Sofia Richie’s Health and Fitness Routine Leading Up to Her Wedding

ICYMI, Sofia Richie tied the knot in what has been dubbed this year’s star-studded “royal wedding,” and it’s all anyone on Instagram and TikTok could talk about. The 24-year-old model, fashion designer, beauty director of Nudestix, and little sister of Nicole Richie said “I do” to Elliot Grainge in the south of France. Thanks to Richie launching her TikTok just days before her nuptials, we got glimpses of her wedding prep, complete with GRWM videos. And with Vogue’s play-by-play of the day-of wedding festivities, they left no stone unturned (can we take a moment to gush over Richie’s, not one, but three custom Chanel dresses?!).

So we got the inside scoop on her bridal beauty and fashion looks, but being the wellness diehard that I am, I had to get to the bottom of Richie’s workout and diet routines leading up to her big day. Luckily, she shared most of it on her social media. I got the lowdown on her go-to fitness regimen and eating habits (you can thank me and IG later). Read on for some major #fitspo. 

Her workouts

As Richie was getting into bride mode starting last December, she took to Instagram Stories to share her sweat sessions. Two three-pound hand weights and a 10-pound weight vest were all she needed for “getting snatched” before getting hitched. Courtesy of Richie’s “Fitness Journal” highlights, we can channel Richie exercise by exercise: After sprints with her hype squad—her trainer Elizabeth Vidor and two cute AF pups—she moved on to a lateral lunge and twist combo, jumping jacks with punches, a knee-pull-and-punch sequence, and squat shuffles—performing each movement for 30 seconds and completing the circuit for six rounds.

But wait, there’s more… Then, Richie went straight into a single-leg-glute-bridge-and-crunch exercise, followed by a knee-plank-and-arm-row move, a wall-sit-hold-and-inner-thigh burner, arm circles, and tricep extensions. Finally, Richie ended her one-hour workout with a deep stretch with her trainer. As if that wasn’t already a doozy of a routine, her pre-wedding workouts didn’t stop there. She documented three other workouts (check ’em out here and give ’em a try!). Also, she’s a hot girl walk stan like the rest of us: “I try to walk for at least an hour every single day!” And as for the activewear brand she’s obsessed with? Her favorite seems to be Splits59. 

Her diet 

According to US Weekly, Richie shared on her Stories that she went on a “strict diet” to “get an early start” on her wedding prep. “I try my hardest to fast until 12 p.m. (with the exception of coffee),” Richie said in December. “For lunch, I have either a salad or a high-protein meal. I eat my dinner around 6:30 p.m., which is the last meal before I go to bed (no snacking).” Her high-protein go-to’s? Egg whites and bacon. She went on to say another diet staple of hers is “tons of veggies.” While Richie conveyed that she tries her hardest to avoid carbs and sugar, she sometimes left room for “a little treat.” In the same vein, she expressed: “You should do what feels best for your body. Incorporating some carbs isn’t horrible when you are training hard.” As for her fave snack? Seaweed. Hot take: Healthy eating should be flexible (read: eating and enjoying what you love), so take a cue from Richie and do you.


let the festivities begin ✨

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