Experience a 360-degree holistic detox at this refined Dubai-based clinic


Every once in a while, your body deserved dedicated pampering to cleanse it of all the unwanted toxins.

By using a holistic approach to healthcare, Biolite Clinic has launched an exclusive healthness package offering a bespoke solution to overcome the effects of our fast-paced lifestyle.

As a luxurious city retreat, this clinic ensures clients can embark on a personalised health journey with its team of experts that work on meeting everyone’s needs through customised therapies implemented after years of research.

“I want to wake people up and give them the tools to put their health into their own hands,” said CEO and Founder of Biolite Mona Mirza.

This integrative approach includes advanced technologies such as the Soma Sleep Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Cell Gym, Triple Detox iDome and IV Infusions including NAD+ and Pressotherapy.

If you face trouble with uninterrupted sleep, the clinic offers a solution known as Soma Sleep Therapy that helps to slow down mental activity for clients to benefit from deep relaxation techniques. The unique technology promises one-of-a-kind benefits such as improved sleep quality, increased creativity, stress reduction, treats panic attacks and anxiety and reduces signs of depression.

For a full body detox, the Triple Detox IDome gets rid of heavy metals and carcinogenic waste through Far infrared technology with Plasma and light. The other benefits include boosted mental clarity, skin renewal and spots and muscle recovery. Clients are asked to lay inside the detox machine, for it then to work its magic and remove any unwanted toxins after a simple 20-minute session.

We all know the ample benefits oxygen has! To improve your immune system from the outset, the clinic’s Ozone Therapy medical treatment is used to increase regeneration as the ozone meets body fluids resulting in more proteins and red blood cells to ensure the overall supply of oxygen in the body. For complete detoxification, reduced inflammation and increased energy production, this treatment works wonders.

High altitudes often have multiple benefits when it comes to improving energy efficiency. To create the same environment, the clinic’s Cell Gym technology ensures recovery through altitude training with minimum effort. With hypoxic training, the client can experience a sense of renewed energy, weight management, fatigue prevention improved metabolism and overall improvement in energy levels.

To reverse the aging process and ensure your body receives the correct vitamins and minerals, Biolite promises a custom infusion drip with high-concentration ingredients to completely absorb into the bloodstream. Whether post-renewal after a long-haul flight or stress relief after intense working hours, this IV infusion therapy addresses all needs to maintain and improve health from the inside out.

Designed for complete detoxification, Pressotherapy stimulates the body’s lymphatic system through an air pressure machine that uses an inflated suit to squeeze the arms, legs or abdomen in synchorised motion to remove any excess fluid for a complete cleanse. To reduce the appearance of cellulite, ensure toned and firm skin and strengthen the immune system, this mechanism provides a trusted approach to skin regeneration.

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