7 app-based car services in Dubai for a smooth ride


Tired of waiting in long queues for your next car ride? Dubai has all the right options for you.

From premium cars to airport cabs, each app has a variety of options to choose from making travelling in the emirate an effortless task.

After entering the destination and pickup point passengers can lay back and enjoy the hassle-free ride through any of these mobile apps. For utmost safety, each app includes 24/7 support, GPS tracking, and emergency assistance.

So, for your next ride, has curated a guide of all the car apps to download in Dubai for a seamless journey.


As a one-stop solution for all its users’ needs, this app has been operating in the country for over a decade. Without limiting to taxi services, the other options include delivery, recharging, transferring money, ordering food and shopping. To receive returns on every ride, customers can also subscribe to the rewards programme starting at Dhs19 per month.

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC)

In a smooth and innovative manner, customers can reserve taxis and limousines via the smart application. After registering on the app, passengers can select and reserve a vehicle, after which they search for the nearest one to the customer’s location. Payments can be made directly or through a credit card for a seamless process.


This global ridesharing and ride-hailing service allows customers to seamlessly book a ride after signing in within a few minutes. For an exception experience, the app also offers luxury car rides, making quality prices available at a lesser price. Without forgetting the little ones, the app offers baby car seats in the family category to ensure a safe and seamless ride for them.


While still operating independently across the Middle East, this ride-hailing American service was taken over by Careem in early 2020. As a premium airport car service, the app offers pickups and transportation with a click of a button. For any planned events, Uber has the option of requesting ride up to 30 days in advance at any time and on any day of the year.


Dubai’s latest ride-sharing company, WOW Electronic Transport Services allows potential passengers to book rides and have luxury trips or even be a leader and drive with the app. Without limiting any onboarding customers, the app allows one to book a ride for family or friends with minimum effort. With stress-free rides, WOW ensures anyone can book a ride within minutes. To ensure women and children feel comfortable and safe, the app offers an exclusive premium journey for them at any given time of the day.


This premium car booking platform is the GCC’s first on-demand premium service. From limousines to business class Mercedes options, customers can book via the app and opt for the cashless payment option. Whether an airport transfer or an hourly ride, professional chauffeurs ensure customers enjoy a comfortable luxury ride to their destination. With fixed rates, passengers can know the price estimate of their ride in advance.

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