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    17 One-Minute Habits That Will Change Your Life

    So you want to get healthier, achieve your career goals, and feel happier? Sounds nice, but it’s always easier said than done. Where do you even start making such major changes? If lofty goals and ambitious resolutions feel overwhelming, know that you don’t need to immediately rearrange your entire life, spend $$$, or have unlimited time to achieve your best life. In fact, you need just one minute. That’s right: the difference between who you are and who you want to be might be just 60 seconds. Try these one-minute habits that will transform your life when done consistently. Add in lots of habits throughout your day or start with just one, but either way, one minute is all you need to change your life.
    1. Get out of bed right away
    If I have one weakness (besides a good cheese plate *swoon*), it’s scrolling through Instagram after waking up. While it seems like a harmless habit, the body won’t fully wake up until you get out of bed and move around, but also because you lose the full 10, 30, or 60-minute morning routine before you open your laptop for work. Get out of bed as soon as you wake up and fill your mornings with as many peaceful, productive, and fulfilling minutes as possible. Your inbox, TikTok explore page, or iMessage app can wait.

    2. Breathe deeply
    Deep breathing (or diaphragmatic breathing) is crucial for mental and physical health, but many of us never focus on our breath. If you think about it, oxygen is the one thing we can’t even go minutes without, so making sure we’re getting more of it can only be beneficial. When you’re feeling anxious or stressed, take a few deep breaths to get more oxygen in the lungs and slow the heartbeat, which can help with anxiety. Try it right now (yes, I mean right now): slowly inhale, count to five, and then exhale, relaxing the entire body. It’s like instant medicine, right?

    3. Take movement breaks
    Whether an hour-long workout is a daily essential or you barely have time to change sweatpants before work starts, the body isn’t meant to sit for hours at a time, much less all day long. At least once every hour, take a minute to flow through yoga poses, do some stretches, or turn on your favorite song and dance. 60 seconds of movement is enough to energize the body, reset the mind, and will help you focus better for the rest of the day. Plus, if you don’t think you have time to work out, one-minute periods throughout the day add up.

    4. Add lemon to your water
    Squeezing a lemon into your go-to water bottle takes a couple of seconds, but can result in lasting benefits. Lemon packs nutrients like vitamin C, which plays an important role in the immune system and can boost skin glow. Stefanie Wilkerson, RDN, explained, “Vitamin C helps produce collagen and works as an antioxidant to neutralize free radicals that can damage our cells.” Hello supple, smooth skin! Bonus: while it is acidic, lemon has alkalizing effects in the body, meaning it might help balance pH levels. A squeeze of lemon basically turns a glass of water into a cocktail of super nutrients. As if you needed more convincing, adding delicious lemon will make you want to drink more water, and staying hydrated always comes with health perks. 

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    5. Mute negative social media accounts as they pop up
    In 2021, it’s high time to rethink whether the bloggers, celebrities, and brands we follow on social media make us feel inspired or bad about our lives. Want to feel instantly happier? If an account or post pops up on your feed that doesn’t leave you feeling inspired, happy, or confident, you know what to do: unfollow (or mute). That also means muting or unfollowing the frenemy you had in high school or your sorority sister’s ex-boyfriend’s cousin that you met a few times. Instead of watching other people live their lives, you can actually go live your own. Use social media to make you better instead of worse by replacing negative accounts with accounts that inspire you or bring you positivity whenever you’re tempted to scroll (like, IDK, @theeverygirl, for a totally random example).  

    6. Tidy up before bed
    That’s right: you only need 60 seconds of tidying up to make a major difference in your life. Whether it’s clearing the dirty laundry off the chair in your bedroom, organizing the bedside table, or wiping the kitchen counter, do a super quick decluttering or cleaning before hitting the hay. Not only can a cleaner environment help you sleep better, but you’ll wake up feeling stress-free and ready to start the day. That pile of dirty laundry on the bedroom chair really knows how to harsh one’s mellow (if you know, you know). 

    7. Express gratitude (out loud)
    You probably already know that gratitude is the secret to boosting mental health or fostering healthier relationships, so practice it beyond gratitude journaling in the morning. For example, whenever you say “thank you,” reflect on how grateful you feel, instead of just going through the motions. If your work wife offered to help with a big project, let her know how much you appreciate having her support, or if your roommate cleans your dishes, tell them how much it made a difference in your busy day. But it doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t be) just the times when you’d say “thank you” anyway. Text your mom out of the blue to say thanks for being there for you, or let your partner know how much you appreciate having them in your life. Express gratitude wherever and whenever you can, and watch how your life transforms. 

    8. Add a finishing touch to your OOTD that makes you feel confident 
    Whether you’re dressing up in business-casual, rocking a button-up and sweatpants (for Zoom meetings, of course), or never bother changing out of your pajamas to start the day (no shame), try adding one finishing touch that makes you feel like the badass you are. Depending on what makes you feel good, try a fitted pair of jeans, a swipe of mascara, or a trendy hair clip to add a little something to your OOTD. The goal isn’t to look better, it’s to feel better, so play around to find what small touches make you feel more confident, energized, or motivated. Never underestimate the power of a structured work blazer or swipe of red lipstick. 

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    9. Check your bank account
    Self-care doesn’t always mean bubble baths or face masks; sometimes, self-care means being an independent adult and doing what you can to feel in control of your finances. While having a detailed financial plan and setting goals can help you reduce money-related stress and achieve what you want out of life, feeling in control of your finances doesn’t always require a lot of time and energy. Every few days, take a minute to glance over your bank account and credit card statements. Getting in the habit of frequently checking can help identify fraud early-on, but will also give you a good idea of where you’re spending and where you can be saving.

    10. Use visualization
    Do you get nervous before a first date or big presentation? Do you ever lack motivation with health goals or feel stuck in your career? The fix to any negative thought could be as easy as visualizing an alternative. We get nervous, stuck, or unmotivated when we visualize the worst-case scenario: a bad date, a failed presentation, a boring job, or too-difficult workouts. So why not replace the thought with a more positive one?
    If you’re feeling nervous, imagine yourself acing the presentation or being your charming self on the date. When you lack motivation, visualize that you are the kind of person who prioritizes workouts and loves eating nourishing foods. And if you’re feeling stuck? Think about what you want the outcome to be, and then picture what that looks like. Visualization may be another name for imagination, but it can serve as the minor confidence boost you need to achieve the desired outcome.

    11. Make your bed
    I know I sound like your mom, but please make your bed. Not only will it feel good to get into a made bed at night, but it’s important for the success of your day. Making your bed first thing every morning means one small win before you even have a cup of coffee, which subconsciously will motivate you to achieve thousands of small wins throughout the day (and you know what they say about small wins: they lead up to big ones). Plus, Gretchen Rubin found in her research that it’s the easiest and most common daily habit you can do to boost happiness.

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    12. Fix your posture
    Bad news for all the other slouchers out there (guilty): your posture might be affecting your physical and mental health. Practice better posture by straightening your back and relaxing your shoulders (and stop looking down at your phone, damn it!). Did you sit up taller just now? Good. Improve your posture throughout the workday (yes, even while working from home) by setting reminders with phone alerts, sticky notes, or as your phone wallpaper to remind you to correct your posture whenever you check the time or read a text message.

    13. Set a mantra or intention
    Everyone has a mantra, whether we’re aware of it or not. It’s that one phrase you hear in your head over and over, or what you tell yourself repeatedly. Many of us are plagued by phrases like “I’m not good enough,” or “What if something goes wrong?” We hear these phrases in our heads so often that we believe them. So what if we could replace these thoughts with phrases that are not only better for us, but can help us be more confident, feel less stressed, and live our best lives? Every morning, pick a mantra or daily intention and write it in your daily planner so you don’t forget it. If you find one phrase you particularly relate to, repeat it to yourself whenever you’re feeling stressed, scared, or not enough.

    14. Apply a layer of SPF at the end of your skincare routine
    It’s easy to remember SPF when the sun is out, the temperature’s warm, and we’re spending all day outside. But in cold weather, or even when we’re spending all day indoors, it’s a little less obvious. To set the record straight once and for all, yes, you still need sunscreen when it’s cloudy outside and even when you’re indoors. Wearing a daily SPF is not only good for skin glow (prevents aging, hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, keeps an even complexion, etc.), but is crucial for your health. Click here to find the perfect sunscreen for your skin, and click here for non-toxic options. 

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    15. Add a handful of leafy greens to your meal
    Being healthier does not have to be a dramatic transformation. It’s actually more sustainable when it’s a gradual series of small habits. The best place to start achieving a healthier diet is not cutting out entire food groups or limiting what you “should” and “should not” eat (which can lead to bingeing or an unhealthy relationship with food). Instead, start transforming your health by adding a handful of leafy greens to your meal. For example, add spinach if you’re making an omelet, throw kale into a pasta sauce, or order a side salad when you’re eating out. Not only are leafy greens superfoods that pack a lot of benefits and are easy to fit into the meals you’re already used to, but small, non-restrictive tweaks can snowball into an overall healthier diet and lifestyle. 

    16. Set your alarm 60 seconds earlier 
    If your mornings feel more like a race against the clock than the peaceful start you imagine, the fix is waking up earlier. However, a full 30 minutes, or even 10 minutes, might seem like you’re missing out on too much sleep. Instead of trying to transform your wake-up time (which would just make you hit “snooze” a couple more times), set your alarm one minute earlier every day. While it sounds like a small change, after 10 days, you could have 10 extra minutes in your morning without even noticing it. Whether you spend that time meditating, indulging in a luxurious skincare routine, or just brewing a cup of coffee with a moment of silence, you won’t miss the 10 minutes of sleep.

    17. Master the art of listening
    Perhaps the #1 life hack and most life-changing habit? Listening. And I mean really listening. Caring about what other people have to say can transform your personal relationships and strengthen (or build more) professional relationships. Your communication will be more effective, and you’ll experience more meaningful connections. You’ll feel less self-conscious when you’re less focused on yourself, and less unsure when you look for answers outside yourself. Of course, utilize important cues like eye contact and follow-up questions, but the best way to listen? Genuinely get curious about what other people have to say. Empathy, understanding, and curiosity will not only transform your life, but will transform the world too. 

    What one-minute habits have made the biggest difference for you? More

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    17 Women in Wellness Show You the Inside of Their Fridge

    They say eyes are the window to the soul, but I’d like to make the case that the window to the soul is, in fact, your refrigerator. Hear me out: our fridges show what’s most important to us (how many fruits and veggies are in your produce drawer, again?), give insight into our lifestyles (are your shelves full of meal-prepped veggies or leftover takeout?), and contain our deepest, darkest secrets (half-melted Ben & Jerry’s, I’m looking at you). It’s kind of like reading a diary entry. To get inspiration for your fridge (whether it’s food storage, meal prep, or healthy eating tips), we asked 17 women in wellness to send us a felfie (or fridge selfie. Isn’t that a thing yet??). Read on to find out what 17 nutritionists, doctors, wellness bloggers, entreprenuers, and healers keep inside their fridges.
     1. Dr. Mona Vand, Pharmacist and Digital Creator

    “Every week, I get a bunch of fresh produce and wash them well before putting them away in produce bins. This helps me eat healthy when I want quick meals throughout the week. I always make sure to have organic berries, Persian cucumbers, red leaf lettuce, and romaine lettuce on hand. I also probably get about 20 limes and lemons each week because I use them on everything. I also like to make my own plant-based milk and add it to glass milk cartons because it looks aesthetic in the fridge, which always makes eating healthy more enjoyable.”

    “I love to cook and prefer bold, spicy, and fermented flavors like black garlic, gochujang, and hot peppers, so my fridge has a lot of sauces and pastes in it. I’m gluten-free, dairy-free, and have an allergy to nightshades (but my husband doesn’t, so our fridge is a happy blend of different versions of a lot of the same foods. For example, we have four different brands of tortillas in the fridge right now!).
    A few staples in my fridge:
    I always have cauliflower for my grandma’s Spanish rice that I’ll cook this week as a side for tacos. 
    I drink kombucha almost every day. I used to make it myself, but the Kirkland brand is my current favorite. 
    I’m a fan of smoothies, so there is always an obscene amount of almond milk in my fridge. I add dates and almond butter to smoothies, so you’ll always find those in here.
    I also keep some of my skincare products in the fridge for freshness and to cool down my eczema flare-ups. I also keep vitamins like fish oil or any with oregano oil in the fridge to help aid digestion.
    I hate wasting food, so each week I’ll make stir-fry brown rice, noodles, or crispy fried rice with tofu, and use up any leftover veggies in one dish. Anything else that’s past its prime will go into my compost.
    There’s always a chilled bottle of wine in my fridge that’s waiting to be opened for a celebration, a chat with a friend, or just a night at home.

    “I use my Foundational Five system to build a balanced meal, so I always have ingredients for each of the five elements prepped, stocked in the fridge, and ready to put together in an easy, nourishing meal. The five elements are protein, healthy fat, starchy carbohydrates, non-starchy carbohydrates, and the flavor factor (think dressings, sauces, and seasonings). I always stock and organize my fridge with the five elements in mind. You’ll find protein options like baked tofu and eggs, non-starchy carbohydrates with fresh and frozen produce, starchy carbohydrates like beans and potatoes, healthy fats like tahini and homemade dressings, and fermented foods like kimchi for a flavor factor.”

    4. Jessica Rihal, Yoga and Meditation Instructor

    “I always keep free-range eggs, pre-washed greens like arugula or spinach, and yogurt on hand. Always having these items (that I personally enjoy eating) makes it very simple to grab and go, or to create a quick and fulfilling meal in just a few minutes.”

    5. Eliza Ganesh, Cofounder and CEO of Sunwink

    “My philosophy is to keep it simple with whole foods and lots of plants. I don’t have rules; I love bread, cheese, and chocolate, and I’m cool with that. My winter staples include vegetable soup, citrus fruit, elderberry syrup, and Immunity Berry and Detox Ginger Sunwink. Some of favorite brands and splurges are Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam cheese, Siete tortillas, and Ithaca hummus.”

    “My fridge always changes, depending on what recipes I’m trying for the week. But a few must-have items I always keep stocked in my fridge are a variety of leafy greens, blueberries, lemons, limes, and a constant supply of Tops Chicos. There are also eggs hidden in the back somewhere. I love storing seeds and nuts in glass jars to keep them fresher for longer. Since they typically contain high amounts of unsaturated fat, they’re more prone to spoiling faster from heat and light, so if I’m not using them immediately, I’ll store them in the fridge.”

    7. Ailsa Emmel, Certified Nurse Midwife and Blogger

    “I’m not the cook in my house, so I always have to be sure I have healthy snacks and protein on hand to make a salad or quick meal. My hubby loves to season and garnish meals with cilantro and parsley, which we store in mason jars to increase their longevity. Fruits and yogurt are a must for a healthy parfait. Having fresh items that are easy to grab has made being stuck at home so much easier when the munchies creep in.”

    8. Ana Lilia, Certified Breathwork Teacher and Healer

    “Some of the must-have items in my fridge include pickles (I’m really loving pickled pineapple right now) and celery (I juice one bundle per day and drink it on an empty stomach). Celery juice has anti-inflammatory properties and 12 antioxidant compounds.”  

    9. Maya Feller, MS, RD, CDN, Nutrition Expert and Author

    “These days, my fridge is a combination of produce from Chef Collective and staple items from Fresh Direct. Generally, we always have farm eggs (and lots of them), tons of produce (especially leafy greens and cruciferous veggies), and an assortment of both dairy and non-dairy substitutes.”

    “I hate adding to our landfill waste, so I tend to repurpose takeout containers and use them to store food and leftovers. I also don’t throw out extra condiment packs. Since my kids play sports and my husband is going into the office, these extra condiment packs are great for packed lunches. My family eats veggies and fruit daily. We have a sizable frozen stock of fish and chicken, so for dinner, we will often defrost a little, have rice or beans on the side, and always include a fruit and veggie to accompany it.”

    11. Erika Polsinelli, Kundalini Breathwork Healer and Founder of Evolve By Erika

    “Since my husband and I don’t really drink, I need my fridge stocked with mocktails (like some seltzer or sparkling water, and non-alcoholic elixirs with a squeeze of lemon or orange). I also like to have a green juice handy, in case I’m too lazy to make my own and clean the juicer (if you know, you know). I always have Ezekiel bread to make avocado toasts (an easy go-to for breakfast or lunch) and hummus. Since I am plant-based, hummus is a great source of protein. Last but not least, I always have some fresh produce in case I want to whip up a salad, juice, or smoothie.”

    12. Dr. Kiarra King, OB-GYN and Blogger

    “I’ve been vegetarian for 23 years, so my fridge is plant-based friendly. I always have my favorite veggie sausages (I’m not big on meat replacements, but I like the added variety, texture, and protein from time to time). I use oat milk for recipes like my homemade vegan pancakes and my little one’s cereal. I usually have lots of fruit and veggie options to make fresh smoothies, like carrots, spinach, oranges, apples, and bananas. I’m currently doing a three-day juice cleanse, so that’s in my fridge too.”

    “As a plant-based enthusiast, my staples are obviously vegetables. My fridge is usually full of produce, low-sugar green juices, kombucha, fresh berries, and sprouts. Not pictured, but another favorite fridge staple is vegan cheese. I also love to snack on crudités as a snack, so I typically have a variety of fresh dips and hummus as well.”

    “You’ll find tons of whole foods like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale, as well as lots of condiments to spice up veggies. For our little one, we always keep frozen breast milk, organic frozen berries, and frozen vegetables. Peep our home made cold brew too!”

    “My fridge basics include eggs, yogurts, yummy cheese, kimchi, some fresh veggies, herbs, lettuces, and my favorite condiments like miso, tahini, tamari, and hot sauce.”

    “My fridge will never feel empty as long as there are condiments (especially hot sauce). Cholula is my classic pick, but I love Cutino Sauce Co, which is a small batch sauce made locally. Since I have a cereal brand, my fridge always has nut milk. If I feel productive, I make almond milk from scratch, but otherwise, it’s a rotating assortment of brands. I’m still on the search for my favorite, but I’m currently into Minor Figures. Dieux is a reusable eye mask that’s quickly become a staple part of my morning routine. After applying serum, I pull the cool mask from the fridge and wear it while drinking an americano and scrolling TikTok. 
    A few other staples: I love looking through the tahini section at Middle Eastern grocers. It’s beautiful how much versatility can come from one single ingredient. I always have a backup (because tahini is self-care!), and Seed + Mill is one of my favorites. Lastly, there are few things better than a turkey sandwich. I keep Kewpie mayo on hand, as it’s the secret ingredient to a perfect sandwich. The slight sweetness of this Japanese-style mayo is unmatched.” 

    “As a mama of three, it’s so important that our fridge is stocked with healthy and enjoyable foods for the kids to grab and go, plus all the essentials to make rich, nutrient-dense meals. Our mantra is to eat your colors, so my fridge is always packed with every color of the rainbow to infuse the antioxidants and nutrients that nature provides. My fridge essentials always include nut milk (I love to make my own when I can, like this cashew milk), fresh fruit and veggies, easy grab-and-go drinks (like kombucha), pasture-raised eggs, fresh juice, and hummus for snacking. You’ll also find snack bars for my kids, dark chocolate (a must) and often, we’ll have leftover smoothies that we sip on throughout the day. I have so much gratitude for my fridge; it’s our treasure trove of yummy, nourishing food and drinks.”

    What are your fridge staples for healthy eating? More

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    Exclusive: Shop Equilibria’s New Flavors Early + a Special Discount for Our Readers

    I couldn’t be more excited for Valentine’s Day this year. I’ve always been a Valentine’s girl, TBH. I’d get a fancy new pink or red dress to wear to school, a heart-print sweater, and one year, I debuted my pink Converse. I always think of it as a day to share some love with those around me, and after you know, I am craving the aura of love. I’m indulging in all the self-care I can to show my body and mind a little love right now, and thanks to our friends at Equilibria (after all the restless nights, anxious mornings, and mid-day slumps they’ve gotten me through, I’d say we’re definitely in “friend” territory), exploring self-love just got a lot easier. *Drum roll, please*

    Equilibria is dropping three (!) new flavors of their ever-popular Daily Drops (our team’s favorite CBD product… ever) just in time for the Valentine’s season. The Indulgence Collection includes three decadent, brand new flavors: Peach Gelee, Mint Chocolate Truffle, and Strawberry Shortcake. 😋

    The Indulgence Collection

    A collection of three new limited edition flavors of Equilibria’s best-selling regular-strength, premium CBD oil.
    – Peach Gelée: Sweet, fruity peach paired with the complex earthiness of ginger
    – Mint Chocolate Truffle: Rich milk chocolate with a hint of minty coolness
    – Strawberry Shortcake: Bright, ripe strawberry with a sweet, creamy finish

    Excited to try? Here’s why we love the Daily Drops and how we use them. 

    Why We Love the Daily Drops
    Our editors swear by Equilibria’s full-spectrum CBD Daily Drops for a myriad of reasons. For one, they’re both fast-acting and long-lasting. You get results in as little as 10 minutes, but these results continue for hours. Plus, as you use it over time, you might notice an overall deeper sense of calm in general. They’re great for tackling the typical day-to-day stress, menstrual-related pain and discomfort, and helping you fall asleep. Here are a few ways we use them:

    Under Your Tongue

    I think of this in the same way people take a shot of protein powder instead of mixing it with someone (dry scoop people are so brave). Simply squeeze a dropper-full of CBD under your tongue, hold it for 15 seconds, and swallow. You’ll notice the effects in as little as 10 minutes, and they last for hours too.

    In Coffee or Smoothies

    If you’re not into the idea of putting the dropper right under your tongue every day, no worries. One of the biggest ways our editors use the Daily Drops is by using a dropper-full in a morning coffee or smoothie. This is a really easy way to level-up your beverage in both taste and effect. I  notice when I put a drop of CBD in my coffee that I digest it better (if you know what I’m sayin’) and notice fewer caffeine crashes. I’m so excited to try the new Peach Gelee drops in a tropical smoothie, and Mint Chocolate Truffle is basically calling out to be in a decadent at-home latte. 


    While the Daily Drops are meant to be ingested, they can also be used topically. When I have muscle aches and pains, a headache, or anything that resembles swelling, I love applying a little bit of the Daily Drops on it and massage with a massaging tool (or my hands).

    The Indulgence Collection

    A collection of three new limited edition flavors of Equilibria’s best-selling regular-strength, premium CBD oil.
    – Peach Gelée: Sweet, fruity peach paired with the complex earthiness of ginger
    – Mint Chocolate Truffle: Rich milk chocolate with a hint of minty coolness
    – Strawberry Shortcake: Bright, ripe strawberry with a sweet, creamy finish

    This post was in partnership with Equilibria, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board. More

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    8 Small Changes I’m Making to My Routine

    I am typically not a big resolution gal, but at the start of 2021, I decided to make a list of some basic changes I wanted to make to my routine. They are not really goals, but instead just some simple habits that I want to incorporate into my everyday life. This way of looking at it helps me to remove the pressure of “New Year’s resolutions” and the inevitable disappointment when I don’t achieve them. As everyone knows, the last year or so has presented us with not only more challenges than we could’ve ever expected, but an entirely new way of living. So what better time than now to reevaluate our routines and make some changes? Personally, I’m working toward an overall more wholesome and fulfilling life, and I feel like these small things have helped me nail down just how to go about that. 
    Here are the eight small changes I’m making to my daily routine in 2021:

    1. Come up with a real plan to drink more water
    I have been telling myself to drink more water for what feels like a lifetime now, and it’s something that I always struggle with. However, I purchased a half-gallon “motivational” water bottle at the beginning of January, and I have never been so hydrated. I am trying to drink at least 64 oz. per day, and I am also aiming to drink at least about 20 oz. before my first cup of coffee to be sure to start my day hydrated.

    2. Make time for the things I care about and genuinely enjoy
    As we go into another year while we are staying at home and needing to find more ways to entertain ourselves, I really want to make more time for the things and creative outlets that I enjoy. I feel as though when I was younger, I was always reading, learning, and making art in my free time, but now I tend to just feel exhausted and want to watch Netflix during that time. I am making a conscious effort to take time to express myself through these creative outlets I love and work on learning and refining some skills like cooking and illustration. 

    3. Eat more well-balanced meals
    Rather than making a New Year’s goal like “eat healthier” or “lose weight”—which just never works for me and often ends up making me feel negatively about myself—I decided that I wanted to make more nutritious and well-balanced meals for myself at home. I am doing this by incorporating more fruits and veggies (trying to get in at least one serving with every meal), making simple swaps like regular pasta for chickpea pasta or regular tortillas for low-carb ones, and trying to not rely so much on processed foods. I also have been on a mission to cook at home for a majority of meals—and I have to say, I have been loving it and can’t wait to continue on this journey of becoming a *Top Chef*. 

    4. Wake up earlier
    This has, by far, been the hardest change on this list for me to make. I have never been a morning person, and I am a chronic snoozer, but whenever I do wake up early, I genuinely enjoy it. I like having extra time before work to really just start my day slowly and allow myself to wake up, so I’m trying to get to the point of doing that regularly. The problem comes from the physical process of opening my eyes and getting out of bed (LOL). I have been slowly but surely setting my alarm earlier and working on getting out of bed with more and more time before I log on for work for the day. Maybe eventually I can add a morning workout in?! I’m dreaming big here. 

    Sunrise Alarm Clock

    I have also switched to this sunrise alarm clock versus my phone alarm. It provides a gentler way to wake up (light and nature sounds) and prevents me from grabbing my phone first thing in the morning.

    5. Read before bed instead of being on my phone
    I have a bad habit of getting in bed at night and then scrolling on my phone for far too long. I have decided that instead of just saying “I’m not going on my phone before bed anymore!” (because that would never work for me), I am working on replacing that time with reading, even if it’s just a few pages. My Kindle has been key in achieving this because of the ease of holding it in bed and the fact that it’s backlit (no reading light required).

    6. Incorporate more movement into my routine
    This is another modified version of a classic New Year’s resolution that tends not to work for me (in this case, “workout more”). I am working toward adding more movement into my daily routine, in the simplest way possible. This could come in the form of a full-blown workout, but I am just trying to get outside and walk more, do a quick yoga flow in the morning or before bed, or even do a few minutes of floor exercises whenever I can fit them in.

    7. Upgrade my WFH space
    At the beginning of the year, with no back-to-the-office date in sight, I decided it was finally time to upgrade my work-from-home space. I invested in a couple items—a laptop stand, keyboard, and mouse—that have really made my experience a lot better. Not only has the new setup made me feel more productive, it now feels like I have somewhere to be, rather than just opening my laptop wherever I am and calling it a day.

    8. Do something every day for the mind
    When a new year comes around, we often make goals that have to do with our physical health without really considering what changes we can make in regard to our mental health. After the year that 2020 was and the things we are still going through, I felt like there was no better time than now to take inventory and decide what I needed for my mind this year. I’m keeping it simple: trying to read more, incorporating yoga and meditation into my routine, napping when I need it, and even coloring and journaling to relax. More

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    What Is Your Attachment Style and How Is It Affecting Your Relationships?

    Picture this: after the 1,000th swipe on Tinder, you meet someone who seems to have some potential. They’re a good conversationalist, consider themselves a dog person, and want to go on a real date in a well-lit public spot (so you know they’re not a serial killer). After getting to know them more, they mention future plans like traveling together or meeting their sister when she comes into town. The romantic montage is basically forming itself! But then they stop responding and before you know it, it’s been weeks without even a text.Or perhaps you’ve been the one making future plans and do feel genuinely interested, but then realize it’s moving too fast and ghost before you get in any deeper. Maybe the situation that rings a bell for you is more like being in relationship after relationship, each with jealousy issues or a lack of intimacy. Whatever your dating life looks like and whichever rom-com it resembles least, there is probably one root cause of your problems.
    “Love,” or even “relationship,” does not look the same to all of us. We each have a specific type of attachment that determines how we love and how we accept love. Sounds nice, right? But the problem is that all the different types end up swimming (or drowning) in the dating pool together, and somehow, we still wonder why relationships don’t work out. Knowing your attachment style (and dating accordingly) can not only change your relationships, but can change your life.

    What is an attachment style?
    The Attachment Theory is an area of psychology that describes emotional attachment in relationships (not just romantic relationships, but connection between all people). While there are categories and lots of online quizzes, it’s different than Enneagram or Myers-Briggs because it takes into account childhood and past experiences, which determine how we interact with others in the present. The theory comes from two researchers, John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, who found that the way infants get their needs met by their parents significantly contributes to their nature of attachment in relationships for the rest of their lives (crazy, right!?). 
    If you’re currently racking your brain to remember what infancy was like, don’t stress. There are quizzes for that (I like this one). While its origins are focused on the parent-child relationship, I also think that any relationship can affect your attachment style, whether it was a sibling relationship, friendship, or a romantic relationship. Your attachment style doesn’t explain everything about your relationships, but it may explain why you gravitate toward certain people and which problems consistently come up in your love life.

    The Four Styles of Attachment


    So you have a secure attachment type? Lucky you. You’re comfortable displaying affection to loved ones, and you feel confident in both your romantic relationships and friendships. You have probably been able to accept rejection and move on, labeling it as a matter of incompatibility instead of a fault. You easily depending on people, whether it’s a romantic partner, a best friend, or your sister, and find it easy to get emotionally close to others. When conflict does come up (because it always does), you don’t shut down or react with anxiety. FYI, being the secure type doesn’t mean you haven’t faced hardships or trauma in your life, but it does mean that your emotions were validated and needs were met in your past, which made a strong, lasting impression.

    Anxious Attachment 

    If you can imagine from the name, the anxious attachment type means you feel anxiety in your relationships (self-explanatory, right?). You’re probably living in fear that your relationship will end, or your partner doesn’t care about you anymore, or maybe you don’t like being alone. Anxious types also have trouble trusting people (even people they’re close to), but rely on exterior validation. Think of Gigi from He’s Just Not That Into You: she calls 10 times in a row, focuses more on what the guy thinks of her than what she thinks of him, and feels devastated by every breakup and rejection (side note: no shame in Gigi’s game. We’ve all been Gigi, TBH). But traits of the anxious attachment can also be controlling or manipulative too, like regularly snooping through your partner’s phone or putting your friends down so you feel better about yourself. 

    Avoidant Attachment

    The avoidant attachment type can be represented in another rom-com cliché: the heroine who is completely closed off to love (until the right person comes along, of course: Amanda Woods from The Holiday, Sara from Hitch, Julianne from My Best Friend’s Wedding… need I say more?). Avoidant types are independent, not very emotional, and typically commitment-phobic. You get cold feet often or might be a serial ghoster. You want to be alone when you’re feeling down, and prefer not to talk about your emotions with others (even those close to you). In romantic relationships, you might feel like your partner is trying to control you, or want to leave when you feel yourself getting too attached. Even in heated situations, you’re able to turn off your emotions and not react. Your go-to response during tough conversations might be “I don’t care,” “fine,” or “whatever.” 

    Anxious-Avoidant Attachment

    Anxious-avoidant attachment types are a combination of the previous two types (again, self-explanatory). You might be afraid of commitment, but can also lash out and feel anxious about anyone who gets close to you. You probably suppress emotions (or choose not to share with loved ones), but can have emotional outbursts when under stress or if emotions build up. You probably want to be close to someone, but don’t believe that the other person wants to be close to you. In other words, it’s not that you avoid intimacy because you don’t want it (like avoidant attachment types); you avoid intimacy because you think whoever gets close will hurt you.

    How your attachment style affects your relationships
    Opposites don’t always attract; we’re more likely drawn to people that are the same type. A relationship that’s avoidant or anxious on both sides replicates the patterns you’re used to, or maybe you think those behaviors are normal in relationships. You might even define love with anxious attachment tendencies, or feel less safe if someone isn’t as emotionally avoidant as you are (vulnerability is hard!).
    Not only does your attachment style affect your relationships, but your relationships can affect your attachment style. If you were in a toxic relationship, it might have made you untrusting, overly cautious, or insecure. Likewise, a bad friendship may have left you unable to be vulnerable in future ones. So while it’s possible to change your attachment style by being in relationships with people that help you feel safe and secure, work must be done on your own to change your adjustment style and attract secure relationships to you.

    How to change your attachment style
    If you’re feeling both seen and doomed to a life of less-than-great relationships, don’t stress. Even if you’ve had the same attachment style for as long as you can remember, it does not mean you’re destined to keep it. The mind adapts when new ways of thinking are acknowledged and practiced. If you’re an anxious type, prioritize self-love and surround yourself with people who lift you up. If you’re more of an avoidant type, challenge yourself to open up more. Call your mom to vent after a tough day at work, tell a personal story on a first date, ask friends for advice, and become curious instead of judgmental about everyone you meet. Also, seek out secure friendships, coworkers, and partners; they’ll help you learn trust, vulnerability, or even love. For any attachment style, therapy can also be helpful.
    In the end, unlearning attachment styles must start with self-compassion. Even if your attachment style isn’t serving you now, you only adapted it because it served you at some point in your life. When you were younger, your attachment style kept you safe, prevented you from getting hurt, and helped you prioritize your emotional wellbeing. But as an adult, your attachment style might not be serving you and could even be preventing you from forming healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships. Appreciate what your attachment style has done for you, feel empathy for the little girl it was trying to protect, and then choose to change.

    What’s your attachment style and how has it affected your relationships? More

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    8 Ways to Fit in Movement When You Don’t Have Time to Work Out

    When it comes to exercise, we focus on how to get fit. Our New Year’s resolutions are about working out more often, and we set goals to challenge ourselves in miles, reps, or weights. But then real life kicks in, and we realize we don’t have 60 minutes to spare during busy days. Going on a run feels impossible, much less adding in the commute time to get to the gym. The truth is that getting fit isn’t the problem; it’s staying fit. Can you keep up your health goals and find time for yourself, even when your to-do list is overflowing and your schedule is overbooked? The answer: absolutely. Be your own #fitspo with these eight easy hacks to fit in movement, even when you have no time to work out. 
    1. Maximize daily activities
    You don’t have to fit in extra time to work out. Instead, you could move more during the activities you already do. For example, take your dog for a walk or play fetch instead of just letting them out, and take out the recycling in multiple trips to get your step count up. You can also make use of downtime by stretching while watching TV and doing squats or jumping jacks on every commercial break. And if you don’t even have time for walks or watching TV (but what’s life without Bridgerton!?)? Do some calf raises while brushing your teeth, try push-ups before you get in the shower, and dance around the kitchen while cooking. 

    Source: @crystalinmarie

    2. Fit in multiple movement sessions of five minutes or less
    Blocking out an entire 60-minute session might seem impossible when glancing at your daily schedule, but five minutes (or even three)? Now that’s doable. Try to scatter a few different five-minute breaks into your day to get some movement in. For example, fit in five minutes of yoga while your coffee is brewing, try some of these short workout videos in between meetings, and get another 10 minutes in when you wrap up your workday. Without even knowing it, you could easily fit in 45-60 minutes of movement in easier-to-manage increments throughout the day.

    3. Wake up (and go to bed) 20 minutes earlier
    So you swear you don’t have time to work out during the day? Then make more time. Since time is an illusion (no, really), get in control of it by giving yourself more. Even waking up 20 minutes earlier will help you feel like you have a lot more time in your morning and throughout your entire day. But because sleep is just as important for your health, that also means getting to bed 20 minutes earlier too. Turn off Netflix, put away your laptop, and prioritize an earlier bedtime so you’ll feel well-rested and motivated getting up earlier in the morning.

    4. Turn chores into a workout
    Oh, you didn’t think laundry or doing the dishes could also give you envy-worthy biceps or strong glutes? Think again. Some of the most common household chores require some built-in physical activity that can work every part of the body. For example, washing heavy dishes in the sink will work your arms, squatting to pick up the laundry basket of dirty clothes will work your legs, and sweeping can work your obliques. Don’t even get me started on scrubbing the tub, vacuuming the floor, or gardening. And if you do a bunch of chores in a row, it will get your heart rate up to count as cardio. Bonus tip: turn on your favorite playlist and dance around while doing chores for a little extra movement and motivation. Your home has never been cleaner!

    Source: @sassyredlipstick

    5. Get creative with your work setup 
    It’s 2021: of course, you don’t even need to leave your desk to get a good workout in. If you can, consider switching to a standing desk, and if you’re stuck with your old seated desk (boring!), try out a mini exercise bike or treadmill that goes underneath. You could walk or bike miles while you’re scoring promotions, acing presentations, and making $$$. Now that’s multitasking. And if exercise equipment isn’t your thing, switch out your chair for a yoga ball or sit on a wobble cushion to work your core.
    Use technology to your advantage too. Set alarms on your phone or computer every 30-60 minutes to remind you to get up, stretch, and do some jumping jacks. Even 30 seconds of light movement every hour can make a major difference.

    6. Forego conveniences 
    Say goodbye to your front-row parking spot, elevators or escalators, and the shortcut to get home. We’re so used to making everything more comfortable and convenient that we don’t even realize our lifestyle could be so much more active. Many “inconveniences” feel like a hassle because they require physical effort, but physical effort is just a less intentional way to exercise. If your goal is to move more, inconveniences are a good thing. Park in the furthest row, always take the stairs, stand up more during the day, and opt for the furthest bathroom instead of the closest. You’ll get your step count in and will be working muscles you wouldn’t be using otherwise.

    Source: @missenocha

    7. Multitask
    If time is your biggest challenge and exercise doesn’t feel productive enough to prioritize (but what’s more productive than giving your body the tools to feel its best and get more energy?), then accomplish something on your to-do list at the same time. For example, do bicep curls while on conference calls or go on a power walk while talking to your mom or a friend. You can also listen to an online class or audiobook for your book club while working out to accomplish two things at once.

    8. Focus on posture
    If all else fails and you’re sitting at a desk 24/7, you can still be working your muscles and healing your body by simply being mindful of your posture. Proper posture not only prevents injuries later down the road, but sitting up tall with your shoulders back relies on your abs, back, and leg muscles when done correctly. Even Salma Hayek swears by good posture for her physique and, while I call bluff on the fact that she gets that toned without exercise, being mindful of how you sit, stand, and even lay down is can be incredibly effective for the body. 

    How do you fit in movement when you don’t have time for a workout? More

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    10 Insanely Easy Vegetarian Meals I Rely on During the Week

    One of my goals for 2021 was to make myself more well-balanced and nutritious meals at home. I want to add more fruits and veggies to my everyday diet, rely less on processed and packaged foods, and make simple swaps for healthier versions of some of my favorites (such as pasta and tortillas).Although I already enjoyed cooking for myself, I knew that I just did not do it enough. I also have been a vegetarian for over 10 years, so I wanted to challenge myself to try some new recipes. I am very proud to report that all 10 meals I’m about to talk about were made within a week—so far, so good on that goal!
    I also want to take this time to thank the four most important things in my life right now, especially when it comes to achieving this goal: my air fryer, Trader Joe’s carb-savvy tortillas, my new Always Pan, and chickpeas. 
    Whether you are a vegetarian yourself or just need some inspo for the new year, check out these 10 incredibly easy (and delicious, if I do say so myself) vegetarian meals that I rely on during the week:

    1. Buffalo Chickpea Salad Wraps

    This is a new favorite of mine! Chickpeas are a super easy way for vegetarians to include protein in their diet, and they are also incredibly versatile—making them a non-meat-eater’s best friend.
    To make these salad wraps, mash up clean and dried chickpeas in a bowl and mix in plant-based mayo, buffalo or hot sauce, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Spread on the tortilla of your choice (I love the carb-savvy ones from Trader Joe’s), and top with lettuce, avocado, onion, and feta cheese for the perfect WFH lunch.

    2. Burrito Bowl

    Looking at this photo makes my mouth water. Start by cooking onion, frozen corn, and peppers in a skillet with your favorite seasonings. When that’s finished, add the mixture to a base of brown rice and black beans (if you’re like me you’ll just get the microwave options), then add the toppings of your choice. I usually go with avocado, plain greek yogurt (as a sour cream substitute), chihuahua cheese, and a couple crushed tortilla chips. 

    3. Oatmeal with Peanut Butter and Banana

    This is a simple one! I make plain microwave old-fashioned oats with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and then mix in agave syrup and cinnamon once they are cooked. I top it off with natural peanut butter and a banana for extra protein and deliciousness. 

    4. Cauliflower Gnocchi with Pesto, Goat Cheese, and Balsamic

    A true classic and a lazy girl’s best friend: Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi. I make mine in my air fryer (if you’re not doing this yet, it will change your life) with a dash of olive oil, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning, and then simply mix it up with pesto, balsamic glaze, and goat cheese crumbles. YUM. 

    5. Tofu Lettuce Wraps

    My mom and I have been making this recipe for years, and it just continues to evolve. I’m very excited to share that I recently cracked the code on how to get your tofu as crispy as possible, and the answer is two simple words: air. fryer. Seriously, this tiny little appliance made my life 1000x better, and if you don’t have one yet, WYD?!
    To make these lettuce wraps, air fry your drained and cubed tofu with your teriyaki sauce of choice and prepare some plain brown rice. You could also make some veggies to add if you’d like. Then add everything to a butter lettuce cup, and top with a bit of sriracha mayo and crispy chow mein noodles—or don’t, if you’re feeling extra healthy. 

    6. Spicy Potato Tacos

    As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, it was also the year that Taco Bell decided to take potatoes off the menu and break my little vegetarian heart. So if you’re in the same boat as me and still mourning that loss, this is a special treat for you: at-home spicy potato tacos.
    I make these by air frying (yes, I’m using it again) cubed baby potatoes seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic powder, chili powder, and red pepper flakes. The potatoes by themselves are delicious, but I like to put them on a low-carb tortilla and add a sprinkle of cheese, avocado, plain greek yogurt, and hot sauce to pretend I am at Taco Bell. I also like to tell myself these are a healthier version—so, you know, if they’re not, please don’t tell me that. 

    7. Lunch Snack Plate

    This is what I like to call lazy lunch. Basically, it consists of anything in my fridge that needs to be eaten. For example: on the day I took this photo, I had some leftover buffalo chickpea salad mixture on a lettuce wrap as well as a side of veggies and crackers with plant-based cauliflower tzatziki dip. 

    8. Breakfast Tacos

    I would seriously eat these tacos every day if I could. They are super simple: scrambled eggs, veggie sausage (I prefer MorningStar), goat cheese crumbles, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and hot sauce on low-carb tortillas. 

    9. Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

    Ah, chickpeas, we meet again. This very easy mediterranean salad is just a mixture of washed and drained chickpeas, avocado, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese. For dressing, I drizzle the mixture with olive oil and red wine vinegar and season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. You could also add cucumber and kalamata olives—I was just out on this day!

    10. Veggie Fried Brown Rice with Tofu

    I’m a huge fan of using leftovers, and this dish is perfect for that. I had some leftover tofu and brown rice from my lettuce wraps, so I fried up some veggies—in this case, peppers, carrots, corn, and red onion—then added the rice, tofu, a fried egg, and some more teriyaki sauce all in the same pan.  More

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    My Secrets for Eating Plant-Based, Even When I’m Too Busy to Grocery Shop

    Eating more fruits and veggies doesn’t sound revolutionary, but the only “diet” I’d universally recommend is plant-based, because it isn’t about limiting or labeling foods as “good” and “bad.” Eating plant-based is not a secret weight-loss diet or an unsustainable eating plan. Instead, it’s the simple decision to eat more of the natural foods from the earth that our bodies are meant to eat. But if eating healthy were that easy, everyone would be doing it, right? With overloaded work schedules and a stay-at-home order that took away our normalcy, toilet paper, and portion control, healthy eating has gone out the window for many of us. If a busy lifestyle leaves you ordering pizza most nights of the week since there’s nothing in the fridge, or staying at home has made you go through chocolate chip cookies quicker than you go through a new Netflix series, don’t worry. I’m often too busy to get to the grocery store, can get lazy with cooking or prepping, and love food way too much to give up my favorite meals and snacks. So if I can eat plant-based, so can you. Here are five secrets I live by for getting in all my fruits and veggies, no matter how busy my schedule is or the last time I went to the grocery store.

    Source: Blue Apron

    1. Get plant-based meals delivered
    Some weeks are just so busy that you don’t have time to plan, prepare, or shop for meals, which makes eating plant-based pretty difficult (Chinese takeout or frozen chicken nuggets are much more tempting). Luckily for the other busy women and health nuts out there, Blue Apron offers health-conscious options like vegetarian, 600 calories or less, etc., so not only can you select meals that you’ll look forward to all day, but you’ll be eating meals that keep you on track with your unique goals. 
    Plus, Blue Apron now offers customizations. What does that mean for your plant-based diet? You can now swap, add, or upgrade proteins on select meals to make them more plant-friendly. So if your roommate or significant other prefers meat, you won’t have to sacrifice your health-focused preferences since you both can get the protein you want (insider tip: look for the “see options” box under the meal’s image after signing up to see if it is customizable).
    New customers: click here to save over $60 on your first 3 boxes!

    Source: Kate Davidson | Colin Price Photography for The Everygirl

    2. Equip your kitchen
    If you’re newly plant-based, you might need some different equipment to make your cooking (and life) a little easier. Having the right tools on hand means a lot more variety in your meals, using the same food and ingredients. For example, try a spiralizer to turn zucchini into noodles, invest in a Nutribullet to quickly DIY a creamy soup out of cauliflower or butternut squash, and a pressure cooker to make dishes out of dried beans and grains (more on that below). 

    Source: Danielle Moss for The Everygirl

    3. Stock up on frozen produce
    Fresh is always best, but for times when you can’t get to the grocery store, stock up on frozen produce. Use frozen produce like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, or butternut squash for stews, stir-fries, and smoothies. Not only is frozen produce often cheaper, but it lasts much longer than the fresher versions, so you can keep it on hand for emergencies (AKA when you’re craving stir fry at 11 p.m.). It’s also frozen at peak freshness, which means it’s packed with as many nutrients as possible. Try frozen fruit for smoothies, riced cauliflower or broccoli florets for side dishes, and pre-made meals for the nights you don’t even have time to cook. If you prefer non-packaged produce, you can also chop up fresh veggies and freeze them yourself (produce like sweet potatoes and broccoli can last a long time in the freezer).

    Source: FOODISM360 | Unsplash

    4. Make dry food your best friend
    Just like stocking up on frozen food can prepare you for busy days, dried whole foods are the secret ingredient to satisfying plant-based meals, without the work of grocery shopping every week. Try stocking up on dried beans (like lentils, black beans, or pinto beans) and whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, or millet). They’ll last forever in your pantry, are cheaper than buying prepared (especially when bought in bulk), and can be made in a pressure cooker to save time.

    Source: Leigh Skomal | Unsplash

    5. Think of adding plants instead of taking away other food groups
    I love plant-based eating because it’s just about what you should add; you don’t have to cut out whole food groups or deprive yourself of foods you love. So when life gets busy (because it will) and you don’t have time to cook, prep, grocery shop, or plan ahead (because you won’t), you don’t need to stress and panic-order Papa John’s. Instead, make yourself some pasta (yes, even if it’s not “plant-based”) and think of what you can add to include more plant-powered nutrients. Maybe it’s blending lentils into the pasta sauce or heating frozen broccoli to eat with it.
    When I do order out (which has been more often than not this year, TBH), I get a pizza with all the veggie toppings and order a side salad to go with it, or load up on avocado rolls and shishito peppers. No matter how busy life gets, what ingredients you have in your kitchen, or even which restaurant you order from, don’t worry about how to stick to one diet or limit certain foods. Instead, get creative with how you can add more plants to any meal.

    What tips and tricks help you eat plant-based?

    This post includes a sponsored mention of Blue Apron, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board. More