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    In Pics: Inside Selena Gomez’s star-studded 31st birthday party


    by Ruman Baig
    3 hours ago

    Selena Gomez, celebrated her 31st birthday in style on Friday evening with a surprise bash at an exclusive residence in Malibu.
    The event was meticulously planned by her closest friends, who made sure to incorporate personal touches that truly reflected the actor’s essence.
    The singer looked stunning in a red leather embellished strapless mini dress from the renowned Bottega Veneta, complemented by Magda Butryum sandals styled by Dominic J. West.
    The night was filled with memorable moments, including a lively DJ set by Diplo, a photo booth adorned with an SG monogram, and an endless supply of customised Shake Shack burgers (the beauty entrepreneur’s favourite).

    A constellation of entertainment industry darlings and close friends to the Rare Beauty moghul graced the occasion. The guest list boasted names like Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Rosalia, Karol G, Saweetie, Tiffany Haddish, Pia Mia, Sabrina Claudio, Benny Blanco, YG, Tyga, and many more.
    But the birthday surprises didn’t conclude there. On her Instagram Story, Selena revealed an additional delightful treat – a private screening of the new Barbie movie.

    Her friends and younger sister donned adorable Barbie-themed pink outfits while enjoying the show from comfortable-looking chairs. Following the screening, the group gathered for an intimate dinner, captured in Instagram photos that showcased them in their pink-clad glory, surrounded by a delectable spread of food and drinks.
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    Here’s why the Selena Gomez vs. Hailey Bieber narrative needs to end


    by Ruman Baig
    4 hours ago

    It’s 2023, how are women still pitting womnen against each other over issues so trivial, that should have been best left in high-school.
    Unless you’re living under a rock, you must be aware of the whole scoial media drama between Hailey Beiber and Selena Gomez — orchestrated by unhappy people on the internet. While the latest edition of this tomfoolery may have begun in February, the real catty narrative around Hailey and Selena have been doing the rounds since the former married Justin Bieber in 2018, six months after his reported breakup with Selena. Ever since, everything the two women do — right from posting a song on their personal IG stories to writing a slightly vague caption, everything is turned into a planned dig by theory makers on Instagram and TikTok.

    While the ladies have reportedly mentioned under various platforms that there’s no bad blood between the two — netizens cannot seem to let the two women live in peace. Back in 2022, Selena and Hailey even publically posed together for a photo op, in an attempt to put the past behind at the Academy Museum Gala. And for a fleating moment, both beauty entrepreneurs could breathe a sigh of relief.
    Cut to a month ago, the Rare Beauty founder posted about accidentally overlaminating her brows. On the same day, Kylie Jenner shared a video of herself and Hailey on FaceTime highlighting their eyebrows, which was instantly translated as an attack on the singer. TikToker Nuha, @devotedly.yours, shared her theory and left the internet in a frenzy. Both Selena and Kylie resorted to comment on this absurd theory. “This is reaching,” wrote Jenner, “U guys are making something out of nothing. This is silly,” selena backed the reality star with her comment on the same TikTok.

    @devotedly.yours Replying to @its_alexhilton Half asleep making this but @piamia’s latest video says a lot without saying a single thing #selenagomez ♬ Calm Down – Rema & Selena Gomez

    Despite the invidual involved in the supposed fued clearing the air, fans of both parties continued to vandalize their social media with hateful comments, Hailey more than Selena. Things grew even more tensed when online hate started picking up heat in real life. Recently, at a Justin Bieber concert, the crowd heckled him by chanting “Fuck Hailey Bieber” leaving the singer and his wife in complete dismay.
    Amidst the chaos, Selena took a break from social media, dethroned kylie Jenner as the most followed women on Instagram and then came back to regular programming, posting about the filming of her show. But the bitter fans apparently weren’t done berating Mrs. Bieber on her behalf. The online bullying progressed to death threats for the Canadian singer’s wife and the two women had to yet again take a stand for each other publically.

    On 24th March, 2023, Selena shared an Instagram story almost pleading her followers to leave Hailey alone. In the said story, she wrote, “Hailey Bieber reached out to me and let me know that she has been receiving death threats and such hateful negativity. This isn’t what I stand for.”
    Following her statement, Hailey posted, “I want to thank Selena for speaking out, as her and I have been discussing the last few weeks how to move past this ongoing narrative between her and I. The last few weeks have been very hard for everyone involved and millions of people are seeing so much hate around this which is extremely harmful.”
    Hailey and Selena’s official statements

    After this, they may just have to come out in the open and sign a peace treaty for the people to finally let them move one. In this entirely fabricated chaos, one can visibly see how easy it is to keep a triangle involving two women go on for so long. Ever since time immemorial, celebrities have been dating, breaking up and then dating ex partners of other celebrities. While men are seldom in the limelight for choosing a happily ever after with one half of a popularly shipped couple, female celebrities cannot seem to see the end of it. Both women in this situation are highly accomplished and are constantly striving to grow in their space, while allowing other women to do the same. Yet, they cannot catch a break about a decison in their lives involving the same man.
    Even if any of the fan cooked up theories held any semblence of truth, does a sketchy comment or a shade-throwing IG story deserve a death threat in reaction? I don’t think so. Celebrity or not, no women needs to be answerable for her personal choices, irrespective of public opinion. It is about time we go back to treating social media like a space to harbour community spirit, instead of using it as a false court of law where the general public writes a death sentence for any one and everyone they don’t agree with.
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    Selena Gomez becomes the first-ever woman to cross 400 million followers on Instagram


    by Ruman Baig
    2 hours ago

    Celebrating this major milestone with her insta-family through a heartfelt post, Selena stated, “Wishing I could hug all 400 million of you.”

    Being the only woman to cross this massive number, the Disney alumni is known for keeping it raw, real and relatable on social media. This also makes her the third-most-followed person on the platform after football players Cristiano Ronaldo (with 562 million followers) and Lionel Messi (with 482 million followers).

    Recently, the Rare Beauty founder has been in the news because of cooked-up social media drama with reality-star Kylie Jenner and model Hailey Bieber. While the trio maintained their silence about all multiple theories emerging on both TikTok and Instagram—Selena took a sabatical from the platform, right after she dethroned fellow beauty-moghul Kylie Jenner as the most followed woman, who held the top slot for a while. Setting an example even through this, Selena’s move declared that even when you’re on the top of your game, you are allowed to take a step back.

    Returning to the platform to share her gratitude, Selena shared snippets of moments with fans that she cherishes. Over the years, the singer-actor-producer has been vocal about all her struggles on social media and has used the platform to constantly voice her opinion on issues that matter. Whether it was publically thanking her bestfriend and Kindey donor Francia Raisa for saving her life or candidly talking about her constant battle with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

    Taking unfiltered to a whole new level, her authenticity on Instagram is what sets her apart. A platform where images are constantly retouched and only the best parts of a celebrity’s life are careully revealed, Selena unabashedly showcases herself sans any filter or alteration. Embracing everythng from weight fluctuations to bad hair days, Selena is continually inspiring millions of women to love themselves regardless. Her Apple TV documentary, My Mind & Me, shows an extension of her jounery from a child star to a pop sensation, and how life under the limelight is more than what meets the eyes.

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