Head to Huqqa at the Dubai Mall for the best Turkish breakfast in town

Get your breakfast fix

SPONSORED: Turkey takes breakfast very seriously. While you may have heard about breakfast being the most important meal of the day from a nutritional standpoint, for Turks breakfast is so much more. In Turkey, breakfast isn’t just a routine. Turkish (before coffee) is a coming together of friends and family. It’s a social event that dates back six centuries to the Ottoman Empire.

turkish breakfast dubai

A traditional Turkish breakfast is a meal of epic proportions that includes cheeses, olives, egg dishes, jams, grilled sausage and cup after cup of black tea. It’s the kind of meal that, if you don’t know where to go looking for it, could make your wallet noticeably lighter. Lucky for you Huqqa, the Dubai Mall offers the most reasonably priced Turkish breakfast in town.

While brunch has proved to be a good equalizer to the breakfast conundrum, it’s nowhere near reasonably priced. Besides offering breakfast dishes starting from Dh6, Huqqa is also giving its patrons unlimited, complimentary tea with every main course breakfast item.

turkish breakfast dubai

One of the best Turkish restaurants in Dubai, Huqqa offers a bird’s-eye view of Downtown Dubai, the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain. Huqqa’s breakfast offers a variety of traditional Turkish pastries, bread, cheeses, sujuk, eggs and unlimited free-flowing tea to go with your meal. Fodies with a penchant for fusion can indulge in the sumptuous avocado benedict and steak benedict.

For the weight watchers, Huqqa is all about ‘designing your own breakfast’. So the menu is full of smaller platters that you can pair together, depending on what you’re craving that day. From traditional Turkish Simit Bagels at Dh9, Menemen(Saksuka) platter priced at Dh17 or a french toast with jam at Dh38.

turkish breakfast dubai

So come on, get your friends and family to a table at Huqqa and do as the Turks and make your breakfasts a social affair. Now, more than ever, it’s about disconnecting from technology and connecting with the person sitting across from you.



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