Peter Andre wasn’t happy when his daughter Princess told him who her idol is

Peter Andre was left less than pleased when his 12-year-old daughter Princess told him who her celebrity idol is.

The Australian pop star, who shares Princess and her 14-year-old brother Junior with former glamour model Katie Price, quizzed his little girl on who her dream dinner guests would be.

But when the pretty, blonde pre-teen, who he sweetly nicknames Bista, revealed her answer, Peter was left rolling his eyes.

Writing in his column for new! magazine, hunky dad Peter explained, ‘I had an interesting conversation with Bista last week, I asked her which three people, dead or alive, she’d have for dinner and she chose Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and the Queen.”

We’d love to see Kimmy K and Kylie sat around the table with Her Majesty too. Fair play, Princess.

The Mysterious Girl singer’s exasperation continued when Princess went on to justify her choice to have reality megastar Kylie Jenner at her dinner party.

‘But what got to me was the fact she said she liked Kylie because she’s pretty and she likes her big lips- I couldn’t help but roll my eyes,’ he wrote.

Admitting that he’s not totally opposed to rich kid Kylie’s way of life, Pete went on, ‘’

Peter regularly keeps his social media followers entertained with videos of Princess, Junior and his two other children, six-year-old Amelia and Theo, three.

In a recent upload, all four of his brood can be seen rolling around on the floor, wrestling on the carpet.

Captioning the footage, Peter endearingly wrote, ‘.’

‘,’ one fan commented.

‘,’ laughed a second, while a third chipped in, ‘.’



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