Set Your Alarm: Studio McGee’s New Target Collection Launches This Weekend

Second to my bed after a long day of working from home, Target’s home decor section is my idea of heaven on Earth. I could spend (and have spent) hours perusing all of the affordable, “I-need-it-or-I-will-perish” pieces that the department store has to offer. Don’t even get me started on the Studio McGee x Target pieces released in March that have absolutely transformed my apartment during the quarantine season (Shea McGee, we love your work!).

So, naturally, when I heard that Studio McGee teamed up with Target yet again to release a fall collection, I did two things. First, I performed an impromptu, sad, yet enthusiastic rendition of the Hammertime dance in my kitchen (no one got hurt with the exception of my ego when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror). Next, I set a reminder on my phone for September 13 so that, when that glorious time comes, I can hop online to be one of the first to add pieces from the collection to make my home a cozy fall oasis. 

We are absolutely loving these items from Studio McGee’s fall collection, and you will, too. Select your favorites now so that you can quickly add to your cart when they launch!

available 9/13/20

Although Target doesn’t state specifically what time products launch online, past releases have started around 3 a.m. ET.



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