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    10 times Sheikh Hamdan was a doting dad to twins Rashid & Shaikha


    by Sarah Joseph
    3 hours ago

    Since welcoming twins Rashid and Shaikha in May 2021, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, has truly become the ultimate doting dad.
    Throughout this time, His Highness, affectionately known by his nickname Fazza, has shared tidbits of the growing twins on social media, sharing some adorable doting father moments with his 14 million followers on Instagram.
    As the twins celebrated their first birthday this year, we look back on some of the special moments Fazza has shared with his growing little ones.

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    In pics: Sheikh Hamdan’s little one is all grown up

    Life by Sarah Joseph 12 mins ago Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai has proved to be a doting father time and time again especially as his kids have grown over the last few years. From regular outings to the stables to a myriad of travel plans across the world including London, his little ones have seen the world through his lens. From a skiing trip in Courchevel situated in South-East France to the Godolphin Stables in London, they’ve explored the world and have already grown up in no time. In February 2023, Fazza also welcomed his third child. The child’s name was revealed to be Mohammed bin Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum. With his son, Rashid all grown up, the Royal father-son duo planned an equestrian outing at the stables where they were seen posing and petting the horses. – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram Images: Instagram @faz3 More

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    Dubai weather update: Work from home for public and private sector

    Lifeby Ruman Baig2 hours ago As Dubai residents prepare for a bout of turbulent weather, both public and private sectors to allow work from home on Monday, February 12.With forecasts predicting continued rain, wind, and unstable conditions, authorities are urging proactive measures to mitigate potential risks.The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has issued a call to action, urging private sector companies to implement remote working arrangements for their employees.The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation calls on private sector companies across the UAE to apply flexible working patterns tomorrow, Monday, 12 February, given the expected weather conditions.“Necessary measures need to be taken by companies to ensure outdoor work,…— وزارة الموارد البشرية والتوطين (@MOHRE_UAE) February 11, 2024Recognizing the importance of occupational health and safety, MOHRE emphasizes the need for companies to prioritize the well-being of their workforce, particularly for those engaged in outdoor activities.Meanwhile, the Dubai government has taken decisive action, with HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, issuing a directive for all government entities to observe remote working on the same day. This proactive approach underscores the government’s commitment to safeguarding its employees during adverse weather conditions.Under @HamdanMohammed‘s directives, Monday, 12 February, 2024 will be a remote working day for employees of all Dubai government entities, due to weather conditions. This applies to all government employees in #Dubai, except for roles that need on-site presence at the workplace.— Dubai Media Office (@DXBMediaOffice) February 10, 2024As Dubai braces for adverse weather, the collaborative efforts of government entities, private companies, and educational institutions reflect a proactive approach towards ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.– For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and InstagramImages: Instagram & Feature Image: Instagram @dubai_photoconcierge More

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    In pics: Sheikh Hamdan shares snippets from his recent trip to Finland

    Lifeby Sarah Joseph45 mins ago Known for his wanderlust adventures, Dubai’s Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has added yet another country to our bucket list.Sheikh Hamdan paid a recent visit to Finland, specifically Lapland which is the country’s northernmost region known for its vast subartic wilderness, ski resorts and even the natural midnight sun and the highly sought-after Northern Lights.After making the most of skiiny season, Fazza also travelled to Courchevel, South-East province of France, where Sheikha Mahra paid a visit too. This popular tourist destination specifically for the Royal families, has premium shopping experiences including seven Michelin-starred restaurants, 12 five star hotels and two palace hotels.From mountainous regions to adrenaline-fueled spots, Fazza’s travels around the world exude his passion for exploration and adventure.Having travelled the world, including picturesque destinations such as Finland, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy and more.Swipe through the gallery to see snippets from Sheikh Hamdan’s recent trip to Finland.– For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and InstagramImages: Instagram @faz3 More

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    Fazza tests Dubai’s new self-driving taxis


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai tried out Dubai’s latest innovative self-driving taxi that’s all set to launch.
    As a means to contribute to the emirate’s growing technology, this smart mechanism had Sheikh Hamdan experience the new Self-Driving transport that’s ready to make a difference in the smart mobility sector sphere.
    Known to constantly be at the helm of innovation, Dubai’s newly launched systems are always tried out by Fazza and this morning was no different. Dubai’s Crown Prince casually shared a series of stories on his Instagram stories to his 16.1 million followers.

    The video even shared snippets of what the technology will entail including how the vehicle slows down as it passes by a school zone and even the cones detected on the automatic screen, showcasing every element on the road for utmost safety.
    Keeping this in mind, Dubai will soon become the first non-US city to commercialise Cruise self-driving cars. By 2030, the RTA seeks to deploy 4,000 autonomous vehicles making it ahead of the curve, when it comes to innovation.

    I attended the opening of the Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport, and honoured the winners of the Dubai World Challenge. Featuring 2,000 international participants, 53 speakers and 40 exhibitors, the congress is the first event of its kind in the Middle East. By…
    — Hamdan bin Mohammed (@HamdanMohammed) September 26, 2023

    In September 2023, Fazza attended the opening of the Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport, where 2,000 international participants, 53 speakers and 40 exhibitors took place. Discussions surrounding mobility took place during the event, especially aimed at transforming 25 percent of mobility journey in Dubai into smart and driverless journeys by 2030.
    As per the overarching strategy, this is only the first step when it comes to technological advancement in the UAE.
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    In Pics: Crown Prince leads Dubai run with 226,000 enthusiastic participants


    by Ruman Baig
    2 hours ago

    In a fitness spectacle that captivated the city, the Crown Prince of Dubai, spearheaded the world’s largest free fun run – Dubai Run 2023.
    The iconic Sheikh Zayed Road transformed into a vibrant sea of fitness enthusiasts, totaling an astounding 226,000 participants who joined in the celebration.
    Dubbed the “orange army,” runners and walkers took to the streets for Dubai Run, a grand finale to the month-long Dubai Fitness Challenge. The Crown Prince of Dubai, flanked by UAE astronauts Dr. Sultan Alneyadi and Hazzaa Almansoori, displayed a remarkable unity as they covered the 10km route, showcasing their shared passion for fitness.
    Noteworthy participants included Dr. Al Neyadi’s Expedition 69 crew members from his historic International Space Station mission. American astronauts Stephen Bowen, Warren Hoburg, and Francisco Rubio, along with Russian cosmonauts Sergey Prokopev, Dimitrii Petelin, and Andrei Fediaev, added an international flair to the event.
    Participants had the option of two routes – a 10km journey crossing the Dubai Canal bridge and concluding at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Gate, recommended for seasoned runners, and a 5km route starting near the Museum of the Future, passing iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Opera, and finishing near Dubai Mall, suitable for participants of all ages and abilities.
    Sheikh Hamdan’s infectious enthusiasm was palpable as he smiled and waved at the crowd, with gratitude expressed later on social media: “A big thank you to all 226,000 participants who joined Dubai Run!”

    The event not only showcased Dubai’s commitment to fitness but also brought together diverse communities in a shared pursuit of well-being. Dubai Run 2023 stands as a testament to the city’s dedication to a healthier, more active lifestyle, breaking records and fostering unity along the way.
    Take a look at how the Sheikh Zayed Road turned into a sea of orange for the run:

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    Sheikh Hamdan turns 41: 10 times the Crown Prince has given us wanderlust inspiration


    by Sarah Joseph
    3 hours ago

    November 14, 2023 marks His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s 41st birthday.
    To commemorate this day, we’ve paid a tribute to his interest in travel by highlighting all his adventurous escapades.
    From mountainous regions to adrenaline-fueled spots, Fazza’s travels around the world exude his passion for exploration and adventure.
    After digging through the archives, Emirates Woman has curated a list of all the potential places to add to your bucket list from Sheikh Hamdan’s feed.
    United Kingdom

    Sheikh Hamdan has been seen in London quite a few times over the years and even recently made a visit with his twins, Rashid and Shaika, to the Godolphin stables. Having previously studied at Royal Military College, Sandhurst, Fazza has a strong connection to the UK and is often seen taking a trip to one of his favourite destinations.

    Exploring both nature and immersing himself in the culture, Sheikh Hamdan’s picture-perfect safari trip to Tanzania looked beyond idyllic. While being surrounded by wildlife, the thrill-seeker shared a series of clips while jumping over a large pool of water and exploring the dense forests. The trip was indeed an adventurous one with all the outdoor activities the royal was seen trying out.

    In 2019, Sheikh Hamdan made a visit east to Japan. Regarded as a highly-trained fitness enthusiast, the Dubai royal was seen posing with bronze sculptures of rugby player Michael Leitch and sumo wrestler Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi. He was also captured taking some classes and trying some delicious food, he’s undoubtedly ticked off a host of must-visit venues on his trip to Japan. From grazing through the enchanted streets or travelling by the high-speed bullet train to Tokyo, make a note of all the must-dos on your next trip.
    South Korea

    Nearly three years ago, in 2019, Sheikh Hamdan paid a visit to Seoul in South Korea. He posted a photo of himself in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace, one of the country’s must-visit attractions. Along with his Uncle Saeed, they visited historic spots in the city, as well as enjoyed matcha milkshakes, a very popular drink of choice in East Asia.

    In 2018, Sheikh Hamdan took his riding skills international, participating in a 160km endurance race in Estonia. During his travels in the Eastern European country, he also shared a series of photos of him cycling in Estonia along with his friend Saeed Jabber Al Harbi.

    There’s no doubt, that Sheikh Hamdan is always seen posing in the great outdoors. His recent trip to Uzbekistan in November 2021 consisted of all the engaging activities such as camping, falconry, exploring nature and also visiting some of the local residents in the country.

    Back in 2018, Dubai’s Crown Prince travelled to the USA visiting popular cities like Chicago and New York City.

    Spotted on this self-governing archipelago, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroe Islands is known for its picturesque coastal cliffs and gorgeous open skies. Seen taking a selfie with nature, this popular photo was all over social media.

    Exploring the peaks of British Columbia, the royal was seen enjoying this snow-filled holiday on Canada’s ski slopes back in 2019. This stunning wintry escape is everything one looks for in the cooler months. Snowboarding, snow-cover buildings and spruce trees were some of the elements which truly made this holiday complete.

    Seen posing in the popular frame shot with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sheikh Hamdan visited Italy in 2017, as the snap was captured with perfect precision. From relishing some delicious pasta to walking on the cobbled steps, this beautiful destination is one to add to your list too.
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    Sheikh Hamdan embraces the spirit of Onam 2023


    by Ruman Baig
    3 hours ago

    In a delightful show of cultural appreciation, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum took to Instagram yesterday to share his experience of enjoying the festivities of Onam.
    His Highness Sheikh Hamdan is known for his inquisitiveness towards different cultures and experiencing them. This time, the Crown Prince of Dubai was spotted celebrating Onam, a festival celebrated in the Southern state of India.
    Through captivating visuals on his Instagram story, the royal depicted his involvement in the vibrant celebration. Engaging in the authenticity of the occasion, he relished the Onam Sadhya, where a variety of traditional dishes are served on a bed of banana leaves.

    What is Onam?
    The Onam Festival, deeply rooted in the heart of the southern Indian state of Kerala, marks a jubilant and cherished harvest gala. Unfolding across a period of over ten days, this event pays tribute to the legendary King Mahabali and resonates with the spirit of the region. Traditional garments, resplendent flower arrangements, and lavish banquets shape the essence of Onam, which magnificently mirrors the rich culture of Kerala.
    What is an Onam Sadhya?
    Onam Sadhya is a traditional vegetarian feast served in Kerala, India, during the festival of Onam. It consists of a variety of dishes served on a banana leaf and typically includes rice, sambar, avial (mixed vegetable dish), olan (ash gourd and coconut stew), thoran (stir-fried vegetables), and payasam (sweet dessert). The meal is known for its elaborate and diverse flavors, and it holds cultural and social significance in Kerala.
    As an avid traveller, Sheikh hamdan is constantly seen partaking in the custom and traditions of different countries during his various expeditions. Whether its exploring the culinary depths of Japan by uncovering the hidden street gems or making the most of his Yokshire vacation by dressing up like an English gentleman – the Crown Prince knows how to navigate the land as a local.

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