This Salmon Sandwich Is The Health-Boosting Desk Lunch You Need

This salmon sandwich, which channels the Swedish way of eating, is here to boost your desk lunch – and your health. Fact: Sweden boasts low obesity and high life expectancy, which has a lot to do with lifestyle. They eat a lot of this type of salmon, a cured version called gravlax. And it’s got a ton of benefits: it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and B vitamins and contains naturally healthy bacteria that fuel your immunity.

Here’s a salmon sandwich to ensure you eat like a Swede and reap the benefits. Prepare all these, then layer on rye bread – or whichever loaf you fancy. You’ll be making the salmon, a cucumber salad and a mustard sauce. Layer them all on your loaf of choice and enjoy over and over again.

Salmon Gravlax

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Cucumber salad

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Mustard Sauce



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