This Prawn Curry Hits The Spot When You’re Craving Take-Aways

Like Heritage Day, Dinner at Matloha’s is all about bringing family and friends together for some good times around the table. Here, Liziwe Motloha’s prawn curry, from her book Dinner at Motloha’s, showcases ingredients that reflect her culinary heritage and appeal to the entire family.

This prawn curry is rich in kitchen staple ingredients while being hearty and just indulgent enough to temper the craving for a fast food meal. It’s also ready in minutes.

Time for some cooking essentials…

This innovative can-to-pan Masterclass Frying Pan is made of 70% recycled aluminium that is sourced from discarded drink cans. Win-win!

The rich, red colour comes from the finest Italian tomatoes. Each one is strained through a sieve to remove the seeds and then bottled in its raw, uncooked form.

This turner’s handle has an enhanced comfortable grip, so you can avoid that awkward angle trying to flip your steaks. An angled tip makes for easy flipping.

Liziwe Matloha’s Prawn Curry

  • Frying Pan

  • Pot

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