A ‘cold, unemotional’ full moon is coming – here’s everything you need to know


A cold, unemotional Full Moon in Capricorn looks to be having second thoughts about an intimate relationship.

It points to a decision that needs to be made. It looks like someone got a little too close for comfort. Perhaps the image they wanted to portray in a partnership wasn’t quite right. Someone wants to be recognised as more important than they may in fact be. What a mess. Emotional control is at play.

If they want to change the game plan, let them. Why not get what you need to say out in the open? A cover will soon be blown and real feelings revealed. There is no need for the inevitable nastiness about the whole situation that may be simmering inside; keep to the facts. The stars say: act with wisdom, and patience, don’t be wiled into their game. Above all, be respectful.

You may be feeling super sensitive because of your insecurities. That’s Capricorn for you, he hates tears, drama and weakness in another. Women appear to handle this particular Full Moon better than men. Why are they so broody? There is introspection and curiosity around the time you risked and possibly lost.

What is your intuition telling you? If you value your health and your heart, this is nothing more than an uncomfortable move to a better place. Mars in Taurus in the 8th house suggests elimination issues – so listen. Your body may well be feeling the same. Doesn’t it feel better when a ‘blockage’ has cleared?

Others will soon be around for you – are they picking up your broken heart? Comedy heals, so learn to laugh at yourself; others will love your self-deprecation. Who knew you had the funniest stories about how you missed the obvious clues that someone was stringing you along with their tall tales.

You will like this one. Revenge looks to be sweet as the devil wants to strike once, hard and fast for you. Even he wants you to let go of any disheartenment and take a break. He is dying to show off what he can do. Remain at arm’s length. This time you can just sit back, watch and wait for his pièce de résistance! Mon Dieu!

Step back from the drama and make peace with your life. End relationships that aren’t working by July 26 to 27.

On a positive note, who is travelling to a foreign land? I bet you can’t wait. Is it for business or somewhere you can improve or build on your career? Your energy will need to be a little more contained for where you’re going or what you’re doing, but expect your light to shine. Pull back on what you already know and go with the flow; it’s not forever.

The Full Moon in Capricorn asks you to put yourself, your work and your thoughts for the future, first. Others may think you’re a little conniving, but you are simply showing those who love you how you play the game of life and win. Who is following in your footsteps? What impression do you want them to have of you?

Take control by using your head not your heart.

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