The 6 Greatest Recovery Tools That Ease Tight Muscles

Recovery tools are clutch when it comes to stretching out and massaging tight, sore muscles, whether from injury or a hard workout. We’ve rounded up the top recovery tools that’ll get you from “eina!” to “aaaaah….”

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Asoka Yoga Acupressure Energy Mat, R435

Don’t let the spikes scare you; they activate energy points said to relieve pain, fatigue, insomnia and even combat anxiety.

TriggerPoint GRID 1.0 Foam Roller, R650

The hollowed-out roller gives as solid a sports massage as you can get alone on your bedroom floor. For best results, go slow as you can and remember to use your body weight as pressure.

Theragun Mini, R5000

The gold standard of percussive massagers now comes in a compact, waaaay less expensive model that’ll still pound out muscle tension like a pro.

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Hyperice Vyper Go Vibrating Roller, R3000

You can roll out those DOMs at home or on the go thanks to this vibrating massage roller that’s designed for portability.

TrueLight Energy Square 2.4, R6 695

Red-light therapy is all the rage, but no product is easier to use than this energy square. Pair it with your morning coffee or post-workout stretch to target tension.

Stryke Cryo Trigger Massage Ball, R420

Combine the benefits of cryotherapy, heat therapy and massage therapy for pure muscle relief. *

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