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    Inside Shania Twain’s backstage routine as she lifts lid on Vegas residency

    COUNTRY music sensation Shania Twain has lifted the lid on her routine on tour – which includes waking up at midday, avoiding solid food and drinking just one coffee a day.The megastar has a busy summer of huge UK performances this summer, as well as juggling her epic Las Vegas residency.Country music sensation Shania Twain has lifted the lid on her routine on tourCredit: SWNSShania’s morning routine will start at noon after late nightsCredit: GettyTo keep herself in tip-top condition, Shania follows a strict regime to make sure she performs to the best of her abilities.She said: “My typical morning routine starts at around noon. Mornings are for resting because we’re usually travel straight after the show, which means getting to bed very late.“I usually start with the tea or coffee, but the whole day is all liquid, no solids. I’m not into the sweet coffees, I like it rich, but no sugar.”Shania shared her routine and coffee habits as she teams up with Compare the Market as part of their latest campaign celebrating their Caffe Nero partnership.Read More on Shania TwainInternal data showed more than three million transactions, using the offer, have been made – saving customers £4million so far with the average person saving £1.27 per transaction.It comes as the comparison site carried out research of 2,000 adults to uncover the nation’s coffee habits, which revealed the average Brit consumes two cups of coffee a day.People splash out an average of £8 per week on coffee, with latte (21 per cent), cappuccino (20 per cent) and Americano (14 per cent) the beverages of choice.Semi skimmed milk (44 per cent) is the most popular milk consumed in coffee, followed by whole milk (28 per cent).On show days, Shania avoids drinking milk, as the dairy can impact on her vocals.Most read in ShowbizShe added: “But when I’m at home, I’m eating raclette, fondue, all the normal things that one eats when you’re in Switzerland, which is where I’m at most of the time when I’m not touring.”With dozens of performances across the world coming up, Shania shared a few more of her quirky habits to create idyllic conditions wherever she is.That includes bringing her own bedsheets to create a sense of familiarity – along with a dehumidifier to ensure her vocals are kept in tip-top condition.Shania said: “It’s just the comfort and creating tactile consistency of your own sheets, pillows and dehumidifiers. I like clean humidification in the room when I’m sleeping.”And the sheets are a ‘home away from home’, so every day I’ve got the same texture around me.”Speaking about the partnership with Caffe Nero which gives customers 25 per cent off barista-made drinks and pastries via the Meerkat App.Compare the Market’s Julie Daniels said: “Shania is a superstar, and it’s fascinating for her to lift the lid on her coffee habits whilst on the road and at home.”Shania starts the day with a coffee and likes it rich with no sugarCredit: SWNS More

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    If Your Mattress Sucks, You Might Want To Try Pressure Mapping For Better Sleep

    Let’s go back: the last time you bought a mattress (Varsity? Your first flat, ten years ago?), how long did you spend on it before making things official? Did you walk from bed to bed and lay there for a few seconds before hopping onto the next one? If you answered yes, we have some sobering news.

    According to experts, you should spend 15 minutes on a prospective mattress before purchasing. Thankfully, there is now a faster, more efficient and scientific way to make sure you’re getting the right mattress for your body. It’s pressure mapping, and it takes just five minutes.

    Why is the right mattress important?

    Not to alarm you, but it’s sort of THE most important thing. A good night’s sleep starts with the right surface that supports your unique frame and sleeping position. When you’re in bed with a mattress that’s too firm or too soft, you won’t sleep as well. Plus, a bad night’s sleep consistently for weeks or months on end means far more than being cranky. Bad sleep affects your mental health, your mood, blood sugar regulation, weight and more. With a good mattress, you’re setting yourself up for better sleep quality, which impacts your health significantly.

    READ MORE: Fall Asleep Faster With These 7 Hacks For Better Sleep

    What is pressure mapping?

    A computerised tool, pressure mapping software identifies how your weight is distributed across the mattress. The practice originated in healthcare to prevent pain and improve comfort among patients. Now, it’s gone mainstream.

    At Bed King’s Comfort Solutions Lab, you can have your sleep position analysed. The pressure mapping tech, which has over 1600 built-in pressure sensors, targets the body’s pain points, creating the optimal sleep code that is then matched to three of twelve different mattresses. Each mattress, designed and manufactured locally by Bed King, complements each sleep code.

    How pressure mapping matches you to an ideal mattress

    “The more pressure you have, the more comfort you will need in a mattress to relieve those pressure points,” explains Carla Ewertse-Myburgh, Operations Executive at Bed King. “Comfort is not measured by how soft a mattress is but by how much pressure it’s able to relieve. And if there is not enough comfort, you’ll find yourself tossing and turning the whole night trying to find comfort. The other factor is support and this is provided by the pocket spring units found in our mattresses.”

    Once you’ve laid on the pressure mapping tech (it takes about five minutes), the data is interpreted and will create a connection between Bed King’s offering and your sleep data. You’ll get a unique sleep code that connects you to your dream mattress. The sleep code info is based on your weight, body composition and sleeping position.

    Does pressure mapping work for couples?

    If you don’t sleep alone, bring your S.O. along and get mapped together. Both codes are considered as the tech does its magic, but more often than not, the heavier body needs more support.

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    What your sleeping position might mean

    How you sleep at night not only plays a role in figuring out the ideal mattress for you but can also have health insights. Here’s what the experts have to say.

    Sleep On Your Tummy

    If you prefer a prone position (lying nearly face-down), you’re probably a perfectionist who is compulsive, persistent and goal-orientated, says psychiatrist and sleep expert Samuel Dunkell. These qualities may be good for your career, but they don’t do your body any favours.

    Sleeping on your stomach can twist your neck into an awkward position, put excess pressure on your spine and make it more difficult to inhale, says Dr Lee Surkin. To avoid waking up all achey, gently nudge yourself into sleeping in a foetal pose by lying on your side with one pillow between your knees and another behind your back.

    Sleep On Your Back

    Staring straight up at the ceiling can signal an adventurous, confident and receptive personality, says Dunkell. Dozing on your back also keeps pressure off your jaw, which is crucial for people with painful temporomandibular joint disorder (pain in the jaw joint).

    But back sleeping triggers undue stress on your airway, so it’s a bad idea for snorers. If you’re a noisy breather, try the pillow trick explained above or buy a full-body pillow that will keep you on your side.

    Sleep On Your Side

    Around 73 percent of women and 50 percent of men spend the night on their sides. Most curl into a semi-foetal pose, with their knees just slightly bent, says Dunkell. According to his research, such people tend to be compromising and appeasing, whereas those who snooze in full foetal (with their knees practically hugged to their chest) are introspective and intense.

    Health-wise, sleeping on either side curtails snoring and resting on your left side keeps your stomach active and eases heartburn, according to the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. More

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    Peter Andre says he’s struggling with ‘lack of sleep’ after daughter’s birth – and reveals who gets to pick her name

    PETER Andre has revealed he’s struggling with ‘lack of sleep’ after his daughter’s birth – while revealing who gets to pick her name.Singer Peter, 51, and his wife Emily, 34, welcomed their third child together earlier this month.Peter Andre is struggling with ‘lack of sleep’ after his daughter’s birthCredit: InstagramPeter with new daughterCredit: InstagramBut in his latest OK! column, the Mysterious Girl hitmaker confessed it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses for the pair.He wrote: “We’ve been trying out names that our friends and family have suggested, but then Emily and I don’t seem to agree on them.”So I think it’s only fair that Emily decides – I hope she picks a good one. It’s been great that the kids have been off school for the holidays so we can spend time together as a family.”While we work a name out, we’re just trying to differentiate between day and night. The lack of sleep is real already!”read more on Peter AndreThe former I’m A Celeb star had previously hinted that he was keen on Keanu for a boy and Flo for a girl, but appears to have handed the reins over to Emily on the baby name front.Emily and Peter, who announced they were in expecting in October of last year, are already parents to Amelia, nine, and eight-year-old Theo.Pete has two older children – Junior, 18, and Princess, 16 – who he shares with first wife Katie Price.When the doctor gave birth to their latest bundle of joy, Peter announced on Instagram, “Just minutes old……Most read in Showbiz”We feel so overwhelmed right now. So happy to welcome our beautiful girl to the family.”Mum and daughter are doing amazing. Born Tuesday 2nd April 2024, 7lb 3oz and thankfully very healthy.”Baby has been spoilt with cuddles from Junior, Princess, Amelia and Theo who are all in love with their new little sister. As parents, we couldn’t be happier.”He added: “Only thing is…. She has no name yet. Help!”Thanks to all the doctors, midwives and staff at Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton. You were incredible. And Emily’s parents, whom I adore. You have both been incredible.”I’m so happy. Just off to hold her. Thanks everyone for reading.”Peter and Emily told fans they were expecting in October of last yearCredit: InstagramThey are already parents to Amelia and Theo while Pete is dad to Junior and PrincessCredit: Instagram More

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    Dame Joan Collins reveals her secret to dealing with hangovers aged 90

    DAME Joan Collins has revealed how she deals with hangovers at 90 — by staying in bed all day.The Hollywood legend still enjoys white wine and the odd martini but suffers the morning after.Dame Joan Collins has revealed how she deals with hangovers at 90 — by staying in bed all dayCredit: The Mega AgencyDame Joan told The Sun: “How do I cure a hangover? Tons and tons of water and stay in bed as long as possible!“I only drink socially and I have glasses of water in between — that’s my secret.”Asked about what she does in her day to day life and her favourite TV shows, she added: “Me? Who cares! What do I enjoy watching… things like White Lotus, movies, the news.”Dynasty actress Dame Joan also paid tribute to Princess Kate after her cancer revelation.READ MORE ON DAME JOAN COLLINSAt the Inspiration Awards for Women in London — where she won the Lifetime Achievement award — she said: “We talked about children – you know, I’m a mother, she’s a mother – and I was extremely sad to hear the news.“We all knew she wasn’t well, but I thought it was incredibly brave of her to speak herself, to make the announcement herself. “Very unusual for royals to do that, don’t you think?“And for her to come out and say that, she doesn’t have to do it.Most read in Celebrity“I think that everybody should just allow her now to go away and heal, with her children, with her husband and leave her alone.”But Dame Joan still refuses to say a word about Harry and Meghan – saying: “I won’t speak about them, sorry.”Masked Singer guest judge Joan Collins has ‘no idea’ who Rockhopper star Michelle Williams is More

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    Lucy Mecklenburgh has ‘least favourite day’ of her life as fiance Ryan Thomas lives it up in Dubai without her

    LUCY Mecklenburgh admitted to her followers she was having the ‘least favourite day of her life’ after a string of unfortunate events. The former Towie star and health guru has been juggling feeling under the weather while also looking after four-year-old Roman and 22-month old Lilah – who also happen to be feeling a little poorly. Lucy Mecklenburgh shared her stressful day on InstagramCredit: INSTAGRAMThe star’s been open with her struggle with endometriosisCredit: INSTAGRAMRyan and Lucy have two children together – a girl and a boyCredit: InstagramWith sleep at an all time low, Lucy shared pictures of the kids cuddling up to each other on the sofa, and giving their mummy hugs as she looked after them. She wrote on the Instagram Story picture: “Very little sleep for two nights, solo parenting and my endometriosis symptoms are at the worst they have ever been! Sending love to anyone else struggling today.” However, to make matters worse, after night three of little to no sleep, another panicked moment lay ahead of her. Speaking from her kitchen, Lucy said: “So today’s officially probably one of my least favourite days there has ever been in my life. READ MORE LUCY MECKLENBURGH”It’s just been hard work today, little sleep, very hard work, and then just to top off, I just went to put the bins out and the door slammed behind me – both the kids eating a snack inside. “I can’t see them. I was like, ‘Oh my God’. I saw my neighbour’s door slam of their car, I’m jumping up and down like ‘help me! Oh, God!’ It’s good that we’d know and get on with them really well because very embarrassing.” Thankfully, quick-thinking Lucy was able to recruit her smart little boy to help her out. “I was like, right. Let’s think about this logically – Roman, can you go upstairs and get your stall from bathroom if you open this door for me, not anyone else ever but just for mummy? and he did it.” Most read in ShowbizWhile Lucy was struggling at home, her fiancé Ryan Thomas seemed to be having a much better time of it. Alongside his brothers Scott and Adam, Ryan shared videos of himself enjoying a game of racquetball in Dubai. The trio are having a lads getaway with pals, and appear to be having a blast as they soak up the sun. Ryan in particular must have needed a getaway after storming to victory on Dancing On Ice two weeks ago – ending almost four months of training to get to the top spot. Ryan is currently in Dubai with his brothers, Adam and ScottCredit: INSTAGRAMBoth Roman and Lilah have been feeling a little under the weatherCredit: INSTAGRAMThe pair are often there to support each other through the good and tough timesCredit: Splash More

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    I’m on the downwards slide, says Liam Gallagher as he talks health woes from arthritis to autoimmune condition 

    DURING his hell-raising prime, Liam Gallagher would stay up all night downing pints of lager and snorting cocaine.But these days, when the ex-Oasis frontman misses his beauty sleep it is more likely because his joints are sore and his psoriasis is flaring up.Liam Gallagher is looking to make up for his hell-raising younger years by living a clean lifestyleCredit: Pacific Coast NewsThe star is on a “health trip” that has seen him cutting back on booze, drugs and fags and getting up at 4am every dayLiam says ‘life is precious’ and wants to make the most of it while continuing his music careerCredit: ReutersToday, the rocker admits age is catching up with him — he suffers from a range of ailments and is no longer able to go jogging following a hip operation.But Liam says he is battling to extend his life and counter- act his years of hard partying.Promoting a new tour, Liam, 51, said: “You’ve got to undo all the bad work you’ve done through f***ing getting off your head and all that.“It’s time to undo it all now and get back to reality. READ MORE LIAM GALLAGHER“All that stuff that you thought was cool in the early days . . . it’s time to get healthy.” The star is on a “health trip” that has seen him cutting back on booze, drugs and fags and getting up at 4am every day. Liam said: “As you get older, life is precious, do you know what I mean? “When you are younger you don’t care. ‘I’m a thinker’ Most read in Showbiz“But as you get older, you’re getting closer to wherever you’re meant to be going.” Opening up about his fear of mortality, he added: “I have my days when I’m f***ing buzzing about every- thing and then I have days when I’m just like, ‘This is s**t’, as in life — you know what I mean? Abandoned dog finds ‘forever home’ with Liam Gallagher“Even though I’ve got everything, I mean, it’s just not enough.“Sometimes I just want the answers now — where are we going, why are we here, what are we doing? But it’s just not possible. “But other than that I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. I love waking up early in the morning. “Round about six or seven I start nodding off. But early doors I’m up four o’clock in the morning — come on!” Asked what he does at that time, Liam replied: “Nothing. Just sit around at the end of the bed thinking. I’m a thinker.” Liam’s health kick stands in stark contrast to his swaggering years when he was notorious for his Champagne Supernova lifestyle, where he hoovered up hard drugs and was famous for getting into drunken scraps. Liam credits fiancee Debbie Gwyther for keeping his grounded and being a strong supportCredit: n.cLiam is not expecting an Oasis reunion anytime soon and took a playful dig at brother NoelCredit: HandoutLiam is currently touring with close pal, Stone Roses star John SquireCredit: RexEven in his forties, he admits he found it hard to just have a single drink and would often stay out until the early hours knocking back pints of beer.However, in 2017 he revealed he had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune condition of the thyroid gland, and it affects his singing voice. Then last year the rocker underwent a hip operation and had to cut back on the jogging that had become part of his fitness routine. He revealed: “My hips are fed. I’ve got arthritis, bad. I went to get it checked out and my bones are mashed up. “I can’t sleep at night for the pain. Tossing and turning. So I’m on herbal sleeping tablets and they’ve saved my life. “One of them, seven hours out, no pain. Liam Gallagher gives major update on an Oasis reunion and says Noel should make peace for the sake of their mum“I’m definitely on the downwards slide, though. But we’re all going to die, aren’t we?” Liam also told of suffering from skin condition psoriasis.He said: “I remember meeting someone, some very strange kid, who came up to me and thought I had cocaine in my hair. “I’ve got psoriasis, so I had obviously been scratching it during the day and there were little white bits and s**t. They were taking it out of my hair and putting it on their gums and putting it up their f***ing nose!”“I had four years away from music and it was f***ing awful. I need to be around it. I need to be singing.Liam GallagherLiam — dad to Molly, 25, Lennon, 24, Gene, 22, and 11-year-old Gemma — is these days likely to be seen exercising around Hampstead, North London, where he lives.“All the partying and all that, it’s like, do all that and then back on the health trip and feel good about life and live in the moment,” he explained.Liam is currently on tour with Stone Roses guitarist John Squire, with whom he has just released studio album Liam Gallagher John Squire, with singles including Just Another Rainbow and Mars To Liverpool.Liam says he struggled mentally after Oasis separated following a series of bitter rows, most of them between him and his brother Noel, 56, in 2009.He formed band Beady Eye but also spent years in the musical wilderness.Liam said: “I had four years away from music and it was f***ing awful. “I need to be around it. I need to be singing. And I’m not bothered about the f***ing riches it brings. “The riches are singing it and making it, being around good musicians. It’s addictive.”On making up with Noel, Liam said: “Nothing new to report. He’s still not as cool as me.” “As you get older you want to keep proving to people that you’ve still got it. It’s like, ‘You f***ers, you think I’m not taking this serious?’. Liam GallagherBut he has found a connection with French capital Paris, where his recent gigs with John have been staged. He said: “I’ve always felt like I might have been French in another lifetime.”The Mancunian continued: “I’ve lived in London now for 25 years and I still feel like I don’t know my way around. It still feels alien.”Liam credits his children, his dogs and fiancée Debbie Gwyther, 41, for keeping his feet on the ground, but insists he has lost none of the fight that drove him to become a rock star.He said: “As you get older you want to keep proving to people that you’ve still got it. It’s like, ‘You f***ers, you think I’m not taking this serious?’. READ MORE SUN STORIES“That’s the only thing, I mean, besides me missus and me kids and me mam and all that, and me dogs . . .  I get real f***ing joy from it.“And I also get a lot of calmness from it as well. And there’s chaos in the calmness as well, and I like that.”Ow-asis! Liam’s ailments

    Hip operation
    Hashimoto’s disease (underactive thyroid)
    Psoriasis More

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    Fall Asleep Faster With These 7 Hacks For Better Sleep

    20 Minutes. That’s all that stands between feeling exhausted and the best sleep ever. It’s also how much more sleep a woman needs than the average man, according to professional James Horne, a leading sleep expert in the UK.A good night’s sleep is kind of like an orgasm – you have friends who experience it on the reg, your guy gets it right every night and you’ve only managed it a couple of times over the past few months. Sleep deprivation affects women more than men… fact! We sleep lighter and find it more difficult to go back to dreamland once we wake up. So, what gives? Well, turns out that your daytime habits and your pre-sleep routine could be to blame. So, if you’re keen on catching a little more shut-eye tonight, start by making these easy changes to fall asleep faster.

    Fall asleep faster with these hacks

    Start bright

    Within five minutes of waking, try to expose yourself to sunlight for 30 minutes to give your brain the “It’s morning!” signal, says sleep specialist Clete Kushida. If it’s still way before sunrise, turn on a bright light to simulate sunlight as closely as possible. Getting exposure to light as soon as you wake up sends important signals in the body. It regulates your body’s internal clock – called the circadian rhythm – and suppresses melatonin while boosting cortisol levels. In this case, cortisol isn’t the demon we make it out to be, but rather helps wake up the body and allows you to become alert.

    See the light

    Once you’re seeing the light, continue to bask in it. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found office workers who scored natural light during the day got an average of 46 minutes more sleep per night than daylight-deprived colleagues. That’s because being exposed to sunlight signals to the body that it’s time to be alert and awake. As the day wears on, lower your exposure to sunlight as you signal to your body that it’s time to slow down.

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    Hit the weights

    Any resistance exercise you do, whether it’s at 7 am or 7 pm, will reduce the number of times you wake up during the night, according to a study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. In a review of research in Sleep Medicine Review, researchers found that “resistance exercise training improves anxiety and depression” – which makes sense since these conditions can keep us up at night. Moreover, they found that when compared to aerobic exercise (the kind that pumps your heart rate), resistance workouts scored higher for sleep. One theory is that weight training boosts growth hormone and testosterone in the body, which is in turn linked to better sleep.

    Save carbs for dinner

    The insulin spike you get from eating foods such as brown rice, sweet potato or pasta may help you fall asleep faster, says research published in the journal Cell Reports. That’s because carbs increase the levels of a hormone called tryptophan, which works in the brain to produce serotonin (your happiness hormone) and melatonin (the sleep hormone). Have a portion with dinner to help you fall asleep faster when bedtime rolls around.

    Play your soundtrack

    To set the stage for sleep, play a slow jam – songs with a continuous rhythm of around 60bpm, which sync up with your resting heart rate, says therapeutic practitioner Lyz. And it doesn’t have to be Enya – try Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing” or Beyoncé’s “Flaws and All”. Per the popular sleep app Calm, there’s a plethora of sounds that signal the body to wind down. That includes white noise, ocean waves, rain, nature sounds and sleep stories. By creating a sense of peacefulness, you allow the body to enter rest mode and can fall asleep faster.

    READ MORE: We Tried Morphée: A Screen-Free Sleep Device To Help You Actually Doze Off

    Find your calm

    Women who had hypnosis got up to 80 percent more deep Zs in a study by the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Try this from hypnotherapist Dr John McGrail: sit with palms on thighs. Raise your index finger and imagine it getting lighter. Lower it as you silently count down from five then think “deep sleep”. You could also try meditation apps or sleep-time podcasts to lull your body into a sense of calm and fall asleep.

    Banish glare

    If you must watch a series in bed, set your gadget’s brightness to the lowest possible level. U.S. research shows that the light from computer, tablet and smartphone screens suppresses melatonin. Use an app like f.lux, which filters out blue light from your device, or wear blue-light-blocking glasses, which helps.

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    We Tried Morphée: A Screen-Free Sleep Device To Help You Actually Doze Off

    Startling news: South Africans get less sleep than other nations in the world. That’s intel from Sleep Cycle app, which released the data in 2023. There are myriad reasons for this but getting quality shut-eye is important for our health. And our screens, in the form of TVs and phones, contribute to lower sleep quality. Enter Morphée, a completely screen-free, Wi-Fi-free approach to getting quality z’s. We tried it out to see how it got us dozing.

    Morphée Sleep Device

    What happens when we don’t get enough sleep

    Over 50% of adults report poor-quality sleep with screen exposure being a large contributor, per Morphée. According to Morphée’s South African Brand Manager, Daniella Degens, “In recent years, the prevalence of sleep deficiency has escalated, bearing substantial repercussions tied to numerous chronic health conditions, such as depression and anxiety.”

    A lack of quality time dozing also leads to health complications. Getting less lowers your body’s immunity, memory, attention and problem-solving skills. Added to that, chronic sleep deprivation can elevate stress hormones, making it harder to handle the pressures associated with personal and professional responsibilities.

    It’s clear that sleep is paramount and while sleep tonics and products assist, a quality sleep routine really helps move the needle towards restful, restorative sleep.

    READ MORE: Normal Sleep — Turns Out, There Might Be No Such Thing

    What is Morphee?

    In short, Morphée is a screen-free meditation device, works sans Wi-Fi and can lull you to La La Land, stat. It’s also small, making it portable, so you can bring it with you anywhere.

    How it works

    Morphée looks like a clock with various dials. On the right, choose the mode you’d like to use. There are many: body scan, breathing, movement, cardiac coherence, relaxing music and nature sounds (there are more but we won’t name them all). Next, pick your session on the right. Each mode has eight sessions, so you can mix and match and not get bored. You can also choose your duration: eight or 20 minutes. Choose from a male or female voice, et voila – you’ve got yourself a sleepy time sesh.

    Good to know: Morphée was created by a team of sleep experts, so every session is expertly curated.

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    We tried Morphée

    WH Features Ed Michelle October tried Morphée for two weeks to see if it could help her notch more quality z’s.

    “The device looks intimidating at first: so many dials and buttons and no idea what they mean. But once you open the accompanying Blue Book (an instruction manual), it all becomes incredibly simple. What I really loved about it? There’s no accompanying app or Wi-Fi needed. You just pick your session, put Morphée down and get some sleep.

    I know from experience that repetition of sound can create a cue in your body that prompts it for sleep. In that vein, I tried to listen to similar sounds every night but got too excited by everything on offer. I particularly loved the nature sounds and the body scan sessions, which encouraged me to tune into my body and consciously focus on relaxing my muscles as I got ready for bed.

    I was out like a light within minutes. The soothing tones and speaker quality really allowed me to drift off super fast. When I couldn’t fall asleep, I could just pick a new mode and settle in again.

    I also really appreciated that there are no lights on the device except for a brief orange light letting you know the device is on. Other than that, there’s really nothing to deter you from getting to bed.”

    Morphée retails for just R2 490 and is available on their website and on Yuppiechef.

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