Race Fuel: Exactly What You Should Eat And Drink For A Better Race

When it comes to race fuel, it’s easy to think just your training should take you over the finish line. But for endurance feats, you need a little food to give your tank more power.

Per experts, you should drink about two cups of water two hours before your run, then stay hydrated during the run, too. Go with your sweat as an indicator. Sweat is water loss from the body that needs to be replaced, so keep hydrating along with the rate at which you sweat.


One Co Ready-To-Drink Smoothie Box

This selection of healthy, ready-to-go smoothies offers three different flavours in a compact bottle that you can stash in your bike kit or have before and after the race to fuel up.

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You can also make little oat balls as snacks and carry them for homemade, healthy fuel.

Tropical Mix Snacking Bundle

Combine these into a delish snack mix or pick and choose the ones you’d like to much on.

Nanuki Boom Bar Seismic Crunch

This bar, loaded with sunflower seeds and healthy cornflakes, makes for great race fuel.

OhMega Macadamia Butter

Choc-o-block with micronutrients and healthy fats, this delicious snack will keep you going for longer.



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