Step Aside, Coffee: I Started Using This as a Replacement and I’ve Never Felt Better

I have to be honest with you, my end of 2022 wasn’t pretty. Between wrapping up work projects, entertaining a far-too-packed social schedule, maintaining a one-bedroom apartment littered with three cats, and carrying the friend group chats on my back (yes, it’s a full time job), my wellness routines were near nonexistent. Here’s a peek at my previous daily routine: get up at 9:15 A.M., log on at 9:30 A.M., work through lunch until 5:30 P.M., scroll on TikTok until 9 P.M. because I simply had no energy to do anything else, and pop a melatonin before bed because God knows, I walked maybe seven steps that day.

And drinking water? Couldn’t be me. Listen, I’m not proud and I’m only admitting defeat now because I’m on the other side. And if there’s one sugar-free product that has absolutely changed the game in helping my brain fog, improving my energy levels, and actually making me look forward to staying hydrated? It’s Ultima Replenisher—a daily performance drink that I now don’t know how I survived without. I mean really, were my previous routines compatible with life? Unconfirmed.

I’ve made a lot of small but impactful changes to my routines and adding Ultima Replenisher to my days is no exception. Besides the fact that I look forward to the plant-based flavors and colors (thanks to Stevia, they’re sweet but not overwhelming and don’t taste salty like other hydration supplements I’ve tried), it’s sugar-free and delivers a combination of six essential electrolytes, trace minerals, vitamin C, and zinc without any of that extra junk which we love to see. Plus, right now, you can score 20 percent off sitewide by using code EVERYGIRL20!


How I Use It:

To beat the afternoon slump

Don’t get me wrong—I’ll never part ways with my morning coffee. It’s one of the few things that give me the will to live and get out of bed in the morning and it’s a cozy ritual that I enjoy. But the second, third, and fourth cups that do nothing but fuel my anxiety and raise my resting heart rate to 112 despite still fighting the urge to take a midday nap? Not the move. 

When that midday slump has been hitting, I’ve been coaching myself to step away from my Nespresso and opt for a sugar-free Ultima Replenisher stick instead. Because the flavors are so good (my favorite is the pink lemonade… *chef’s kiss*), it’s like a fun little treat that actually helps me to perk up by providing my body what it actually needs—without all of that extra sugar that would otherwise send me right into a 3 P.M. energy crash. The fact that I haven’t needed a nap in 2023 says it all, TBH.

To replace electrolytes while working out

One thing about me? I sweat—a lot. And doing my silly little 12-3-30 or jogging to the Midnights (3 A.M.) album is no exception. My workouts in 2022 absolutely drained me and my theory is this: It wasn’t the actual workouts that were sending me into an exhaustive fit throughout the rest of the day—it was my recovery routine.

And let’s be clear. By recovery routine, I wholeheartedly mean lack thereof. I’d bust my ass, close my Apple Watch rings, hop in the shower, and never give my recovery a second thought. Lately, I’ve been carving out a few minutes post-workout to stretch and enjoy a sugar-free Ultima Replenisher stick to help replace all of the electrolytes that I lost through my copious amounts of sweat. I’ve been working out in the mornings and despite actually sticking with my workout routine so far this year, I’m feeling more energized than ever. 

To beat jet lag while traveling

I’m not sure if it’s the $10 bottles of water or the fear of missing my flight while peeing in the bathroom, but hydration while I’m traveling takes a backseat which makes my jet lag significantly worse. Not to mention the fact that airplanes absolutely suck the soul out of my skin and lips (which are already dry on a good day).

On busy travel days when I’m tight on space, bringing a few of these sugar-free Ultima Replenisher sticks is such a game-changer. Because they’re so easy to pack and great for on-the-go use, they fit easily into my personal item or carry on and dissolving one in my water bottle in-flight is my newest travel non-negotiable.

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