t about a lack of desire or will. It’s not a personal failure . Instead, it’s often a sign that the approach might have been missing important elements of preparation and proper support. Weight loss, especially sustainable weight loss, isn’t a solo journey, and it isn’t a straightforward path. It requires a deeper understanding of your body’s needs, a recognition of the psychological aspects of eating, and, most importantly, an acknowledgment that sometimes, we need a bit more than a calorie counter app to get us through and lead us to success. The key isn’t only about focusing on eating less and moving more in a generic sense but about a whole-body approach that addresses our unique physical requirements, our environment, and our psychological well-being.
    Building muscle takes immense discipline – tell us more.
    It definitely requires intense discipline with the addition of a well formulated strategy. Building muscle goes way beyond just working hard in the gym. To give a basic insight, I believe there are three main phases to muscle building that require significant energy and preparation, the first half includes preperation where the body must be in a state of nourishment and good health in order to be ready to take on the stress of muscle building training. The second half includes a push where training must be performed at a high intensity with immaculate technical execution in order to create a successful response and the third part includes repair, where the body must be adequately rested and nourished in order to recover and be in a state to perform again at a higher level. This cycle is repeated over and over until ideal muscle mass is achieved.
    This is ‘The Body Issue’ – what are your non-negotiable self and body care practices.
    The most important self-care practices include loving relationships, Sunlight and grounding, a nutrient dense diet, prayer and meditation, movement and contributing to something greater than myself.
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    10 things to avoid during the hottest summer months in the UAE for safety


    by Ruman Baig
    2 hours ago

    The UAE summer sun is no joke. With temperatures soaring past 40°C, staying safe becomes a top priority.
    Here’s a guide on what not to do during the hottest months, along with some UAE-specific suggestions to keep you cool:

    Don’t underestimate the sun’s power
    While a tan might look nice, sunburn is a recipe for discomfort and dehydration. Opt for lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. Look for fabrics with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating for added sun protection.
    Don’t forget the SPF
    Sunscreen is non-negotiable. Apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher liberally and reapply every two hours, especially after swimming or sweating. Don’t forget areas like your ears, lips, and the tops of your feet.
    Don’t skip hydration

    Dehydration is a major risk in extreme heat. Carry a reusable water bottle and sip on cool water throughout the day, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Avoid sugary drinks and excessive caffeine, which can dehydrate you further. Electrolyte-rich beverages can be helpful, especially after sweating a lot.
    Don’t push yourself outdoors during peak heat
    The UAE offers a vibrant nightlife and a plethora of air-conditioned indoor attractions. Plan outdoor activities for early mornings or evenings when temperatures are milder. Malls, museums,and even indoor ski slopes at Ski Dubai offer cool escapes from the scorching sun.
    Don’t leave children or pets in parked cars
    This one seems obvious, but even a few minutes in a sweltering car can be deadly.
    Don’t ignore heatstroke symptoms
    Headache, dizziness, nausea, and excessive sweating are all signs of heatstroke. If you experience them, move to a cool, shaded area, loosen clothing, sip cool water, and seek medical attention if symptoms worsen.
    Don’t rely solely on air conditioning
    While AC is a lifesaver, constantly going from extreme heat to icy-cold interiors can strain your body. Opt for natural ventilation whenever possible and take breaks from the AC to adjust your body temperature gradually.
    Don’t forget about your head
    A wide-brimmed hat shields your face, neck, and head from the harsh sun. Opt for breathable, lightweight materials like straw or cotton.
    Don’t disregard cultural norms
    Dress modestly when outdoors, especially in more conservative areas. This will not only keep you cool but also show respect for local customs.
    Don’t be afraid to embrace the indoors
    The UAE boasts some of the world’s most impressive malls and indoor entertainment complexes. Embrace the air conditioning and explore a myriad of shops, restaurants, theme parks, and cultural attractions that are specifically designed to keep you cool and entertained during the summer months.
    By following these simple tips, you can stay safe, prevent heat-related illnesses, and enjoy a pleasant summer in the UAE.
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    British singer to marry this summer in star studded ceremony in Sussex after he proposed at 30,000ft

    NINE months after Rag ’N’ Bone man popped the question to girlfriend Zoe Beardsall, the pair are counting the days until they wed.Pals told me the Giant singer will tie the knot later this summer in Sussex, close to where they live, then ­celebrate with a massive boozy party.Singer Rag ‘N’ Bone Man is set to marry girlfriend Zoe BeardsallCredit: GettyA source said: “Rory and Zoe have been planning their wedding ever since he proposed in September.“He has got a really busy summer with festivals but there is some time in August which has been set aside for their special day.“Rory is really down to earth and he and Zoe love their quiet life out of the spotlight.“But the wedding won’t be low-key, as they’re having all their friends and family involved for a massive celebration, with a huge party afterwards.READ MORE MUSIC NEWS“Rory is the happiest he has been in years and has now really found his ­soulmate in Zoe.”‘Engaged at 30,000ft’I can imagine their wedding guest list will be pretty epic, too, given that he counts stars such as Calvin Harris and Pink among his friends.We first revealed in January 2021 how Rory had fallen for aspiring actress Zoe following his split from first wife Beth Rouy two years ­earlier.Rory and Zoe’s relationship hit a rocky patch that summer but they got back together and he proposed last year at 30,000ft.Most read in BizarreRory said: “We got engaged on the plane, on the way to Nashville.”In a joint chat with The Sun, Zoe said: “He was going to do it when we got there but his anxiety was getting the better of him and he didn’t want to ruin the holiday.Mo Adeniran sings ‘Human’ by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man on The Voice semi-final“He was p**sing about with the divider between our seats and he put it down and was just sitting there with a box.”I can think of far worse proposals, if I’m being honest.Here’s to making it down the aisle — with a lot less messing about.To cap it all, here’s KatyTHE spirit of the Nineties is still very much around for Katy Perry, who wore baggy jeans and a backwards cap as she went on a date night with movie star fiancé Orlando Bloom.The pair were spotted heading to support Ellen DeGeneres as she made her stand-up comeback in Los Angeles.Katy Perry was snapped in baggy jeans and a backwards cap as she went on a date with movie star fiancé Orlando BloomCredit: BackGridAlso there were Kim and Khloe Kardashian.Katy was on a break from recording her new album.It has been four years since the Teenage Dream singer’s last effort, Smile, and Katy says her next record will be her most upbeat yet.She said: “I have yet to make a record from a place of feeling really happy and whole and full of love.“Sometimes artists are like, ‘Oh, that’s boring, you want to make music from kind of like a tougher place’.“But actually it’s very bright and joyful, like fun and playful and celebratory and a party.”It’s a Kemp sightFORGET a work-life balance, Martin Kemp mixes the two.As well as hosting a new podcast with son Roman, the former Spandau Ballet man has roped in wife Shirlie to team up with him on a new TV show.Martin Kemp has roped in wife Shirlie to team up with him on a new TV showCredit: GettyThe pair have spent the week ­filming with Alan Carr for a celebrity special of his Interior Design Masters.A source said: “Shirlie is obsessed with interior design.“When Martin was approached about being on the show, he asked if Shirlie could join him too. They’ve been filming across the UK and she’s loving every second.”Martin and Shirlie, who was a Wham! backing singer, will celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary this November – and Shirlie told me there was never any other man for her.She said: “I saw Martin on Top Of The Pops and in mag-azines, and I didn’t know he’d seen me on Top Of The Pops and in magazines.“I bumped into him a few years later and he made the first move. It’s a real love story and I didn’t realise how rare that is. I feel very sorry for this generation – I don’t know what’s happening.”Tinder, sadly, Shirlie.Madge is Dannii’s modelTHE MINOGUE sisters have a very special bond with Madonna, after Kylie struck up a friendship with the Queen of Pop.Madge later allowed Dannii to mash up her 1985 hit Into The Groove into her song Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling – which she said is still a “pinch me moment”.Dannii Minogue is very close to MadonnaCredit: BBCSpeaking on Proud Radio, Dannii said: “She’d never allowed her music to go out, ever, to anyone. It’s so incredible.“I mean, I grew up listening to her music. It’s one of my favourites.“There’s a lot in the memory bank listening to her – loving her style, loving how fierce and fabulous, in her own body and herself, and her personality and not watering that down for anybody.“She’s given so many people, but particularly women, permission to feel strong. It’s mind-blowing.“And then I saw my sister pop up on stage with Madonna recently.”It will be you next, Dannii, I’m sure.Catch Zimmer live
    HIS concerts on British soil are nearly always sold out but now there is another chance to catch Hans Zimmer live this summer.
    He will perform before Andrea Bocelli’s headline set at American Express presents BST Hyde Park on July 5.
    The composer will also be joined by Seal for what is looking like a truly epic day of live music.

    Sheesh: The place to RocESSEX restaurant Sheesh in Chigwell used to be one of our favourite celebrity haunts.But now it is its sister restaurant in central London’s Piccadilly that is quickly becoming the place to be.Sheesh’s sister restaurant in London is a celeb hot spot, pictured David Haye at the venueCredit: GettyOn Wednesday night, stars including Mutya Buena from Sugababes, boxer David Haye and EastEnders’ Jacqueline Jossa all descended on the venue for a new weekly party hosted by Kele Le Roc.We Are Family singer Kathy Sledge also took to the stage with Lisa Maffia for an old-school touch, which saw nearly the whole restaurant get up on their feet.The last time I tucked in there, England captain Harry Kane was having his 30th birthday upstairs.If you happen to like a good bit of celebrity-spotting, like me, definitely give it a whirl.Dua in tune for GlastoDUA Lipa gave us fans a sneak peek of what’s to come at Glastonbury as she kicked off her mini European tour in Germany.The singer wore a black leotard and fishnet tights as she performed in Berlin.Superstar Dua Lipa wore a black leotard and fishnet tights as she performed in BerlinCredit: X/TwitterDespite the fact it was hammering down when she hit the outdoor stage, Dua still smashed her performance, say fans who posted clips online.The singer will now play shows in France and Croatia in support of her third album, Radical Optimism, before heading to Worthy Farm later this month to headline on the Friday night.Teasing that more gigs are in the pipeline, Dua wrote on X/Twitter: “This is only the beginning”.We can’t wait.Aitch ‘n’ Luciano baddie upMY fave British rapper Aitch has teamed up with German rap star Luciano for a brand new track, Baddies, out today.TRAVIS have also returned with new single Bus, and its video features a cameo from comic Adam Buxton.READ MORE SUN STORIESThere is also new music from Tove Lo – who today announced that her new EP with SG Lewis, called Heat, is coming next Friday.And OneRepublic are gearing up for their new album, Artificial Paradise, which is out on July 12. More