Your Ultimate Protein Pancake Recipe

Pancakes are awesome, but the sugar and refined carbs are like a one-two gut punch; a stack for breakfast can leave you feeling hungry and lethargic not too long afterward. These protein pancakes, on the other hand, have enough replenishing fuel to keep you full for hours and crush those 11 a.m. cravings. Made with oat flour and protein powder (instead of the usual white flour and granulated sugar), these better-for-you pancakes get sweetness from a banana and even more hunger-curbing protein from cottage cheese.

They cook up light and fluffy and taste so good, you’d never know they house 17 grams of protein per serving (which is about 3 pancakes)—basically the equivalent of what you’d find in three eggs.

Why is it so important to load up on protein?

Experts say you probably need more protein than you think. This macronutrient provides energy and is key for building muscles and bones. A high-protein breakfast, in particular, is clutch for keeping blood sugar and energy levels stable to avoid crashing later.

This super easy recipe for protein pancakes is great plain or topped with a handful of berries, to boost the vitamins and fibre even more. It’s the rare indulgent breakfast (or anytime meal) that’s actually good for you so break out that big ole tub of whey protein powder and get ready to scoop and level up!

Protein Pancake

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This article by Susan Choung & Joy Cho first appeared on Women’s Health US.



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