Queen Rania’s 53rd birthday: A recap of Her Majesty’s year in public service


On the occasion of her 53rd birthday, we look back at Queen Rania’s tireless contribution in the service of her people.

Starting from the groung level

Like every other year, Queen Rania remained dedicated to addressing the concerns of the Jordanian public by conducting numerous visits to charitable organizations, small businesses, startups, and various groups across the nation’s urban and rural areas.

Empowering women

Renowned for her advocacy for women and youth, Her Majesty’s local involvements encompassed interactions with women artisans and young entrepreneurs, as well as trips to women-led initiatives and associations promoting women’s financial empowerment.

Equality for every faith

During last March’s holy month of Ramadan, for the second consecutive year, the Queen arranged a mission to Umrah, the lesser Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, for 500 Jordanian women. A subset of this group included the Queen herself, who joined them on this sacred pilgrimage. Earlier, in December 2022, Her Majesty partook in the illumination of the Fuheis Christmas tree among members of Jordan’s Christian community.

Raising awareness

Additionally, Queen Rania spoke at the 2023 Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, highlighting concerns about society’s increasing dependence on technology. “I worry that we’re undervaluing the most precious asset: our time,” Her Majesty remarked. “As virtual reality advances, we must not disregard our tangible reality’s necessities.”

Warrior for climate change

In her role as a member of the Earthshot Prize Council, the Queen delivered a speech at the inaugural Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit in New York, occurring alongside the United Nations General Assembly. During her address, she urged for united efforts and inventive solutions to mend the planet, cautioning against dismissing “climate change as someone else’s issue” or leaving it to future generations to address.

Voicing against refugee discrimination

The Queen repeatedly highlighted inequalities in refugee treatment based on their country of origin. While speaking at the Paris Peace Forum, she observed the differing reception of refugees from Ukraine compared to those from nations like Syria, Myanmar, and South Sudan, all of whom had been forced from their homes.
“What explains this contrast in empathy? Does skin color dictate the distinction?” she inquired.

In Pics: Reflecting on Queen Rania’s year on the prestigious occasion of her 53rd birthday

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