What’s in the stars for Eid? Here’s everything you need to know


My goodness! How does the universe know it’s Eid? Because he knows everything. The planets have been waiting to have some fun with you. The following two weeks see a lot of ‘love’ flying about here, there and everywhere. Whatever you want to say or do, make sure you do it, again, with those you love. One particular person appears to shine in your eyes. With Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, putting a spotlight on relationships and this year, you are after the most desirable results, but aren’t we all?

A fast-moving and talkative Mercury knows it’s holiday time because he is moving at the speed of a Bugatti. Mercury also knows he needs to give your brain a rest after leaving Gemini and all those animated, witty, exciting, and those charming tête-à-têtes behind. Then why are you experiencing some anxiety? There’s a lot going on.

Mercury has now stopped into family-loving Cancer for the next two weeks from July 6. We all know there is nothing like a good home-cooked meal and a catch-up with mum and people you love to be around. Make sure you take the time to enjoy time around the kitchen preparing your favourite meals and laugh about happier times together. You’d also best to get those that count on your side for what’s to come next on your journey.

Be quick, Mercury has places to be and people to see. On July 20 he will be roaring off to meet party-loving Leo.

Mercury made a telephone call to Mars on July 6 when he moved house also. They hatched a plan to be on the guest list at the hottest parties in Ibiza. Are you warming up and making plans also? You should be! Leo season always equals fun in the sun.

Not everything will seem smooth sailing just yet because Jupiter is still trying to create some drama by putting a relationship in the limelight. Someone is not happy with being ignored, but you are not happy being told what to do. Jupiter can be like a kid with too much raspberry cordial, he’s irritated for sure, so surround yourself with love and ignore any perceived manipulation or emotional imbalances for now. In a month, you will have forgotten any drama and you will all be happy campers again. Someone is learning what it’s like to either grow up a little or have more patience.

Mars is changing energies on July 6 and moving out of a frenetic and demanding Aries into a more comfort-loving, luxurious Taurus. Your senses are so stimulated you will want to revel in the sensuous feelings he conjures up in you right through until 20 August; why not?

Mars will also give you quality time with the people who matter most in your life. Is it someone dear to your heart? Keep a low profile with others, they don’t need to know your business. Your intentions look to be kind and pure but heaven forbid! It looks like some very lusty thoughts are flying about, but the stars say you’ve got nothing to lose by using your womanly wiles and having some fun.

Even the internet is your friend, so dial-up and surprise them with a little something unexpected. See it for what it is, and don’t push for a commitment, particularly if you’re single. You don’t want to scare them off. The object of your fancy will enjoy the banter or fantasy of any instinctual urges you have leading up to July 12. After that, things will take on a serious, more emotionally reserved note on the eve of the Full Moon in Capricorn when you will need to cool things right down.

Luckily Mars in Taurus until August 20 will help give you more introspection, so go with the flow. He will heighten your reasoning powers.

Remember back to the beginning of 2022, what were you hoping to achieve this year? Where you are standing today, it looks like one foot is heading in the right direction, and the other is slightly off track. It’s a test, so be careful what you wish for. Luckily you are being given extra stamina which will get through the sticky bits. Someone may well be invested in your future at the moment, are they helping you emotionally or financially? They are an angel with the biggest halo and fluffiest of wings. Bless them.

Lastly, we should mention that Mercury is very career conscious right now and is actively trying to help you climb the ladder of success. It would help if you played the game. Something is uncomfortable, it’s awkward, and not easy. Don’t overthink things. Take it one step at a time, know your parameters, and realise that if you stay where you are right now, it will only offer you some short-term comfort. Who wants to come back and repeat the process all over again, perhaps with less favourable results, when the opportunity to go for it is right there. This year your foot should be on the gas.

Things are still playing out beyond your control and they may not necessarily be on your terms. Don’t be surprised if others think you appear rattled. In fact, even those who are generally in control may seem a little unsettled. What’s going on? Are you secretly fact-finding at the moment trying to sway a situation? Be careful; you may likely miss whatever information you are hunting for, whilst doing what you do in haste and obsession.

Destress, let the Universe take care of you. Why age prematurely and unnecessarily? After all, love and laughter is the best beauty treatment we know right? You should be looking very fine and dandy by early August.

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