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    Pilates Newbie? Learn This Pilates Lingo To Help You Keep Up In Your First Class

    Pilates is hugely underrated as a form of exercise. The movements are so tiny and the weights so light… how can it possibly be effective, right? Well here’s the thing: You don’t always need to be lifting huge chunks of metal with a full range of motion to build strength and muscle tone. And with the ‘That Girl‘ aesthetic going viral on TikTok, Pilates classes are finally having their time in the spotlight. If you’re new to Pilates, though, you may find you struggle to keep up because the teacher is speaking a foreign language a.k.a. using Pilates terms. Use this guide to decode some of those common, yet totally weird, Pilates terms.
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    Pilates Terms You Should Know:
    “Scoop your abs.”
    May sound like: “Tilt your pelvis.”
    What it actually means: Pull your tummy muscles in towards your spine and simultaneously up towards your chest. This helps lengthen your waist and stabilises your spine during movements. Pilates is all about moving well to prevent injury. You don’t need an ice-cream scoop to perform this move.
    “Articulate your spine.”
    May sound like: Move vertebra by vertebra.
    What it actually means: Rolling or unrolling your spine, either from standing, so you’re rolling forward towards the ground, or sitting upright, so you’re rolling onto your back. The idea is to move slowly, little by little, and with control. Moving this way increases flexibility in your back.
    WATCH: This 45-minute Pilates Class With Kedibone Matlala Is A Great Home Workout With No Equipment
    [embedded content]
    “Lengthen through the crown of your head.”
    May sound like: Lengthen through your spine.
    What it actually means: Sit or stand as tall as you possibly can. So no out-of-body experience then.
    “Soften your elbows.”
    Also: “Soften your knees.”
    What it actually means: Whether it’s your elbows or knees that are getting the “softening” treatment, you don’t need Ingram’s to do it. All it means is that you shouldn’t lock the joint.
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    “Fire your glutes.”
    May sound like: Engage your glutes.
    What it actually means: If your Pilates teacher gives you this instruction, all you’re doing is activating your butt muscles as you prepare to move. Case in point: If you’re lying on your back, about to go into bridge pose, squeeze your bum before you lift your hips.
    WATCH: 45-Minute Pilates Home Workout With The Movement Lab Using A Chair And Water Bottles
    [embedded content]
    “Wrap your thighs.”
    What it actually means: With your legs together, rotate your thighs outwards very slightly, as you simultaneously squeeze the backs of your inner thighs together. No contact plastic required.
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    “Bring your wings down.”
    What it actually means: No, this is not proof that Pilates is some woo-woo practice created for fairies. It’s not referring to actual wings. Simply pull you shoulders down away from your ears. Your neck feels better already, right?
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    “Open your chest.”
    May sound like: Chest wide.
    What it actually means: “Scalpel!” No, not really. Just pull you shoulders back and breathe more deeply so your chest expands.
    “Knit your ribs.”
    May sound like: Draw the ribs in.
    What it actually means: As much as a rib-shaped tea cosy would make an interesting talking point at your next brunch, what you want to do here is pull your front ribs, just below your chest bone, closer together. You’ll feel your upper abs engage. It also stabilises your spine. Pilates is especially good for those with back pain.
    WATCH: Beginners’ Pilates Workout With A Stretchy Band (And Practice Your Newly Learnt Pilates Terms)
    [embedded content]
    “Pull towards your midline.”
    What it actually means: It sounds like something out of Olympic rowing, but the ‘midline’ is actually an anatomical term for an invisible line down the centre of your body that divides left from right. If you hear this phrase in your Pilates class, you’re probably pulling your leg towards your other leg.
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    “Ground your feet.”
    May sound like: Anchor your hips.
    What it actually means: Imagine yourself standing normally and someone bumps into you. You’ll probably stumble, because your weight was more on one foot than the other and you were actually kind of leaning on the side of that foot. Now imagine standing with your feet firmly planted. That’s grounding.
    “Hinge from your hip.”
    May sound like: Break in the hip.
    What it actually means: Bend forward at the hip joint, without rounding your back or bending your knees. Think of a laptop – the screen is the top half of your body, the keyboard is the lower half. Neither bends when you close the laptop.
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    *Adapted from the Best of Women’s Health Big Book of Pilates.
    Women’s Health participates in various affiliate marketing programmes, which means we may get commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. More

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    6 Sustainable K-Way Products We’re Loving This Winter

    Are you even South African if you don’t whip out the K-Way as soon as the temperature starts to dip? Cape Union Mart is the first-stop destination for Saffas on the hunt for outdoor gear, gadgets or, yes, winter threads. And the K-Way down jacket is the unofficial uniform for braais, camping trips, festivals… and any other outdoor activity. 
    Now, the iconic local brand has taken things a step further by giving SA’s favourite cold gear a sustainable makeover. We’re talking social and environmental responsibility that invokes real, impactful change. 
    K-Way is constantly striving to do things better, more ethically and more sustainably. And their partnership with Re:Down® is helping them do just that. Re:Down® is an international company that collects used down from post-consumer goods. Then begins a thorough process of sorting, extracting, washing, drying, sterilising and quality-checking before the down is cleared for good-as-new reuse. 
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    K-Way is the first manufacturer in Africa to use Re:Down® in its apparel, including their much-loved puffer jackets. So if you’re wanting to upgrade your outdoor gear, why not choose something with sustainability in mind? This gear guide is good for the environment and perfect for your many exciting adventures ahead!
    6 Sustainable K-Way Products To Buy RN
    K-Way Women’s Ember Re:Down Jacket 
    K-Way Women’s Ember Re:Down JacketR 1 999Buy It
    This sustainable style icon is upcycled and made from 100% Re:Down®. Made from quality upcycled down with 650 fill power for added warmth and comfort, the jacket features a seamless tube construction that minimises down migration. And to keep the cold air out? You have two hand-warmer pockets, two internal drop-in pockets and elasticated cuffs and hem. It also comes with a compression bag for easy and convenient storage when travelling. 
    K-Way Women’s Edge Waterproof Shoe
    K-Way Women’s Edge Waterproof ShoeR 1 499Buy It
    Looking to spend more QT in nature? This shoe is perfect for day hikes and other light hiking adventures. Thanks to reinforced support from the Ortholite insole, CMEVA midsole and Vibram outsole, as well as a waterproof construction, it protects your feet against the elements so you can move with ease. It’s also made with recycled materials, allowing you to do your bit for the environment, too.
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    K-Way Eco Fleece Beanie
    K-Way Eco Fleece BeanieR 149Buy It
    Keep a warm head this winter. Made from 100% recycled polyester fleece fabric, it is specially designed to keep your head and ears warm on those colder days. Orange not your colour? This beanie comes in 11 different colours, from black to teal to dusty pink and even ochre, so you can match your beanie to any outdoor outfit. Who said you had to sacrifice style in the name of sensibility?
    K-Way Eco Evo Medium Gear Bag
    K-Way Eco Evo Medium Gear BagR 650Buy It
    The durable ripstop material is made from 14 recycled plastic bottles. The heavy-duty lockable YKK zips and buckles keep belongings secure, while the additional sling carry strap assists in carrying heavier weights. Plus, an inner mesh pocket makes organising your gear easy and external side pockets on both sides allow for additional storage.
    K-Way Men’s Creek Re:Down Jacket
    K-Way Men’s Creek Re:Down JacketR 1 999Buy It
    Made from Re:Down®, 100% recycled 90/10 down feather with 650 fill-power, this sustainable jacket is the ideal hiking, travelling and camping companion, offering cold weather protection during all your outdoor adventures. It has windproof and vapour permeable fabric, a durable water-repellent outer layer, two zip-enclosed hand pockets, elasticated hem and cuffs and a wind-baffle system behind the centre-front zip to conquer the cold.
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    K-Way Men’s Edge 3 Waterproof Mid Hiking Boot
    K-Way Men’s Edge 3 Waterproof Mid Hiking BootR 1 699Buy It
    Designed for light hiking, this boot features reinforced support, as well as waterproof construction to keep the elements at bay. The hiking boot is also made with recycled materials; a recycled rip-stop, PU upper and inner fabric make the world of difference. So he can do his bit for the environment while exploring the great outdoors.

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    Finally, You Can Rent Gym Equipment For Home Workouts

    Creating your own gym from scratch is pricey, especially if you’re a treadmill junkie. You’ll often need to buy things month-to-month, adding slowly until you have a dream-worthy squat rack.
    The only other option, until now? Get a gym membership. But a new business, Striide, is out to solve your empty home gym woes by letting you rent gym equipment.
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    It started when Brett and Mark Levy, joint CEOs of telecoms company, Blue Label Telecoms, realised lockdown was going to seriously hamper their #gainz. “With gyms closed to the public, and under level 5 restriction of not being able to exercise outside, the dynamic duo was more so motivated to help South Africans to maintain their fitness goals in the comfort of their own homes,” says account director Ems Moipone Tsotetsi.
    Now, you can rent, rent to buy, or outright purchase gym equipment. Options range from all-in-one dumbbells (with a stand) to treatmills to rowing machines. Prices start from R579 for 24 months.
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    How To Rent Gym Equipment
    Simply visit the website, view the equipment online, and secure your rental. You can rent from any amount of time, including six, 12 or 24 months. Maintenance, delivery and installation are included in rental fees, too.
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    5 High-Impact Sports Bras That’ll Actually Keep Your Boobs in Check

    If your bra size is any bigger than an orange, chances are, finding a proper sports bra to support you when running, jumping and trying to keep up with the svelte trainer is a gargantuan task.
    There just aren’t many options for big-boobed women to choose from. It can be really difficult to find a bra that’s supportive, doesn’t make having bigger boobs a nightmare, and will make us feel super cute.
    We’ve tracked down some high-impact sports bras that can fit up to an extra-large or can be custom-made to suit your needs, and the best part — they’re everything a curvy girl could want! Plus, we’ve slipped a few medium-impact gems in, too. Because we’re not jumping up and down every day, are we?
    Why Wear A *Good* Sports Bra?
    Like many things in life, breasts are pretty complex. They are made up of mostly fat, tissue and ligaments. Because breasts do not contain muscle or are not attached to muscles, they can move independently from the rest of the body and are susceptible to strain. Meaning that our breasts are supported by just skin and ligaments.
    These ligaments, called Cooper’s ligaments, are fragile and once torn, they lose their ability to support the breast leading to pain and saggyness. Women with bigger busts are more likely to have sag due to the skin and ligaments being under more strain because the weight of the breast.
    So, ensure that when choosing a bra, the band is not too tight, there should no spillage or straps cutting into your shoulders… and that you are 100% comfortable.
    READ MORE: Exactly What To Consider When Choosing A Sports Bra
    1/ High-Impact Sports Bras
    High-impact bras are great for high intensity exercises and activities such as running, dance, basketball, kickboxing and HIIT (High intensity interval training).
    PANACHE Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports BraR 1204Buy It
    This UK-based brand offers support that lowers movement by 83%. Smooth, flat seams eliminate friction and discomfort while the wider straps make for greater support and easing shoulder pressure.
    Lisa Raleigh Body Kind Sports BraR 999Buy It
    This bra is best for changing bodies: women who are losing a large amount of body fat, pregnant women whose bodies are in flux, and anyone else who needs a super-adjustable sports bra. It comes in eight sizes up until 5XL. The chest and shoulder straps are adjustable, with extra hooks in the front to secure the front zip (no more grunting while trying to get your bra off!).
    Asics Color Block Bra IIIR 790Buy It
    A great high-impact bra that’s made from about 78% recycled materials (double yay!) plus broad, breathable straps to keep you supported.
    Under Armour Infinity High Blocked Sports BraR 800Buy It
    This bra incorporates new knowledge that when boobs move, they don’t go up and down, but rather in a figure eight. The padding has this in mind, with adjustable elastic straps and a little more coverage at the front.
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    adidas TLRD Impact Luxe Training High-Support Bra WomensR 1164Buy It
    These super-detailed bras mould to your breast and keep everything in place while you train. It’s also made with about 60% recycled materials and straps are adjustable. Plus, it’s just so beautiful.
    2/ Medium Impact Bras
    Medium-impact bras still require a fair amount of support for bending over while executing mountain climbers, push-ups and other strength training maneauvres.
    Salomon Essential Move On Seamless Sports BraR 600Buy It
    Seamless construction won’t chafe and the stretch fabric fits most body types and moves with you while you run or work out.
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    adidas PowerImpact Luxe Training Medium-Support BraR 500Buy It
    So many things to love about this bra: the front entry means it’s so much easier to get in and out of, plus the fabric is quick-drying, so you don’t have to look like you’ve emerged from an ocean swim post-sesh.

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    REVIEW: I Tried A Vibrating Foam Roller PLUS How You Can Win One

    Confession: When Women’s Health asked me to review a vibrating foam roller – the Hyperice Vyper 2.0  to be precise – my immediate thought was that it was going to be another gimmicky fitness tool that would end up gathering dust in the cupboard. Turns out, I was wrong.
    Vibrating Foam Roller: First Impression
    At first glance, the Hyperice Vyper 2.0 looks just like a regular foam roller – a solid cylinder about 30cm long. In the box, you also get a charging cable and a number of international plug adaptors.
    On closer inspection, there’s an on/off switch on one end and another button on the other, which controls vibration speed. LEDs indicate that it’s on and as well as its level of charge.

    How It Works
    When you switch it on, the foam roller starts vibrating fiercely, even at its lowest speed (there are three). I found it worked better to get in position first and only then switch it on – otherwise it jumped around on the floor alarmingly.
    Initially, I tried rolling on it but soon discovered that keeping it in one spot was the way to go – the vibrations do all the work that I would usually do by rolling back and forth.
    [embedded content]
    What The Research Says
    There seems to be a decent amount of evidence that the vibes actually work.
    For instance, a small study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that participants using a vibrating roller experienced better range of motion in their hips compared to those using a standard roller.
    And a 2019 study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found that vibrating foam rollers had a substantially bigger effect on pain threshold than standard rollers.
    WH Tests It
    I happened to receive the Hyperice Vyper 2.0 vibrating foam roller at a time when a sciatic nerve issue was hampering my training. I found that positioning the trouble spot (my piriformis) on the roller and then holding still while the vibrations went to work gave me relief.
    I could feel the tension easing but I didn’t experience that close-your-eyes-and-go-to-your-happy-place pressure pain that I’m used to with regular rollers. (Incidentally, research backs this up – using a vibrating roller on sore muscles was shown to have a similar effect to regular rolling but participants found it easier and more comfortable.)
    In the weeks that followed, the universe saw fit to throw more muscular niggles my way – forearm, hamstring, back. Clocking time on the roller provided relief for all of the above. I even used it under my feet, although I found it works best on longer muscles, like the hamstrings. NB: Keep it away from your neck – the vibrations are intense and skull-rattling!
    The benefits of foam rolling are numerous but I tend not to do it as often as I should because a) The pain! and b) It’s a mission. I found I used the vibrating foam roller way more often and got results. It’s a yes from me, although at R2 900, it’s an investment.
    WIN a Hyperice Vyper Go vibrating roller worth R3 000!
    Designed for portability, the Vyper Go is ideal for anyone who travels regularly. It’s TSA approved for hand luggage, has three vibration speeds and two hours of battery life. And you can win one rn!

    How do you enter?
    It’s so easy!
    1. Make sure that you are following us on Instagram @womenshealthmagsa and @hyperice2. Then fill in your details and sign up to our newsletter here or below.3. To be eligible for the prize, you must be over 18 and a South African resident, and follow all the steps above.4. The winner will be randomly selected and notified.

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    Exactly What To Consider When Choosing A Sports Bra

    First, let’s get one question out the way: Do you really need a proper sports bra? After all, it’s a lot of money to fork out for such a tiny piece of fabric. The short answer: Yes. Even if your go-to everyday bra is padded and underwired to the max (hello, cleavage!), it doesn’t offer enough support to withstand your workout.
    According to the Portsmouth University research team, more than 70% of women wear the wrong bra size. When choosing a sports bra, they advise looking for a comfortable fit in five areas: the underband, cups, underwire, centre-front and shoulder straps.
    There are no muscles within the breasts – they’re essentially a collection of fat and tissue held to the body by ligaments and skin – and the issue is that neither of these is especially strong. The connective tissue that holds the breast to the chest is comprised of Cooper’s ligaments, which naturally extend with age and over time – but exercise without supporting them properly and they could stretch up to 2cm during high-intensity workouts.
    READ MORE: Finally! Sports Bras That Don’t Feel Like Freaking Straitjackets
    What’s more, contrary to how your breasts may appear to move up and down as you run, burpee or push press, they actually swing in a figure of eight. It was this discovery that inspired the design of Under Armour’s Infinity bra. Instead of following the traditional method of constructing a sports bra – cutting two breast-shaped cups from a flat piece of padding, glueing and layering pieces of foam – they liquid-injected the foam in a figure-eight (a.k.a. infinity sign) shape, making the bra feel more natural and comfortable without sacrificing support.
    Debbie Risius, senior research associate at Portsmouth University, states that a woman’s choice of sports bra can also influence her breathing rate and thermoregulation during exercise. This is down to the fit of the bra and the fabric from which it’s constructed: a 2013 study found that, while all sports bras reduced the cooling ability of the breast – simply by virtue of being another layer of clothing – sports bras made from polyester allowed for better thermoregulation than bras made from other composite materials.
    Now we’ve established that a sports bra is a worthy investment, here are five things you need to know when choosing a sports bra.
    READ MORE: 5 High-Impact Sports Bras That’ll Actually Keep Your Boobs in Check
    1/ Your Bra Size
    All kinds of things can influence the size of your breasts, from your menstrual cycle to pregnancy to weight loss. Yet most of us still buy bras according to measurements taken years ago. What’s more, not only do your breasts change size – bras can vary in size from brand to brand.

    When to get measured: It’s been more than six months since your last fitting, your body has changed or you’re buying a different brand than your usual. Trying on? Make sure you can’t pull the band more than five centimetres from your chest or the straps more than five centimetres from your shoulders. And make sure the cups fully enclose your boobs.
    READ MORE: The 8 Best Groin Stretches For Anyone Who Sits All Day Long
    2/ Your Workout Style
    When you scope out the sports bras on offer, you’ll notice they’re divided into different categories. Usually these will be called high, medium and low impact or high, medium and low support. This is to help you match your bra to the type of workout you do.
    Your workout: Running, bootcamp, martial arts, boxing, bodyweight training, anything involving jumping or skipping
    You need: High impact. Look for racerback straps and padded or moulded cups. If your breasts are small, you could also you use a medium impact bra.
    Your workout: Cycling, spinning, weight lifting, the gym circuit, hiking
    You need: Medium impact if your breasts are small; high impact if they’re medium to large. Look for broad straps and padding and/or sturdy fabric with a light stretch.
    Your workout: Yoga, Pilates, Barre
    You need: Low impact for small boobs; medium impact for medium boobs; high impact for large boobs. Look for comfortable, stretchy fabric, padding optional, strap width according to your preference.
    3/ The Fabric
    You know that feeling when you walk out of a spinning class and your bra feels like a wet sea creature strapped to your chest? Avoid that sea-sponge feelin’ by choosing synthetic fabrics that don’t hold onto sweat. Words like “moisture wicking”, “breathable” and “ventilation” are what you want to see.

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    This 12-Minute Workout Is All You Need To Burn Fat — Yes, Really

    If your life is an endless juggling act of work, kids, chores and social commitments (jokes, who has time for those?) the idea of trying to squeeze in a fitness habit may seem impossible.
    But what do we say to the crazy schedule that tries to rob us of our gains? “Not today!” This workout is from trainer Krista Stryker, mastermind of 12 Minute Athlete workouts. Her workouts use zero equipment aside from your own body weight and a timer, which you can get from your phone.
    This 12 Minute Athlete workout takes almost no time at all, but will still score you all the fat-burning, muscle-sculpting results you’re after.
    How it works
    The catch? You have to work your butt off. “In order to get the maximum benefits of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), you really do have to work really hard – up to 80-90% of your maximum capacity. You should basically feel like you’re sprinting during each work period and aim to go as fast as you can while keeping good form,” says Stryker. “HIIT workouts should be pretty intense, and if you’re working out for much more than 15 or 20 minutes at a time, you’re most likely doing a moderate intensity workout, not a high intensity one,” she says.
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    Got it? Here’s your workout…
    You’ll need: A timer
    Do the following exercises in order. Perform as many reps as you can with good form in 30 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. Do three rounds total, never resting longer than 10 seconds. If you’re relatively new to HIIT workouts, do this routine no more than two or three days a week, but do light activity like walking on the other days.
    More advanced? You can do the workout four or five days a week – but be sure to take one full rest day. For best results, Krista recommends you supplement your workouts with moving more in everyday life – take the stairs, go for a walk at lunchtime or catch up with friends over a hike rather than lunch.
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    Make it work for you
    Working out at super high intensity isn’t a good idea for beginners. If you’re just starting out, get used to moving first, says Krista. For six months, aim to walk every day or cycle a few days a week before you dial it up. Similarly, if you’re susceptible to joint injuries – or are currently injured – you’re better off swapping all the jumping for lower impact moves.
    You can also tailor any move to suit your fitness level. Can’t do a push-up? Make it easier by placing your hands on a higher surface like a chair or counter top. Body weight push-ups way too easy? Add a band to increase resistance or get plyometric with clapping or even superman push-ups. Need motivation to push harder? Count your reps during each interval and write them down. Next time you do the workout, try to beat your previous reps.
    READ MORE: A 4-Week Home Workout Plan To Get Fit And Strong AF
    Your moves
    1/ Burpee tuck jumps
    From standing, squat down and jump your feet back into the top of a push-up. Do one push-up. Immediately jump your feet back towards your hands, then jump straight up as you tuck your knees towards your chest. That’s one rep.
    [embedded content]
    2/ Push-up plank jumps
    Start in the top of a push-up position with your shoulders directly over your hands. Push through your shoulders as you tighten your abs, glutes and quads. Lower your chest towards the floor. You should aim to touch or almost touch your chest to the floor while keeping your gaze slightly in front of your hands. Push yourself back up to start, then immediately jump your feet forward towards your hands while keeping your core tight. Jump your feet back to start. That’s one rep.
    Too hard? Place your hands on an elevated surface such as a countertop or bench. The higher the surface, the easier the exercise will be.
    [embedded content]
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    3/ Snowboarder jumps
    Start in a squat position with one hand reaching towards the floor. Jump up as high as you can, rotating 180 degrees midair. Land back in a squat position, reaching towards the floor with the opposite hand. That’s one rep. Alternate directions on each rep.
    [embedded content]
    4/ Pike jumps
    Start in a piked position with your hands on the floor in front of you about shoulder-width apart. Jump your feet up as far as possible and land on one side. Trying not to pause, immediately jump to other side. Continue alternating.
    [embedded content]
    5/ Side lunges
    Stand straight with your legs wider than hip-width apart. Bend one knee and lower down as far as you can to one side while keeping the other leg straight to the side. Return to start and repeat on the other side. Continue alternating.
    [embedded content]
    6/ Split leg V-up combo
    Lie on your back with your arms straight above your head and your legs straight. Pull your belly button towards the floor, then raise your right leg as you reach both arms towards your right foot at the same time. Lower back down, then repeat on the left side. Next, raise both legs up at once as you reach your hands towards your toes. That’s one rep.
    [embedded content]

    Want more 12 Minute Athlete workouts? Krista’s 12 Minute Athlete app is free for download, then choose which workouts you’d like to purchase, from R15 each. You can also download the 12-Minute Athlete Timer app, totally free.

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    I Tried The Planet Fitness FitBuddy App – Here’s What I Think

    The Planet Fitness FitBuddy app to marries your gym membership with your goals and your real-life schedule.
    When it comes to workout apps, there are truly no shortages. The global lockdown did nothing if not create an even sturdier offering as we all attempted to get buff within the confines of our four walls.
    But as we came out of lockdown, some apps stuck around on our phones. I tried the Planet Fitness FitBuddy app and wondered if it was going to be a staple addition in my phone’s fitness folder – and it delivered.
    What is the Planet Fitness FitBuddy app?
    It’s a workout app, but like the term “fit buddy” denotes, you’re held accountable. When you sign up, you’re assigned a real coach at Planet Fitness, who loads workouts for you in the app to hit your desired goals. You’re also asked to log your meals in an associated app that’s sent to you to download.
    Unlike other workout apps, where you scroll through a variety of workouts and pick the one you feel up to, FitBuddy has scheduled workouts loaded in it, and you do the workout designated for you by your trainer.
    If you have a smartwatch, you can sync the data to the app so your steps, caloric expenditure and heart rate information can be tracked, too.

    READ MORE:  “I Did A 30-Day Push-up Challenge—Here’s What Happened”
    I Tried The FitBuddy App
    When I downloaded the app, I expected to scroll through workouts, pick one, do it, and share my achievement, like every other fitness app. But this app is a bit more involved than others – and it’s great. I got an email from my trainer, Tokey, who scheduled a call with me to chat about my fitness goals, how often I exercise and any other niggling issues I had. I told him I wanted to improve my surfing ability and that I’ve been trying to ditch about 10 kilos for a few years. We spoke about my eating habits, how often I train, the kind of training I do, and a few other lifestyle preferences.
    Then, he devised a training programme for me and input the data into my app. I was to do three workouts a week, totalling 20 minutes each, and he left room for my surfing sessions (which I can also log in the app, along with any other extra activities).
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    At first, I struggled to find my way around the app, until I realised that I didn’t necessarily need to explore anything, but rather just open it, navigate to my scheduled workout and do it.
    Taking the brain work out of losing weight and being healthy is one of the huge benefits of an app like this. Without having to think about anything, you’re less likely to come up with an excuse or feel fatigued after scrolling through different workouts before actually committing to one.
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    Added to that, Tokey sends me regular messages, checking in on my progress. He’s also able to see if I’ve skipped a workout or failed to log a few meals, which is excellent if you’re serious about making progress. Because there’s a real human being at the other end of the phone, if anything is bothering you, it can be fixed, which I really appreciated. I have a niggly back that’s been lousy from overuse, and my workouts are adjusted nicely to make up for that.
    Overall, this is one app I’d recommend if you’re looking to get serious about your progress and goals. Plus, you don’t have to be a Planet Fitness member to join at all. Keen to try it? Book a consultation here.

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