You Can Whip Up These High-Protein Bagels For Half The Calories Fast

Picture this: it’s Wednesday, you’re in the throes of a work deadline and the clock hits 13:45. You haven’t eaten and your stomach hates you. You need to grab something nourishing, fast. Enter: these high-protein bagels, saviour of the stomach; goodness in a bite.

These high-protein bagels pack a punch

These high-protein bagels come from the mind of none other than Cover Star Angelique Daubermann. “You know I had to make my favourite food (bagels) with my other favourite food (cottage cheese),” Daubermann explains. “I love these for many reasons, but especially because most bagels you’ll find on the shelf are pushing 300 calories for those big bad boys! Now you can have a cute (lower cal) and higher protein bun with a hole in it for only 160 calories AND 11g of protein! This means more calories for your fave fillings!”

For even more protein, this muscle-building sandwich features cottage cheese and an egg. Micronutrients are always key, so load up on the veg when compiling this high-protein bagel and you’ve got yourself a star meal.

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The Lean Girl’s High-Protein Bagels

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