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    HIIT Things Up With This Simple But Powerful Couple’s Workout

    This full-body high-intensity interval couple’s workout is perfect for pairs looking to torch kilos. Do this workout three days a week for the best results. All you’ll need is a skipping rope and an exercise mat.

    Complete as many reps as you can in 60 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. Based on your level of fitness either complete one round (beginner), two to three rounds (intermediate) or four rounds (advanced).

    The HIIT Couple’s Workout

    1/ Skipping And Inchworm

    Your partner starts in a standing position, feet hip distance apart. They then place their hands on the floor and walk them forward until they’re in high plank.

    Your partner then walks their hands back to their feet and stands upright. Skip for 60 seconds while they complete the exercise.

    Make it harder:  Your partner adds a push-up before walking their hands back to their feet and standing upright. Even harder: your partner taps their hands to the opposite toes before walking back and standing upright.

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    2/ Knee-Raises

    Sit facing your partner. Holding each other’s hands, lean back and straighten your legs. Bring your knees towards your chest while shifting your butt to the other side of your partner. Straighten your legs and repeat the process, shifting your legs back to the starting side.

    3/ Skipping And Inchworm

    Repeat exercise one of the couple’s workout, but this time you perform the inchworm while your partner skips. 

    4/ Reverse Lunge And Squat

    Stand facing your partner while holding each other’s right hands. Lunge backwards with your left leg. As you return to standing, drop your partner’s right hand, grab each other’s left hands and lunge backwards with your right leg. As you return to standing, grab both hands and then squat. Return

    to standing.

    Make it harder:  Swap the regular squat for a jump squat. Let go of your partner’s hands as you jump.

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    5/ Plank And Jump Over

    Start in plank, keeping your body straight and your core braced. Your partner places their hands on your upper back near your shoulders and jumps side to side over you.

    Make it harder: After jumping over, your partner does a half-burpee (no push-up) before jumping back. Even harder: try a chest-to-floor burpee.

    6/ Partner Leg Raises

    Lie down facing opposite directions with your heads next to each other. Interlock your arms, holding each other under the biceps. Keeping your core muscles tight and back on the ground, raise your legs until your toes touch at the top. Lower back down with control. Repeat. 

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    7/ Plank And High Knees 

    As your partner maintains a high plank, perform high knees, moving side to side between their legs moving. Swap positions halfway. 

    8/ Partner Roll-Ups

    Sit facing your partner. Roll backwards onto your upper-back with your knees tucked in. Roll forward, returning to a seated position and clap hands. Repeat. 

    Make it harder: As you roll forward, stand up and clap your hands. Sit down and begin again. Try to keep the movement fluid and continuous.

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