Make This Cold-Fighting Lettuce, Fennel & Pea Soup If You’re Feeling Under The Weather

Whether you’re sick or just plain sick of the frosty temps and in search of winter soups for cold weather, we’ve got you covered. This pea soup recipe has antioxidants, including vitamin C, which help fight disease-causing free radicals. And we can’t get enough of this delicious, vibrant, green soup.

“Salad isn’t the only way to serve lettuce in a bowl – here, it lightens up pea soup and adds some texture to make every spoonful extra satisfying,” says Giada De Laurentiis, creator of this pea soup recipe.

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Why This Pea Soup Recipe Is Great For Colds

  1. It’s packed with antioxidants: Peas are packed with antioxidants, like vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, catechin and epicatechin. These antioxidants help build your immune system so you’re better able to avoid the sniffles. Fresh fennel bulb is also a good source of vitamin C which is critical for immune health.
  2. It is hydrating: Lettuce is super hydrating. When you’re sick you’re always encouraged to stay hydrated and drink plenty of liquids. And because water makes up over 95% of raw lettuce it’s a great booster booster.
  3. It’ll help you feel better: So there actually is a real reason people suggest you eat soup when you’re sick. The sodium in soup may act in a similar way to gargling warm salt water and help relieve sore throat pain. Plus, the heat helps clear nasal congestion and can relieve pain and sinus pressure. And of course, with all the veggies we tend to pack into soups, the nutrient-dense nature of soups may help, too.

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3 Amazing Blenders You Should Make Your Winter Soups With

Smeg Hand Blender

This retro-styled set chops, blends, whisks and mashes. Plus, immersion blenders allow you to blend directly in your pot which means less dishes.

Nutribullet Blender Combo

Jug blenders make dumping and blending soups so easy. This one is especially great as you can use it while sauces and soups are still hot (no waiting for it to cool).

Smartlife Soup Maker

Five pre-programmed settings and powerful blades easily liquify veg, while a heating plate warms the contents inside. Hardly any dirty dishes thanks to this nifty gadget.

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Try One Of Our Favourite Winter Soups For Colds

Cold-Fighting Lettuce, Fennel & Pea Soup Recipe



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