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    Introducing The Everygirl’s Mobile Lightroom Presets

    You know that moment in Cinderella (the Brandy version, obviously) when she spins around and her ballgown materializes out of thin air, shimmering in the moonlight? Besides giving me totally unrealistic expectations for how fast it would take me to get dressed as an adult, that moment taught me that magic can happen in the blink of an eye. And while a one-click-and-you’re-done photo editing preset isn’t exactly a handsome suitor, there’s still something magically addicting about going from a blah pic to a bright, feed-worthy photo with just a tap of your finger. So drumroll please… introducing The Everygirl’s Mobile Lightroom Presets! Just call us your fairy godmother. 

    We just launched nine new, exclusive Lightroom presets to help you instantly overhaul your interior, exterior, flatlay, and product shots: all with just one click.

    All you need to use presets is the Lightroom mobile app, and you’re good to go. We’re also including video tutorials on how to download and install your presets as well as how to customize them for any and every photo. With nine specific edits to choose from, you’ll have limitless possibilities to brighten, soften, warm up, cool down, or sharpen any photo on your camera roll. 


    Best for: Exterior shots taken on overcast days or at twilight / blue hour and interior shots with lots of rich, dark textures. 

    Bright & Soft 

    Best for: Photos taken in dim lighting that need a lot of brightening up, as well as a slight warm, soft tone. Works well for interior photos without a lot of natural light or when you want to warm up the textures in an image.


    Clean & Simple

    Best for: Photos that need a boost of bright, even light. Works well for product shots, flatlays, and interior shots in dim, natural lighting. 

    Cool & Soft

    Best for: Photos that need a soft wash of cool-tinted light. Works well for interior shots in dim or evening lighting. 

    Warm & Crisp

    Best for: Shots that need a boost of creamy light as well as a subtle sharpening effect. 


    Best for: Photos that need a touch of soft, creamy light. Works well for photos with a lot of natural light already that just need that subtle, extra boost. 

    Touch of Warmth

    Best for: Photos that you want to appear warmer and slightly brighter, and to deepen the darker tones for a touch of contrast. 

    Ultra Bright

    Best for: Darker, lackluster photos that need a big boost of even light.


    Best for: Photos that you want to have an editorial feel, in a crisp, high-contrast black and white.

    Why presets? 

    We love the ease of use with Lightroom presets and here’s why: 
    You’ll cut your editing time in half and get a beautiful, bright, vibrant photo with just one click
    You can create a cohesive feed by applying similar edits to your photos for a consistent look
    You can use presets as a building block for selective edits (like removing imperfections) to save time and headaches 

    Ready to get started? Grab our full pack of nine presets at the link below. Plus, video tutorials on how to install and download the presets, and more of our tips and tricks for using them.  More

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    25 Insanely Cute Holiday Ornaments

    Growing up, my mom took a lot of pride in our Fancy Tree. The day after Thanksgiving, she’d trek into the basement, search through a mess of storage boxes, and revive her beloved pre-lit tree for it to make its long-awaited debut. She’d spend hours fluffing it up, trimming it with sparkly whites and golds, and taking steps back with her hands on her hips to admire it from afar. The annual rebirth of Fancy Tree was a symbolic start to the holiday season; it made our house feel like a home straight out of an HGTV commercial.Once Fancy Tree was in business, the real fun began. Enter Fun Tree: our downstairs, faux tree strung with multicolored lights and a collection of ornaments from the time my parents married through my toddler years to the birth of my youngest sibling and beyond. We would put up the ornaments, laughing at the stories behind them, recounting how much we’d grown, and wondering where the time had gone. From a designer’s eye, Fun Tree was a hot mess. To us, it was absolutely perfect.
    Whether you prefer your tree to be a Joanna Gaines-worthy masterpiece or a beautiful mess of memories, there’s always room to add a little piece of the present. We’ve rounded up our favorite 2020 ornaments to add to your collection. More

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    Set Your Alarm: Studio McGee’s New Target Collection Launches This Weekend

    Second to my bed after a long day of working from home, Target’s home decor section is my idea of heaven on Earth. I could spend (and have spent) hours perusing all of the affordable, “I-need-it-or-I-will-perish” pieces that the department store has to offer. Don’t even get me started on the Studio McGee x Target pieces released in March that have absolutely transformed my apartment during the quarantine season (Shea McGee, we love your work!).So, naturally, when I heard that Studio McGee teamed up with Target yet again to release a fall collection, I did two things. First, I performed an impromptu, sad, yet enthusiastic rendition of the Hammertime dance in my kitchen (no one got hurt with the exception of my ego when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror). Next, I set a reminder on my phone for September 13 so that, when that glorious time comes, I can hop online to be one of the first to add pieces from the collection to make my home a cozy fall oasis. 
    We are absolutely loving these items from Studio McGee’s fall collection, and you will, too. Select your favorites now so that you can quickly add to your cart when they launch!

    available 9/13/20

    Although Target doesn’t state specifically what time products launch online, past releases have started around 3 a.m. ET. More