2022’s third Mercury Retrograde is fast approaching – here’s everything to know


You’ve probably just hit your groove. But wait, what? Again? Not another Retrograde? Yes, that’s right. Mercury is once again going into Retrograde on September 11, 2022. However, don’t panic, unless, of course, you don’t like to get things done.

September will be giving us a bigger than usual workload. Don’t be surprised if you start to feel overwhelmed with too many things on your plate.  You can turn this situation into a positive by showcasing your skills, popularity or leadership qualities because it’s going to ultimately favour your career.

Unfortunately, you will need to push through, and the reality will start to bite. It will be too late to catch up later, so make sure you don’t get left behind, or be surprised if you find yourself working longer hours!

This third of the 2022 Mercury Retrogrades asks you to go back over any formalities involving higher education.  Also, cast another eye over any legal documents or contracts relating to foreign places and look closely at upcoming events where you are responsible for someone else’s money.

Do you want to be kicking goals and stay ahead of the pack? Initially, a Retrograding Mercury in Libra is diplomatic in expecting a little more effort, but he is moving back into his home sign of a conscientious Virgo by September 24 where he will be wanting more detail around communication, it may cause some anxiety if you’re not organised.

Your reputation is paramount, so don’t be surprised if you feel your confidence waning or feel like an imposter syndrome is closing in on you and you need to hide your insecurities.

The secret is to write everything down! By the end of October, when Mercury enters Scorpio, he will want to know everything all over again. Help is also there if you ask for it.

The good news is the Full Moon in Pisces on September 10 will be acknowledging how you have been an inspiration to other people and reminding you to say a big thanks to those who helped you along the way.

The stars appear to be preparing you for Sagittarius season because a discriminating and fastidious Venus in Virgo has reminded Mercury that it’s also time to focus on you! Venus wants you to pay more attention to your lifestyle choices and know you can feel, think, and look better than you already do.

Pay attention to any hormonal changes or digestive issues bothering you, luckily Virgo helps you do your homework from September 6. Schedule any aesthetic procedures for the hospital, but don’t operate five days on either side of the Full Moon. Pick a date after 15 September if you can; the New Moon in Libra will be wanting to unveil something beautiful after September 25.

It’s evident 2022 has continued to be a rollercoaster. Those who have done the work and paid attention to our ancient star guidance seeing results; we often hear well-deserved and long-awaited success stories despite the difficulties.

You’ve become more reliant on yourself, so in this retrograde, just trust the process. With the big five planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also in retrograde during the entire month of September, put your head down and get on with things.

Don’t forget to back up your wonderfully creative, fluid ideas with critical examples from online media, technology, and communications. You will be wanting to appear intellectually versatile after all.

Mercury Retrograde is here to help put your dreams into action; all the planets are guiding you gently and systematically toward your next chapter. Make sure you let your beauty, brawn and brains shine!

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